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Five Days Until THE SHATTERED CASTLE Releases // Who Introduced YOU To The False Prince Discussion Post!

I let my arm holding the torch slack a little. “This is getting heavy, so I can’t allow you much time to decide whether to live or die. How about I count back from five?”
And my countdown began. At five, nearly half of Mendenwal instantly dropped their weapons and fell to their knees. By three, the clanging of swords to the ground was audible. But at the final count, I still saw far too many defiant men, preferring to die on their feet than surrender to a boy king.
I respected that – truly I did – but I could not tolerate it. This battle had to end.

(quote taken from The Shadow Throne by Jennifer A. Nielsen) 

Well, only five days now until the finale to this exciting, amazing series end! And must I say, the excitement is high in the fandom this week, and TWN in partnership with A Fangirl’s Hideaway is bringing just a taste of that to all of you!!!!!!! If you missed the countdown’s kick off post, then check it out here and don’t forget to also check out Alexa’s post filled with the very best TAS graphics right here!!!!

Now before we jump into today’s post, I had left a couple of questions for y’all at the bottom of Tuesday’s post, and let’s see what the fan’s responses were. *dims the lights and passes around popcorn buckets*

*Please read THE FALSE PRINCE before continuing or skip down to the post section*

(from Louise)

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(from Lorelei)

Sooooo the answer to my final question that absolutely NONE of y’all got right (seriously? I have suddenly realized that I’ve spent SO much time fangirling over The False Prince I forgot to introduce y’all to Mrs. Nielsen’s Traitor’s Game series *hides*). Anyway, the epic reference in The Warrior’s Curse was the mention of the Eranbole Sea. Now, if y’all remember this is the SAME sea we see on the map in The Ascendance Series WHICH MEANS KESTRA, SAGE, SIMON, AND IMOGEN ARE ALL IN THE SAME WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So to those who have read both series, lemme know down in the comments: Do you think The Traitor’s Game comes before, after, or at the same time as The False Prince’s setting?

Now for today’s post, I’m going to be answering this question and then I want all of y’all to answer it down in the comments below. Today’s question I’m answering is: Who introduced you to The False Prince?

So it was back in good ole March of 2019, when the world was calm and all was well. I was talking with this guy at my church and he was telling me and my sisters about this book he had read recently that was introduced to him by a friend of his. Little did I know this book would completely change my fandom life forever.

What was this book, you may ask?

Why, it was none other than Little Women.

*crickets chirping*

*everyone looking around in confusion wondering what this has to do with the false prince*

*a few of the brave ones ask Issabelle if she’s okay*

*Issabelle responds by saying outside of being mentally insane and reading enough books to leave me emotionally unstable, I’m totally fine*

*the cricket’s chirping gets louder*

*issabelle bursts into a loud round of laughter*

Alright, I’m kidding y’all. It was obviously The False Prince. Well, we went home and my mom looked it up. The only thing I remember her saying about it was that it once had a movie deal that was broken. No idea why that was important information or why that’s the only thing I remember.

Anyway fast forward some weeks, and my mom checks out The Traitor’s Game at our library to test this author out and see if she liked her. When she ended up LOVING The Traitor’s Game, I knew I HAD to check out this false prince novel.

So we go back to the library, and there it is, in its shiny royal blue gold cover with a crown embellished on the front cover. Obviously, I instantly took that book home and devoured it in one night.

I wished. XD Actually, I had checked out some other books, and I wasn’t sure if I’d like this false prince novel, so I remember reading Melanie Dickerson’s The Fairest Beauty and The Captive Maiden first. my first and last time I put Melanie Dickerson before Jennifer Nielsen. Anyway, by the time I finally got to it, I read the book in like a week, and was in love!!!!! It wasn’t long after I read the second and third books, and let’s just say when Mrs. Nielsen announced she was extending this series back in December of 2019… aaahh, one of the best days of the year!!!!

this was a screenshot of the comment I had left on Mrs. Nielsen’s site when she announced in December that she would be returning to this series You get a glimpse of what Young Is was like. XD

Alright, so you guys lemme know below who introduced YOU to The False Prince in the comments!!!!!!!! 

And don’t forget to read Alexa’s response to this question on her post tomorrow!!!!

Until the next post,

Keep on being awesome and never stop writing!

~Issabelle Perry

Issabelle Perry is a proud Jesus follower, an extroverted writer, and a homeschool graduate. When she's not writing, you can find her reading, jamming to Skillet, studying history, hunting for Narnia in wardrobes, or envisioning herself wielding a magnificent sword (but due to her clumsiness, let’s hope that never happens). This self-proclaimed exclamation mark enthusiast can be found hanging out at Teen Writers’ Nook, a community of teen authors Issabelle co-founded in 2020. She is the author of Don't Let Me Go (Sky's the Limit Press 2024), May We Make Them Proud (2023), and a co-editor for two anthologies. What she’s probably doing right now is fangirling about her favorite books to random people or scanning the pantries for chocolate.


  • Rylie

    Great post!! And I’m pretty sure my mom read it and recommended it to me a few years ago when I was in my No boys in books stage… XD and then I saw it on your blog and decided to read it! XD

    • Issabelle Perry

      THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha, man, that just makes your mom cool. ANY parent who recommends The False Prince to their kids are the greatest. 😜 Hahaha, oh, yeah, the no-boys stage would’ve definitely been an obstacle. Hahaha, SO glad I helped influence you into trying it out!!!!!!!!!!!!! *high fives* (Really, it’s like my personal goal to get everyone to read this series!!!! If you couldn’t tell that already.🤪)

  • Louise Taylor

    Oooooo, I did not know that! That’s amazing! I’d say… oof *thinks in depth about The Traitors Game and The Ascendance Series* The Traitors Game comes…. before…. *thinks again* yes, before The Ascendance Series.

    So I was introduced by this ammmmmmazing resource called: Read Aloud Revival. It has book lists for all ages and The False Prince was on one of the book lists. I had recently become fascinated with medieval fantasy and loved the premise so I was like: why not?
    All to say, as soon as I finished the series I felt like my life was going to end; I’d been so invested in Jaron his story ended and I was devastated I couldn’t read more.
    AND!! Just recently I got a friend into the series!!!! She was doubtful at first when she bought the first book, and by the next time I saw her she was like: “I read ALL of them, they’re SO GOOD!” XD

    • Issabelle Perry

      YESSSSS IT IS!!!!!!!! It’s surprising how many people didn’t pick up on it. I was like screaming and jumping up and down when I saw it because THAT MIGHT MEAN THAT JENNIFER NIELSEN DOES A CROSSOVER NOVEL WITH JARON AND KESTRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals and runs around in excitement* Aaah, epic answer!!! I think The Traitor’s Game came before too, but my mom and I disagree cuz she thinks it came after. But it just feels like Kestra’s world is older, y’know?

      Oooo that sounds like a pretty awesome resource!!!! *googles it* YESSSSSS!!!!! Man, now I am already a fan of this Read Aloud Revival!!!! (Of course you did, medieval fantasy is one of the best genres ever!!!) YES THAT’S WHAT IMMA TALKIN’ ‘BOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sniffs* I can TOTALLY relate to the feeling!!! WOHOOOO!!!!! YES YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! Oh, man, that’s AWESOME!!! Teach me your skills. I’m having a hard time getting one of my friends to try it out. XD
      I LOVED your story and thanks for sharing/taking part in the discussion post!!!!!!!! 🙂

      • Louise Taylor

        Yes! And I don’t remember anything about guns in The Warriors Curse *hopes that right* and there are cannons in Jaron’s book, which makes me think that perhaps Jaron’s book came later.

        Read Aloud Revival is EPIC!!! I love her podcast, and it’s such a great resource!!!!! She also has a book!

        Haha, I just kept telling her she HAD TO READ IT BECAUSE IT WAS THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!! I didn’t let it go. And she got so annoyed that when she started reading it on the drive to youth group from the bookstore she was looking at me like: “oh wow, I’m on page two and he’s stealing a roast… this is great. This is such a great book.”
        So yeah, she was mocking me (I kinda deserved it) and then later she was like: I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

        • Issabelle Perry

          YES EXACTLY!!!!!! The weapons Jaron’s world uses seemed slightly more advance than the ones in the Traitor’s Game series. Yes, and gunpowder too (well… obviously, Is. XD). Same here!! I definitely get the feeling that Jaron’s was later. But maybe it’s a short span. Like The Traitor’s Game could just take place 50 years ahead of Jaron or so, or maybe a huge gap like two hundred.

          Aaah, it looks like it’d be really awesome!!!!!!!! Oooooo that is AMAZING!!!!!!! I checked it out and I thought it was definitely fabulous!

          Hahahahaha, WOHOOO!!!!!! YESS!!! Eventually, if you’re persistent enough, you can eventually get them to read it. ;P Hahahahahaha, well, just goes to show ya not to judge a book by its opening scene. But I guess you definitely showed her!! XD She should be gifting you chocolate for you introducing her to this wonderful series!!!😆

  • Lorelei A.

    *definitely didn’t spell Imogen wrong in that comment* 🤦‍♀️ Hey, I was excited! XD

    heheheheh…. Melanie Dickerson is my favorite author so when you said that I was cracking UP. 🤣🤣 Well, to each her own I suppose. JKJKJKJK

    HEY Mrs. Nielsen replied to you on my birthday! XD I was probably eating cake the same time she was replying to you. *thinks of the good old days* XD (okay, that was random)

    UMMMM I don’t really remember who introduced me…BUT I know it was either you or Kat… XD *horrible memory*

    • Issabelle Perry

      Hahahaha, definitely relatable!!!! I probably have a million typos in my posts! BUT IT’S THE EXCITEMENT AND THOUGHT THAT COUNTS!!!!!!!1

      Hehehehe, oof, right, sorry ’bout that Lorelei. Melanie Dickerson still rocks, but Jennifer Nielsen… she rules. 🤣 Hahaha, yes, to each her own. LOL! (And I’m glad to make you laugh!!!!)

      *gasp* WHAT??? THAT’S SO COOL!!!!!!!!! That’s great, but what I really wanna know is WHY DIDN’T YOU SAVE ANY CAKE FOR ME???!!!! You coulda transported it to me through a time machine to the future. XD You know I’m not one to miss out on cake. *licks lips* Hahaha, yes, the good old days. 🤣🤣 (Hahaha, randomness rules!!!!!!)

      Hehehe, we’re going to say it was me so I can add it to my record of number of people I’ve gotten to read the false prince. Which is totally at this moment to over twelve. I only know twelve off top my head, but I figure there are people out there I’ve gotten to read it and haven’t realized it.

  • Lily

    Wow, I didn’t know that the False Prince almost got a movie deal!! Seriously, why haven’t they done it yet??? *starts a petition*
    Of course, I’m still waiting for Ranger’s Apprentice to be a movie (or maybe a tv series would be better as there’s way more books.) And of course, I’m waiting for Chuck Black’s Knights series to be made a movie, so…. *starts up more petitions to tv/movie producers* *taps foot imaptiently* XD

    Okay, so I haven’t read the Traitor’s Game… yet. I’ll someday get there (who am I kidding? My TBR is really tall already, and what could be better than The Ascendance series?) But seriously, there’s an Eranbole sea in that series too?! (Maybe the MC of Traitor’s Game is related to Sage; my sister said that the heroine reminded her of him. And yes, she read Traitor’s Game too, though Jaron is forever her favorite.)

    Oh yeah, and before I forget, it was my sister who first introduced me to The False Prince. Of course, at the time, I was super busy with writing and other stuff, but I eventually got around to reading it (couple years later) *cough cough* *ahem* BUT, better late than never! I really enjoyed Nielsen writing style, and I loved escaping into the Ascendance world! (afterward, my sister converted my mom, dad, grandpa, and eventually young nephew into big fans too. Her evil plan–ahem I mean her hope of us loving these wonderful works of literature have come true *not at all an evil plan to create TAS converts* *shakes head vigorously* *sees sister looking at me with innocent face*)

    • Issabelle Perry

      YESSS IT DID!!!! It was close to when after it first released, but I think managers or whatever their called changed and the deal didn’t go through. It was sad. *sniffs* I HAVE NO IDEA WHY BUT THEY NEED TO GET A MOVE ON. *whispers* though, you didn’t hear this from me, but I think there’s some talk about it going on in Hollywood or whatever you call it. I mean, nothing’s confirmed, but it’s my guess from remarks I’ve heard some people make. yes, I’m thick into the fandom. XD But remember, you didn’t hear it from me. ;P *signs Lily’s petition*
      Ooooo, I REALLY need to read the Ranger’s Apprentice. It’s been on my TBR for a while. YESSS I WANT A MOVIE FOR A CHUCK BLACK BOOK!!!!! Anyone would suffice at this point. There actually were plans to make a movie off his Kingdom Series, but the people couldn’t get enough funding so it didn’t fall through. You’d be surprised how many books have been close to having movies before something stopped it. *helps Lily start up the petitions and signs them all* 🤣

      GIRL YOU NEED TO GET THERE SOON!!!! *shoves books off Lily’s tbr list to where the traitor’s game is near the top* (Hahaha, I feel ya. And yeah, NOTHING could be better than the Ascendance Series but it can come sorta close) YESS THERE IS A MENTION OF IT IN THE THIRD BOOK. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I’M WRITING IN ALL-CAPS!!!! (*gasp* Oh, man, that would be soooo cool. Hmmm I could definitely see the possibility. I mean, it’d be a bit of a stretch but after what happened with Connor and You Know Who in the fourth book, anything’s possible! Man, I really need to talk with your sister sometime. We could seriously fangirl over these books!!!! JARON RULES!!!!)

      Awww, that’s SO awesome!!!!! WUT?? How could you do that to the false prince??!! Hahaha, true, true. At least, you’ve read it. YESSS ME TOO!!!! She has a wonderful writing style and her plots are just so spot-on. I’m a very plot-focused writer is why those things stick out to me. Hahahahahaha, your sister is the most amazing person ever!!!! She sounds like my kinda girl!! 😉 Hahaha YESS!!!! What a happy ending. And all is well that ends well. 🤣🤣🤣 Wait, we can create TAS converts???? COUNT ME IN. 🤣 Aaaahh I LOVE THIS GIRL LIKE SO MUCH!!!! Definitely put a smile on my face!!
      I really enjoyed reading your story and thanks for sharing/taking part in the discussion post!!!!!!!! 🙂

      • Lily

        *whispers* thanks for signing the petition. Soon, our plans will come to fruition, so keep up the good work as our spy *melts away into the shadows looking very mysterious*

        *bumps into trash can*

        *quickly straightens trash can and returns to looking cool while disappearing*

        *cue awesome mysterious music*

        *then trips over books from tbr that were knocked over* XD

        P.s Actually, my sister, Amy, is on Goodreads. She’s one of the people that left a review of my book. I think you can message her; I’m not sure, I think maybe she set her profile to private? I’ll have to ask. But yes, she is creating TAS converts XD

        • Issabelle Perry

          Hahahaha *also whispers* Of course. Mwhahaha!!!! *lightning flashes and thunder booms* Aaah, gotcha. Okey-dokey, will do!! *salutes* *tries to back into the shadows opposite of Lily*

          *hears the trash can fall*

          *quickly dashes back to Lily to make sure she’s okay*

          *can’t see her because of the shadows, so flips on awesome black sunglasses and turns to leave to the awesome mysterious music that suddenly sounds*

          *hears books that were knocked over* XDDDDD (Okay, but seriously, that just made me laugh. XD)

          Aaaah, yesss!!!!! I totally saw her!!! I sent her a friend request. Yeah, her profile was set to private, but she accepted the friend request, so now we can totally fangirl!!!! *pumps fist in the air* Hahaha, I DEFINITELy have to get in on this plan then to create TAS converts. XDD

  • Katherine

    That quote you shared at the beginning of this post was so perfect!!!!!!! I love it!

    And to answer your question, I was introduced to The False Prince by the same guy who introduced you. Yeeah, we seriously would not be bloggers today if it wasn’t for him.😉 (We owe him so much.)

    • Issabelle Perry

      Hahaha, I know right??? THANKS!!!! I’m SO glad!!!!!!

      Hahahaha, oh, right. But you were also hesitant to read it at first. I had to convince you to read it. And technically if it weren’t for me, it would’ve stayed at the bottom of your crazy TBR list for a loooong time. So truly, I was the one who introduced you. ;P (We do.)

  • Victoria

    “What was this book, you may ask?”
    “Why it was none other than Little Women.”

    Wow. That was just…that was something, Is. XDD I LOVED hearing how you found TFP though!!!! And that is SO COOL how you commented on her site about that!!! (Although, I was very shocked to see zero all caps there. O.O That must have taken some work to reign in the excitement.) XD

    Let’s see…the first person who introduced me to TFP was this fun gal I met come almost a whole year ago. I think her name was Maggie?? But now…oh that’s right! Her name is ISSABEEEELLE!!!!!! And without you, my dear girl, I never would have understood the full definition of Snark & Sarcasm™ *cackles* XD

    • Issabelle Perry

      Hahahahaha, well, I hope I had fooled someone. XD

      Aaaah, why thank you. *bows dramatically* Awww THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I’m SO glad to hear that!!!!!!! Awww, THANK YOU!!!!! I actually comment on her site a lot. Oh, all the stories I could tell you. (I even gave her virtual chocolate once, and her response just cracked me up. XD) (Oh, yeah, that. Hahah, that was actually in the days before I began using all-caps and exclamation marks. I didn’t start doing all of that until after TWN. Another thing I owe to this blog. XD Oh, where would I be without you Teen Writers’ Nook!!! XD)

      Oh, yeah, I THINK I ACTUALLY HAD MET HER TOO!!!!! I wonder what happened to that girl. She was really crazy. *shrugs* Yeah, yea, Maggie. That was her name. Hahaahaha, okay, can i be honest? THIS STORY HAS JUST CRACKED ME UP!!!!!! 🤣🤣 LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!! And you are very welcome! We all need that Sage snark and sarcasm in our lives. XD Except for Connor. and Creagan. And the Avenian pirates and basically everyone who hated Sage. They could probably do without it. But the rest of us need it. XD
      Thanks for sharing/taking part in the discussion post!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Rose

    I know I’m like ** counts on fingers** 6 months late but I was first introduced to the series at the start of the pandemic
    *may 7 2019* I was browsing online for books and The cover of the false prince caught my attention. The second I read the description I knew it was a “keeper” I’ve been completly obssesed ever since. I can recite a few chapters from memory.

    • Issabelle Perry

      Ah, girl, don’t worry about that!! Better late than never. 😉 Oooo that’s super cool!!!!
      *gasp* girl, that’s a crazy coincidence that you found the book on May 7th because that’s Sage’s birthday!!! It was destiny. XD AAAH THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I’m glad you found The False Prince and have loved it. 🙂 And that’s seriously cool you can recite a few chapters from memory!! I can do some of the first chapter and a few scenes from The Shadow Throne from memory but that’s about it.
      THANK YOU for reading!!!

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