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 Once upon a time in a world far away, there lived a blogger. Well . . . three bloggers to be exact. They joined forces and created Teen Writers’ Nook.

Created by teens for teens, Teen Writers’ Nook is a website devoted to encourage young writers to find their voice, with writing advice and positive encouragement. Our focus is to help young authors find their creativity and grow in their writing. Stay tuned for exciting resources all targeted for teens.  So no matter if you’ve written one page, one chapter, or finished a story,  Teen Writers’ Nook is here to help you! 


At Teen Writers’ Nook our goal is to draw together a community of teenage writers and offer encouragement, guidance, and support to them. It’s not an easy task to start a novel (or other written pieces), much less complete one or pursue publication. We believe that all writers desire and need someone to help them along the way, whether that’s through some encouraging messages, beta readers, or writing advice. We believe that the best written works to come are in the hands of our young authors. However, many of them don’t know where to start or dare to believe they could achieve their writerly dreams. Our goal is to challenge young authors to write and become the best author they can be. We stand firm in our belief that teen authors have the ability to be published and strive to make those dreams a reality. Many writers in the TWN community have personally come to us saying they have found a new love for writing or the motivation to complete their next novel. This is what we strive to see happen in the next generation of authors with passion and dedication.


"TWN is what really inspired me to write and keep writing. I probably wouldn’t be writing today without all of their amazing support and encouragement and I’m so honored that I get to be a part of this great writing community. I owe so much to Issabelle, Katherine, and Alana. They have given me so much help and motivation for so many things."
TWN reader and young author
"Teen Writers’ Nook is one of my favorite blogs!!! It’s a fun, encouraging place to talk about writing and books with its three amazing creators! I highly recommend reading if you want to laugh, squeal for joy about books, or learn more about the writing craft!"
Allie Jo Andersen
author and blogger
"Teen Writers’ Nook has changed my writing life. Alana, Katherine, and Issabelle not only give you tips, but will encourage you and make writing fun and exciting. They have further changed my outlook on writing! If you are a teen writer, this is the place to be!"
teen blogger and author
Meet the founders:


I am a Christian writer who writes a variety of things, from poetry and short stories to novels and anything else that ignites my creativity. Writing is my voice and allows me to bring my imagination to life. I love writing about broken characters who find God’s healing. My short story, “Talented Mers Competition” was featured in the Level Up anthology. Two of my many favorite books are The Princess Companion by Melanie Cellier and Fawkes by Nadine Brandes.😃😃😃 Currently, I am reading Serafina and the Splintered Heart by Robert Beatty and am writing a fantasy novel.

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I love to write magical fantasy, historical fiction, and poetry putting Christian values in them. I’m an animal lover and enjoy putting them in my stories. I write to bring my stories to life. My favorite books are anything about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family, plus Narnia and Harry Potter.


 Issabelle Perry is an extroverted, slightly crazy, published author of YA fantasy and a devout follower of Jesus Christ. On the rare occasion when she’s not plotting and pursuing her next story idea, you can find her reading, blogging, graphic designing, bullet journaling, hunting for Narnia in wardrobes, or envisioning herself wielding a magnificent sword (but due to her clumsiness, let’s hope that never happens). This self-proclaimed exclamation mark enthusiast is a die-hard fan of Lord of the Rings and The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen. Issabelle enjoys jamming to Skillet music (Panheads unite!), procrastinating writing, and hanging with her readers at Teen Writers’ Nook, a community of teen authors that she and her sisters co-founded in 2020. Her short story “Fairly Impish” was featured in Owl Hollow Press’s 2021 Change the World anthology, and she is the co-editor for Teen Writers’ Nook’s  Imagine anthology. What she’s probably doing right now is fangirling about her favorite books to random people or scanning the pantries for chocolate. You can find her online or follow her on Goodreads!