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THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, yeah, I’m bringing back da GIFs because THIS is an exciting occasion!!!! The countdown returns as we all celebrate the release of the conclusion to the most incredible fantasy series known to humanity: THE ASCENDANCE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, some of y’all may remember about a year ago, I did a countdown for The Captive Kingdom (book four in the ascendance series). Anyway, I actually didn’t plan to do another one for The Shattered Castle’s release. I figured, we’d all be kinda tired from September’s stream of posts, plus some of y’all might not care the weird ones, of course XD BUT, then a TWNer came to me and asked if I was planning on it, and well, I kinda didn’t wanna say no, so I said yes. And that’s why we’re here today.

But wait, there’s more! I asked this TWNer if she’d be willing to do it with me, and she agreed and lemme tell ya, I think this is going to be the BEST COUNTDOWN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am actually SOOOO thrilled I’m doing this again this year, and y’all owe all of that to the amazing, incredible, probably most exciting person you’ll ever meet in your life outside of me, that is. What? I’ve got a Sage moment going on XD…. ALEXA!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cheers fill the blogosphere* So, you guys HAVE to check out her fabulous blog right here, which is literally the perfect place for fangirls to hang!!! And I know we’ve got some fangirls over here. 

Now, intro aside, you might be wondering what is this countdown? Especially if you weren’t here when I did it before, which let’s face it, none of y’all were. That was loooooong before 99.99% of y’all showed up. So everyday until The Shattered Castle releases Alexa and me are going to be bringing you fun posts filled with trivia, memes, graphics, literally anything a fangirl (or boy… I know y’all are out there somewhere. XD) could want!!!!!!! We’re going to try to keep our posts super short, so it’s not a lot happening at once, but I hope y’all TFP fans will join us as we celebrate the conclusion to this wonderful, amazing series. I will also try to note before each post if it contains spoilers and which books you’ll need to read first before continuing!!!!!!! 

Now for today’s post I’m bringing you seven of some of the best TAS memes since it’s SEVEN DAYS UNTIL RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Credit: Made by yours truly ;P

Credit: Made by Katherine

Credit: Image found on Pinterest – meme suggested by Alexa!

Okay, these next ones have spoilers, so make sure you have read THE FALSE PRINCE before continuing!!!!!!

 Credit: Imagine found on Pinterest – Meme picked out by Alexa57 The False Prince (The Ascendence Trilogy) ideas | book fandoms, trilogy, books Credit: Image found on Pinterest

Credit: Image found on Pinterest

Credit: Image found on Pinterest – meme suggested by Alexa!

Fangirling time! Let’s chat below

Alright, y’all, and that concludes today’s post!!!! Can y’all believe it’s a WEEK until The Shattered Castle releases? I most certainly can’t. So what do y’all think: Do you think Mrs. Nielsen would ever consider releasing a sixth book or the series is done for good? From what I’ve heard, I think the series is done for good, but I do have my fingers crossed that one day she might come back to the world, even if not the characters. Which brings me to my next question: If she chose to write a series or novel set in the same world but with different characters what’s your vote on what you’d love more than anything to have her do? I’d personally love to see a novel with Mott’s backstory or maybe a villain origin story on Connor? I don’t know, I’m debating that last one. What do y’all think? Ooo and did anyone notice the certain reference made in The Warrior’s Curse by Jennifer Nielsen? I’m not going to say what, so if anyone knows what I’m talking about, drop it below and we’ll see who gets it right!!! Oooo maybe I’ll give a shout-out to all of those who got this final question right in Thursday’s post!!!! Anyways I wanna chat all about it below!!!!

And don’t forget to check out Alexa’s post tomorrow!!! I believe it’ll be filled with graphics, graphics, graphics!!!!!!!

Keep on being awesome and never stop writing!

~Issabelle Perry

Issabelle Perry is a proud Jesus follower, an extroverted writer, and a homeschool graduate. When she's not writing, you can find her reading, jamming to Skillet, studying history, hunting for Narnia in wardrobes, or envisioning herself wielding a magnificent sword (but due to her clumsiness, let’s hope that never happens). This self-proclaimed exclamation mark enthusiast can be found hanging out at Teen Writers’ Nook, a community of teen authors Issabelle co-founded in 2020. She is the author of Don't Let Me Go (Sky's the Limit Press 2024), May We Make Them Proud (2023), and a co-editor for two anthologies. What she’s probably doing right now is fangirling about her favorite books to random people or scanning the pantries for chocolate.


  • Louise Taylor

    It’s RELEASING IN A WEEK?!?!?!?!?! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?!?!?!?!? *screams with excitement* A POST EVERYDAY?!?!? COUNT ME INNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot… REPEAT…. CANNOT believe it’s being released already!!!! JUST A WEEK?!?! *fangirl screams* this is AMAZING!!!

    I love Jaron soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I CANNOT wait to see what happens!!!! *grins like Fink* I love Fink too. I love them both. They’re just epic.

    And I did NOT KNOW this was the last one!!!!! I thought she was doing another THREE?!?! The Captive Kingdom, The Shattered Castle, and then another one!!!! WHAT GIVES?!?! Jaron’s story CANNOT END HERE!!! I WANT MORE!!! *cries a river of tears*

    *gasp* I would LOVE. Like LOVVVVEEEEE to read about Jaron and Imogen’s kids! And a Young adult Fink!!!!!!!!!! That would be soooooooooooooo amazing!!!!!!!
    If they had to go on an adventure, or something, them thinking about stories their parents told them, lessons Tobias and Roden taught them!! It would be so PRECIOUS!

    Oh, and I feel like I noticed a reference, but cannot remember it! Guess I’ll have to wait for you to tell me what it is!!! 😀

    Can’t wait for more!!!!!!!!! So epic, Issabelle and Alexa! THANK YOU!! YOU’VE MADE MY DAY BRIGHTER!

    • Issabelle Perry

      YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha, and this is why I shoulda been screaming about its release LOOONG before now. XD *also screams with excitement and jumps up and down* YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully, Alexa and I won’t bore you. ;P

      AAAAHHH GIRL YOU AND ME BOTH!!!!!!!!! It really just crept right on us!!! BUT I AM SO INSANELY EXCITED!!!!!!!! *adds to the fangirl screams* I hope it ends well, y’know? Too many authors like to kill a bunch of characters in the final book (*cough* I should know… I’m one of them. XD). YESSS IT IS!!!!!!!! *high fives*

      AAAAAAAAAAAAA JARON IS THE GREATEST FICTIONAL CHARACTER EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to miss reading about him with the end of the series *cries* YES SAME HERE!!!!!! Oh my goodness, Fink is just my li’l baby. I love that boy!!!! I think Fink and Jaron’s brother-like relationship is just THE sweetest thing ever!!!!! THEY ARE!!!!!! What I’d really love to see is, like, a scene with Darius, Jaron, and Fink being the ultimate brother trio. That’d make me the happiest fangirl EVER!!!

      *sniffs* Yeah, from what I’ve heard, there was only going to be two extras to the series. She had mentioned when The Captive Kingdom released that she might consider a sixth book if the sales for TCK were good, but then with The Shattered Castle’s release, all I’ve heard is that she isn’t planning on a sixth, but she’s learn not to say never with Jaron. ;P I WISH there was three!!!!! YES IT CANNOT!!!! We shall have to sign and petition for his story to continue. XD THE FANGIRLS NEED IT!!! XDD *chants* jaron, jaron, jaron, jaron. XD *gives Louise a tissue box*

      *also gasps* THAT WOULD BE THE MOST EPIC THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, I would love to see a mini Jaron. *gasps even louder* A YOUNG ADULT FINK????!!!!! YES PLEASE!!!!!!! That is actually the most genius idea EVER!!!! I want that so badly. Oh, yes, yes, yes. Maybe Jaron will petition to Mrs. Nielsen on our behalf for this. XD We know she can’t say no to him. XD

      Hey, you still get brownie points for at least having read The Warrior’s Curse. It’s crazy how many people have read The False Prince but not the traitor’s game series. YESSS!!!!!!

      EEEE I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT!!!!! This comment literally just made my day, and really got that inner fangirl in me going crazy!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! Girl, of course. Girl, this comment has made MY day the brightest!!!!!! <33333

      • Louise Taylor

        *gasp* noooo!!!! You killed characters at the end of your storyline?!?!?! *cries in advance* *pretends she never considered her MC to get her theme across to her readers*

        Yesssssssss!!!!!!!! Brother trios!!!!!!!! *screams* they’re the BEST!!!! I don’t even know what it is about them, but AH!!! They’re sooo good!! And that would be amazing with Darius!! I keep hearing about the brother he was to Jaron, I want to SEE the brother he was to Jaron!!!

        *accepts the tissue box*

        I KNOW RIGHT?!?! Seeing the protagonists children… there’s just something about that!!! And seeing the little kids as young adults… *faints for lack of better words*

        • Louise Taylor

          Wow, proof-read much Louise?
          I meant: *pretends like she never considered killing her MC to get her theme across to her readers*
          *coughs, turns red* sorry about the typo.
          And don’t worry, fellow writers convinced me not to. So he doesn’t die. Hopefully…

          • Issabelle Perry

            Hahahaha, oh, girl, that’s TOTALLY okay!!!! I like never, ever, ever proof-read my comments which is why you’ve probably seen some hilarious typos show up. ;P So there’s totally nothing to worry about!!!!
            Hahaha, I am glad to hear that!!!!! We can’t have the MC dying on us!!! Think of what the fangirls will say. ;P

        • Issabelle Perry

          Uh… *hides under the table* *cough* Maaaaaybe. *sends tissues in advance* Hahahahaha, yes, the temptation is extremely hard. (But seriously, don’t kill your MC! Those are the saddest deaths, so I’m glad your fellow writers convinced you not to. They be smart. ;P My sisters have to keep me away from killing certain important characters. XD)

          BROTHER TRIOS FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!! YESSS THEY ARE!!!!!!! hmmm I have absolutely no idea. Sometimes brothers are just so adorable together. I KNOW RIGHT!!!!! You ain’t kiddin’!!! EEE YES IT WOULD!!!!! YES!! You just put into words exactly what I was wanting. It’s time to SEE this awesome big brother!!!

          There is!!! I guess it’s fun to see the characters we’ve journeyed with for so long be parents and the kinda kids the children turn out to be. (Like Jaron’s kid… oh, I’m counting on him to be a mischievous li’l boy.) Aaaaahhhh!!! *also faints*

  • ✨Chloe✨

    EEEEEEEEKKK!!!!!!! I don’t know what else to say but that because I’m just SO EXCITED!!! Do you know if the book is ready for pre-order? *Looks it up on Amazon* OOOH YES IT IS!!!!!!!!! *runs around screaming and shouting like a horse with its tail cut off* Now it’s for REAL 😂

    Those memes… just… cracked me up SO HARD!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣 I just loved the last one before the spoiler about the spider especially. SO FUNNY!!! I can’t wait for more memes and such and the release of The Shattered Castle!! 🎉😋😉

    • Issabelle Perry

      THAT’S LIKE ALL I CAN SAY MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, it’s been up for pre-order for a while now, I believe. AAAAAHHH YES, YES, YESSSSS!!!!!!!!! Girl, you have just so perfectly described I believe every single TFP fangirl right now. This is just so insanely exciting, and hahaha YES IT’S FOR REAL NOW!!!!!!! The finale is really, truly happening. Which, I’m kinda sad cuz I don’t ever want it to end, but hey, at least we’ve had Jaron for as long as we have!!!!

      AAAAHHHH I AM SO GLAD!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Man, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I have SO many hilarious memes I wanted to show y’all, but I knew I needed a limit or this post would turn into a novel-size one. XD Oh, yessss!!!! I was SO glad Alexa had picked that one, because it’s one of my personal favs. First, not only are Tobias and Amarinda the cutest, that was just waaaay too relatable. 🤣 EEEEEEE I AM SO THRILLED TO HEAR THAT!!!!! More is definitely on the way!!!!

  • Rylie

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That second one… XD Sadly, i think the series is done for good… 🙁 Ohh, YES! Mott’s backstory!!!! XD And Connor’s story would be cool! Never read the warriors curse so… How’ve you been, girl?

    • Issabelle Perry

      YESSS THOSE YAYS JUST PERFECTLY DESCRIBE WHAT I’M FEELING RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Hahaha, ikr?? It was epic. 🤣 *sniffs* me too. It’s so sad. :,( YESSS I would LOVE a story with Mott, and I just really want to know more about Connor and Darius and just how all of that worked out… What??? Girl, you’re gonna NEED to read that series eventually!!! I mean, it’s not TFP-good, but I still really enjoyed it!! Hahaha, I’ve been pretty good for the most part. Wbu?

    • Issabelle Perry

      *also squeals* YESSSSS!!!!!!! Oh man, this series is one of my all-time favs. actually, scratch that, this series IS my favorite series!!!!! *high fives* Awww THANK YOU, girl!!!!! And thank you for stopping by TWN!!!!!! *waves*

      • SawyerMarie

        I was so surprised at the plot twist in book one. 🤯 that takes a talented author.
        Of course! I’ve been following and reading your posts for awhile 😄 I always smile or laugh when I’m reading them.

        • Issabelle Perry

          Aaaahh, girl, I KNOW IT!!!!!!! It just completely three me off guard. Hahaha, yes, that emoji SO perfectly describes my own emotions in that moment!!! XD YES IT DOES!!!!!!!!
          D’awwww, girl, that just makes me SO happy to hear that!!!!!!! Girl, really? Like, I don’t even know what to SAY!! I always, always, ALWAYS LOVE making people laugh and smile!!!!! 🙂

  • Victoria

    DA COUNTDOWN IS OOOOOOOOONN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps up and down and chants Sage’s name* I am SOOOOO EXCITED for the Shattered Castle and may have freaked out for a moment when I realized it’s releasing in 7 days. XD
    Also, THOSE MEMES. I’m pretty sure I died laughing at those. 😂😂😂 I personally think the series is done after this one but would LOVE to read a story about Mott!
    Ohohohoh, AND ya know how you mentioned those rare fanboys? 😜 WELL, it turns out they aren’t as endangered as we thought, ‘cause just yesterday I met a guy who read TFP a few years ago and thought it was really good!!!! So now I’ve made it my life’s mission to get him to read the rest of the series… *evil cackles* 😉 As for that reference from The Warrior’s Curse…I got nothin’. XD (Which makes sense since I actually haven’t read it before, but I might have to if it’s good!)

    • Issabelle Perry

      YESSSSSS IT. HAS. BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!! *also jumps up and down and chants Sage’s name till my fam gives me weird looks* AAAAH GIRL YOU AND ME BOTH!!!!! I canNOT believe it’s almost released!!!! Because my brain hasn’t fully caught up that we’re in October now. I mean, HOW??!! It was just July a week ago, right. *scratches head* AAAHH GIRL, you are DEFINITELY a TFP fan after my own heart. 😜
      Hahahaha, that’s what I wanna hear!!!! XD But, seriously, I am SO glad you enjoyed them!!!! And, man, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We could be here for the next century if I tried to show y’all all my fav memes!!! 😂 Yeah, me too. *sniffs* It’s so sad. YES ME TOO!!!!!! Mott’s one of the best characters in this series!!!!
      *gasp* YESSSSS!!!!!!!! THAT’S WHAT I’M TAKLIN’ ABOUT!!!!!!! I KNEW those fanboys were out there somewhere!!!!! Hehehehehe, and if you need me to give him some extra convincing, I think I’m pretty good at that. 😉 *evil laughter heard in the distance* Hahahaha, oh, man, girl, you’re gonna hafta read that series. It’s not TFP-good, but it’s still REALLY AWESOME!!!!! I loved it. Actually, I’ve been wanting to do a re-read of that series for a while now.

  • Lorelei A.

    EEEK I’m sooooooo excited for this!!!! *is literally currently reading The Captive Kingdom* *stayed up way to late last night reading it* BUT ONCE I FINISH THAT, I’M OFF TO READ THE SHATTERD CASTLE EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Okay, that Tobarinda spider one would make the most serious of people laugh, amiright? AND the POTC one!!! XDDDDD

    FANGIRLINGGGG WOOHOO! Okay, I’m thinking no for that first question, but I’m hoping The Shattered Castle will be a nice, satisfying end to the series. DON’T LET ME DOWN MRS. NIELSEN XD (kidding, kidding!)

    I would LOVEEEEE to know more about Amarinda’s or Imagen’s pasts, so that’s what I would vote for! I think that would be soooooooo interesting!!!!

    I haven’t read The Warrior’s Curse! *adds it to TBR list*

    (thank you girls for recommending TAS to me, or else I wouldn’t be writing this rn 😀<33)

    • Issabelle Perry

      EEEEEEEKKKK I AM SO EXCITED TO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gasp* Girl, that is like the PERFECT thing to do leading up to The Shattered Castle’s release. Actually, this just makes me realize that I need to do a re-read of The Captive Kingdom to refresh my memory of what happened. Hahahaha, girl, those are the kinda books to stay up late reading, amiright!!!! XD YES YES YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Man, all of y’all are probably gonna get to The Shattered Castle before me. *pouts* 😂

      YES IT WOULD!!!!! I just LOVED that one. Plus, Tobias and Amarinda are literally the cutest couple, amiright!! XD Hahaha, oh, yeah, that one was just waaay too perfect. 😂😂😂

      YESSSSSSS FANGIRLING ALL DA WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I don’t think there’ll be another book in the series either. *sniffs* OH YES!!! It better have a good ending. We’re counting on you Jaron!!!! Hahahahaha, YESS!!!!! That’s exactly how I feel. 😂

      *gasp* THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooo maybe she could write a collection of short stories that talks about each of the character’s past, cuz then we could get more on Mott, Roden, Tobias, and all those other awesome characters!!!!! I would love that so much!!!!! BUT DEFINITELY GIMMEE AN AMARINDA STORY!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s so overlooked in the series, it’s so sad. :,( It WOULD!!!!

      YESSSSS put that thing on your TBR!!!!! It’s a really awesome book, part of The Traitor’s Game series!! HIGHLY recommend!!!

      (Girl, it is my absolute pleasure!!!! This is like my favorite series of them all, so it's really my pleasure. Thank YOU for giving it a shot!!! I have sooo many friends who won't even try it, and I'm always like, what's wrong with them? They be nuts. xD <3333)

      • Lorelei A.

        🤣🤣 probably not, don’t worry. I don’t buy books so I have to wait until it comes to the library *is impatient* *twiddles fingers*

        They are sooo cute!!!

        That is an awesome idea!!! I WANT TO KNOW THEIR PASTS (is that creepy? XD) Amarinda IS so overlooked *sniffs*

        I DID! *really needs to read that series*

        Absolutely nuts XD

        • Issabelle Perry

          Hahahahahahaha, I probably won’t get a copy until Christmas, so you still have a chance. ;P *is definitely impatient* *also twiddles thumbs*

          THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fangirls*

          Aaah THANK YOU!!!!!!! YES SO DO I!!!!!!! *turns pleading, puppy dog eyes to Mrs. Nielsen* *whispers to Lorelei* I don’t think she noticed me. XD (Hahaha, what, no! Definitely not. XD) SHE IS!!!!! *also sniffs*

          YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! I’m sure you’ll love it!!!

          Hahahaha. XD

    • Issabelle Perry

      Hahahahaha, fair enough. I won’t complain since it’s still a Jennifer Nielsen book. 😝 And The Traitor’s Game WAS a really awesome series!!!! I loved Simon. He was so cute. And Gabe and Trina. I liked them too. Hated Endrick though. *shudders* YES ME TOO!!!! *high fives*

      THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH for stopping by Teen Writers’ Nook!!!! *waves and sends welcome goodies*

      • Tasha Van Kesteren

        Simon YES!!! If I could marry a fictional character *sigh* Kestra was great too.
        Lol I’ve been reading your blog for awhile so I figured it was time to comment lol. I figured I’m probably not the only one who loves reading and responding to comments lol

        • Issabelle Perry

          YESSSSS!!!!!!!!! *high fives* She was!!!! I really liked her more than I had thought I would!!
          Awwww, well, I am SO glad you decided to stop by in the comments. Girl, you are definitely not!!!!!! Comments are my most favorite things in the world!!!!!!!!!! (Even though I am so terrible at getting to other people’s blogs to comment like I want to and respond to comments, lol.)

  • Alexa

    EEEKKKKK!!! Honestly, it’s still surreal that the finale is coming out!!!!!!! I’m still SO sad that this is the end of this fantastic series and I’m going to miss going on adventures with Sage. *sad eyes* But on the bright side, THE BOOK IS COMING OUT IN THREE DAYS!!! *runs around screaming* And I LOVE all the memes up there!!!! Katherine, your meme made me chuckle out loud. XD Gah, I would love to see a book based on Mott!!!! Dang, that’s a really good idea. Maybe if we all suggested it to Jennifer Nielsen, we might get our wish…. XD I’ll keep my fingers crossed and my eyes on the lookout for Mott’s sorry. 😉 Serisously though, I’m sure fans all over the world would enjoy Mott’s backstory!!!! And for the Warrior’s Curse reference, I was searching your post for a reference until I realized that you meant in The False Prince. *slaps forehead* My brain is fried. XP

    Now that we got the fangirling out of the way, THANK YOU SO MUCH for those kind words!!! You made my day! I’ve been so happy that we could do this countdown even though it was kinda a bad time for both of us. But IT HAS BEEN A BLAST SO FAR!!!! 😀

    • Issabelle Perry

      AAAAHHH I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!!! It is really crazy to think this is the end. *sniffs* ME TOO!!! *sends Alexa some tissues* Girl, now I’m even sadder than I was. Yes, I will miss Sage. He’s mah baby boy, and I have no idea what I’m going to do when I finish this series. Probably cry. And eat chocolate. AAAAHH YESSS AND NOW IT IS FINALLY RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwww THANKS!!!!! Oh, man, yessss!!! Kat’s meme was SO GOOD!!!! WOHOO YES ME TOO!!!!! That would make me the happiest fangirl ever!!! *turns to Mrs. Nielsen with puppy dog eyes* Hahaha, oh, man, yes. Maybe we should all get like a specific day to suggest it to her. So she keeps getting the same request month after month until she finally realizes the fans aren’t going to let this drop. Then she’ll probably get mad at me for suggesting it in the first place. 😂) YES SO WILL I!!!!!! *crossing fingers really hard* YES THE WOULD!!!! I think it’s pretty widely accepted that Mott is one of the best characters EVER!!! Hahahaha, girl, I don’t blame you. My brain doesn’t ever work right in the school year either. ;P

      Awwww, girl, YOU ARE SO WELCOME!!!!!!!!!! Awww, seriously? I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT!!!! YESSS SO AM I!!! I’ll admit it’s been MUCH more fun doing it this year than last year!! SO THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this with me!!!! <3333333333 Girl, it HAS!!!!! And I can't wait to see your trivia post today. 😉

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