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How I Brainstorm Ideas // Teen Writers’ Rally Day 8

Welcome back for Day 8 of the Teen Writers’ Rally!!!! We’re kicking-off National Novel Writing Month with back-to-back posts featuring amazing authors, bloggers, and more! Tune in every day until November 5th for new posts full of writing tips, advice, and encouragement. Posts are live at 6:00 EST, and if you’re not already, subscribe to Teen Writers’ Nook via email to receive a notification when the next post for the rally is up. (Form can be found to the right if on a computer or at the bottom of the page if on a mobile device.) And stay until the end of the post for information about the giveaway running through the entire event!

This is Katherine here to introduce TWN’s very own Madeleine!!!! *cough* I mean Alana! *cough cough* More on the name thing in a minute. Madeleine is one of my many fantabulous sisters who also helped start Teen Writers’ Nook as well as helped edit TWN’s Imagine anthology. She is an animal-lover and, may I add, an impressive fact-rememberer! (Seriously, her incredible memory blows my mind!) Anyway, she is here today to share with you her brainstorming process.

Hey everyone. Welcome back to Teen Writers’ Nook for the Teen Writers’ Rally.

First off, I would like to say that this is Alana from TWN. As most of you probably know, my real name is Madeleine and I will be switching from Alana to Madeleine here at TWN.

Now for the post. Today I will tell you all how I brainstorm ideas for writing.

Whenever I brainstorm, I usually think of so many different things and jot them all down in a journal. Some of my thoughts are about character arcs, made up animals/plants, make believe worlds, plots, themes, etc. After I jot them down, I will look back over my ideas. Usually, it will take me several days before I am able to get a whole story idea from all those ideas.

There are many things from where I get my inspiration from. I love to study and do research about animals. Each animal is so unique in its own way, and I would sometimes take certain characteristics of different animals and group them into one animal that I have created. I also love learning about different cultures, and I get inspired as I create different countries for my fantasy world.

Sometimes as I’m reading my favorite stories, I imagine what it might would be like if another character was in it. I would then most likely start building a story for that one character. I also get inspired by themes such as love, friendship, redemption, etc. and use those themes to find a story for them.

I know that this is a very short post. But, that is how I brainstorm. That’s all there is. There isn’t anymore. What do you guys do to brainstorm your ideas?

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Remember to tune in tomorrow for an interview with Jenna Terese, YA Christian sci-fi author of Ignite

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