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Meet My MC – A Writers Linkup Hosted by Blogger Maya Joelle

Brief note: I sorta forgot to explain the details about that writing contest I mentioned I won in my last post. So, “Fairly Impish” will actually be published in a teen anthology that’ll be available to purchase on Amazon sometime around March 3rd! (Don’t ask me why I forgot to include that in my post. *faceplalm*) More details about that coming soon!!!! So stay tuned!!!!!!! Now onto the post!

Ooooh, I wonder what all of this means!!!!!! *staring in awe at the graphic*


The details. Maya Joelle is hosting a link-up (kind of like the one I joined in that Christine Smith hosted) where bloggers answer her questions about our main character in our WIP. You can find the details if you’d like to join in here!!!!!!!! So, today I will be talking about the lead character in my new WIP, Heir to His Crown!!!!!! EEEEKKK!!! I can’t wait! What y’all should probably know is Heir to His Crown is a medieval fantasy story and the lead character is Prince Keenum!!!

1 // Introduce your MC. What’s their name? Age? Appearance? (Sharing collages/inspiration photos encouraged!)

My MC is Prince Keenum!!! He’s the rightful king of Cedulnia, but the country was overthrown years ago and the book is basically him trying to take back the throne. I’m using a pretty simplistic trope of the prince reclaiming his throne but throwing in a bunch of extra stuff (like super complicated magic) to make it waaaaay more interesting! (I hope!) He’s sixteen and we should all know by now I don’t end up deciding what my character looks like until we’re close to the final drafts soooo don’t know about appearance yet. 

2 // Explain how your MC fits into the plot of your book (as best you can without spoiling it all…).

Well, he’s the rightful king of Cedulnia. Eh, that’s me trying to find an easy answer. XD Truth is, I’m still working out the plot. So far I’ve been basically full-blown pantsing this novel and am only about half-way through so my answers might be a bit lacking. Wait a minute, now I’m wondering if I even understood the question right. *scratching head confusingly* I don’t know if I’ve ever told y’all but I always seem to misunderstand questions…soooo I don’t know what I’m doing. I know! I’ll distract everyone with a cute Baby Yoda GIF so no one will notice how I have no idea how to answer this question!!

3 // What’s the first thing your MC says in the story? The last? A random quote from the middle that you like?

Oooh, this sounds like a SUPER FUN question!!!! Warning this is first draft material and anything I share from it will probably sound super cringey. *already cringing at the thought of it* But oh well, let’s go for it and hope for the best!

First thing: “It’s the same as all the other revolts.” 

Last thing I have so far: “Cedulnia, as you can see I’m well alive and alright.”… “For now it’s time we-” 

Some random thing I found in the middle: “I’m in. This is my kingdom and I will fight the hardest for it.”

4 // Which other character would die for your MC?
*sobs into tissues dramatically* *realizing everyone else has no idea why I’m so emotional over this question* *composes self and tries to acts cool* *fails miserably and goes back to being weird*

Okay, there’s actually a LOT of characters who would die for Keenum. Hanne, Kylie, just about every loyal citizen of Cedulnia, but I’m gonna mainly go with Amadeo!! Keenum and Amadeo are almost basically like brothers. 

5 // Would your MC die for them?

YESSS!!!!!!!!! Keenum is probably one of the most loyal characters I’ve ever written!!!! He would die for any of his friends and for the people of Cedulnia!!!!

6 // Have any major details about your MC changed since you first created them?

Yeah, Keenum obviously likes writing stories now. Didn’t see that one coming! And he has a lot more scars from his past than I was expecting. Actually, he’s just changed a lot from my first idea of him. And I love him even more now. 

7 // What characters (from books/movies not by you) remind you of your MC? Why?

Aaah, and here I shall express my die-hard love of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Sadly, at this time I can only speak from the movies ’cause I haven’t read the books even though I REALLY WANNA sooooo badly. 😭 Okay, the whole idea came from LotR, specifically the plot around Aragorn. So really both Aragorn and Thorin remind me of Keenum!!! Though Keenum is really not anywhere close to being as cool as them!

8 // Share your MC’s favorites!

[ color, food, type of clothing, place, type of music, season, smell, etc. ]

Oooh, now I realize how much more development Keenum needs ’cause I have literally no idea. Let me just think of some stuff. Well, his favorite place is the gardens at the palace. His favorite season is spring. His favorite pastime is writing in his journal. 

9 // If your MC wasn’t involved in your story, what would they be doing? (Basically: what’s their dream life? Where do they want to live, what do they want to do?)
He’d travel around the world and write stories. 

10 // Share a fun extra (another collage, a playlist, a scene from the story, a drawing, etc.).

Oooooh, let’s do a lot of fun extras!!!! First, a graphic!

A scene. (Remember, if it’s really awful, for this story my first draft is turning our sloppier than they normally are, so be prepared. Continue at your own risk!)

He was my enemy. My blood boiled. Now, more than ever, I wanted to grab the sword by his side and engage him myself. Make him wish he had never stepped on my country’s soil. Make him regret supporting the invasion. 
The one that killed my father. 
The leader shoved me forward. As soon as I locked eyes with the noble, my heart dropped into the very pit of my stomach. Breath fled me. I could only stare dumbfounded at the noble, praying he wouldn’t recognize me. 
Don’t recognize me. There was still hope to sneak passed unnoticed. I took an unsteady breath.
He stared at me harder like he didn’t believe that I actually stood before him. Alive.
Don’t recognize me. My hope was fading.
“Do you know who this boy is?” The noble looked over my shoulder to the leader. 
“An annoying pest,” the leader muttered.
The noble glared at me like he was about to agree with the man. Under his breath, he asked me, “Why are you not at the palace?”
“I got bored.”

Aaannnddd another extra!!! Here is a few songs that make me think about Keenum’s character a lot!

And the song that has GREATLY inspired Keenum and his story!!!!! It’s called “Truth Be Told” by Matthew West! You can listen to it here! Wow, this post has turned really long. Let’s wrap it up in a SUPER AWESOME way!!! So last week I had this really awesome gal ask if I’d like for her to make some graphics for Into the Lamp. Well, of course I said yes and she did and they turned out AMAZING!! I wanted to share them here!!!!!!!! Soooo, first ABSOLUTE HUGE THANK YOU to Emily for making them for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! <33

I’ll show you the one for Colin first!!

Isn’t it sooo AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaahh, it just makes me miss writing about Colin. :,(

And there was Genie’s!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BOTH OF THEM SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN SOO MUCH to Emily for making them!! They are THE GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope all of you like them as well!! Well, I say that’s enough for this post! Sorry for how long it ended up, I wasn’t meaning for that to happen. And I don’t even feel like I said much about Keenum. 

LET’S CHAT IN THE COMMENTS!!!!!!! Sooo, in the comments below tell me Don’t you just absolutely  LOVE the graphics for Genie and Colin? What do you think about Keenum? Would you like to hear more about Heir to His Crown. If you had to tell either Colin or Keenum about your most hidden secret, which one would you choose? Don’t ask me why I like asking questions like that. Also, guys, if you haven’t been to the homepage for TWN in the past twenty-four hours, you should REALLY check it out. Just saying. *shrugs* XD

Keep Writing!!

Issabelle Perry is a proud Jesus follower, an extroverted writer, and a homeschool graduate. When she's not writing, you can find her reading, jamming to Skillet, studying history, hunting for Narnia in wardrobes, or envisioning herself wielding a magnificent sword (but due to her clumsiness, let’s hope that never happens). This self-proclaimed exclamation mark enthusiast can be found hanging out at Teen Writers’ Nook, a community of teen authors Issabelle co-founded in 2020. She is the author of Don't Let Me Go (Sky's the Limit Press 2024), May We Make Them Proud (2023), and a co-editor for two anthologies. What she’s probably doing right now is fangirling about her favorite books to random people or scanning the pantries for chocolate.


  • Joy Caroline

    Wow, I’m early today. I just happened to see the notification almost as soon as it went up, so of course I stopped by! I’ll have to shift my posting schedule around a bit, because I really want to participate in this linkup. Christine’s was a lot of fun.

    Your WIP sounds super exciting! You seem to come up with full-blown story plots right away, a talent that’s certainly enviable! I get ideas quickly, but it takes me FOREVER to make fully detailed plot for them.

    Congrats on Fairly Impish being published! You should be very proud!

    • Issabelle

      Haha, YAY!!!! Oooh, really? Perfect timing then!!! YAY!! You’re AWESOME, JC!!!!! Oooh, yea, that’d be AWESOME to read your answers!!!! Christine’s was SOOOO MUCH FUN and this one was too!!!!!!!

      YAY!!! I’m sooo glad you think so!!!! TYSM!!!!! Aww, girl, THANK YOU!!!!! Truth is, I’m not sure where half of the plot is heading at the moment…Keenum keeps changing around everything I have planned. Like I’d be soo much further into the plot if he didn’t completely change the direction of it and now I’m trying to push it back in the direction we were in. XD But it’s actually pretty fun!!! Oof, I feel ya on that one, girl!! The story idea has actually been swirling around in my mind since the end of September, though, as you can see, I haven’t given it much thought until I sat down to write. Which is why it’s all over the place.

      THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I am a little bit. I’ve also been wondering for the past week why my story was one of the ones picked. When I read through it, I find sooo many flaws. I hope things are going great with TAS!!!!! <33

      • Joy Caroline

        Characters are ALWAYS changing up stuff I had planned! It’s so funny how they have minds of their own. I guess that goes to show we’ve hopefully written them well.

        I have so many ideas for Bible stories I’d love to retell. I just write them down in a Google Form called “Story Idea Tracker” (got the idea from a Go Teen Writers article), so I won’t forget any of them. I obviously won’t get to them for a long time, but it’s nice to know I have them there. It makes me feel creative somehow, LOL. I’d love to write stories about King Saul, the prophet Isaiah, and the prophet Hosea, for example. I have a post on Hosea coming up on my blog, actually. Next to Paul, he’d have to be my favorite Bible character.

        Anyways! EVERY writer, even the bestselling ones, ALWAYS see mistakes in their books even after they’re published. So no worries on that one! As for me, things are going… *cough* okay.

        • Issabelle

          IKR!!!!! They are ALWAYS changing it all up! Oooh, I didn’t think about it like that but that’s a super great point!!!

          WOW!!!!! Those ideas are just AMAZING!!! I hope they get to eventually get a story! Girl, you’re TOTALLY creative!!! And, be glad you actually have story ideas because right now, ideas are becoming too sparse for me. XD Ooooh, that posts sounds like it’ll be TONS of fun to read! CAN’T WAIT!!!!! <33

          Yeah...except that I don't know if I'll ever read through anything of mine after it's published. I wonder if published authors do. Hmm... But THANK YOU!!!!!!!! <33 <33 Hopefully, after it's gone through edits with an editor it'll be a bit more readable. XD Aah, I see!! I can honestly second that one about my own WIP.

          • Joy Caroline

            Thanks! Ideas come at random times, so don’t worry too much about it. I REALLY hope those ideas someday get stories, too!

            You WILL get traditionally published someday soon! And you’re already having one of your stories published in an anthology. That really is a big step!

            • Issabelle

              Okay, I shall try not to!!!! (Though, I literally worry about everything when it comes to my writing.) YESS!!!! They’d be AWESOME stories!

              Aww, girl, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! I REALLY needed to hear that today! I’ve been going through one of my down writing moods and haven’t been able to do any writing. Soo THANK YOU for that encouragement! Oh, yeah, I do have that!! (I guess eventually I can say I’m a published author, right? Wait, does that count as being published? I think it counts. Maybe it doesn’t count? Eh, we’re just gonna say it counts. XD)

  • Allie Jo Andersen

    Your story sounds so exciting, Issabelle!!!! Keenum sounds so interesting!!!

    Yes, those graphics are awesome!!! Yes, I do want to hear more about Heir to His Crown!! Hmmm… I’m not sure which one I’d choose to tell a secret to…. maybe Keenum??

    *Gasp!!!!* You have Escaping the Blogosphere hinted on your home page!!!! Yay!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!

    • Issabelle

      THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH, ALLIE!!!!!! I’m sUpEr HAPPY you think so!!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!!! He’s something else, I will admit to that. XD I’m trying to weigh out who’s voice is easier to write in, Keenum or Colin. Any ideas? (Don’t ask why this is suddenly so important to me. XD)

      WHOOOO!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! <33 YEA!!!! *pumps fist in the air* That's great, 'cause as long as someone will listen, I can talk FOREVER about my stories!!! Ooooh, AWESOME CHOICE!!!!! I'd probably go with Keenum too! He's got more of a soft side than Colin.

      *double gasp* I do??? *rushes to go check out the homepage* Oooh, I DO!!!! (Okay, I actually knew I did all along, in case you were wondering! I've been seriously deprived of sugar today. Yes, I blame that on my extra crazy, 'cause then I can maybe go find some chocolate to eat. *licking lips* XD 😜) YAY!!!! I'm soooo excited too!!!!!! I hope it'll be EPIC!!!!!

      • Allie Jo Andersen

        You are so very welcome!!!! Hmmm…. I’m not sure! 😂😆 But if you want some resources/ideas for character voice, I have some links I can share with you 😉🙃

        You’re welcome!!!!! Haha yeah, I get that!! 🤣 I’m probably the same way!! Thanks!!! Ooh good point.

        🤣😂😂 Sorry…. no sugar here…. we stay mostly sugar-free at our house. 😆 Yes it will be!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!

        • Issabelle

          <33 neither. 😆 Ooooh, YESSS!!!! TOTALLY!!! That's been a BIG thing I've been focusing on growing in my writing! I think I'm getting pretty good at it but extra tips and tricks are ALWAYS appreciated!!! Bring 'em on!

          <33 Haha, yeah, I think a lot of writers are that way. IKR!!! :)

          WHAT??!!! GIRL!!!! HOW ON EARTH DO YOU SURVIVE!!!!!! I'm sorry but I just can't do that!!! I NEED SUGAR!!!! 🤣🤣😆 YESSSS!!!!!!! I'm SUPER EXCITED!!!!!! (Though I feel like I just keep saying that but I AM!!! I've been wanting to do this for months now!!)

          • Allie Jo Andersen

            Okay! Here’s a link to a YouTube video which might give you some ideas: (BTW, if you haven’t watched any of Abbie Emmons’s videos before, I highly recommend them!!! They’re SO good!!) Haha, yes I completely understand that!! 😀

            Haha, true!!

            XD I actually tend to feel better when I don’t eat sugar, but my family and I do still have desserts…. We’ve found some really great sugar alternatives and gluten-free, grain-free dessert recipes, which make our treats yummy while not making us feel yucky afterward. 🙂 There are a TON of recipes online which are great-tasting alternatives to your favorite dessert, so it’s not that big of a deal. 😉

            • Issabelle

              Oooh, THANKS! AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to check it out!!!!!! (Cool!! I haven’t watched any of Abbie Emmon’s videos before but I’ve heard LOTS of good things about her, so this will be SUPER EXCITING!!!!! I’ve watched a lot of videos from iWriterly and Reedsey on YouTube. Have you heard of them before? They’re not like super favs of mine but I’ve gotten some good advice from their videos!) 🙂

              Wow, girl…I just couldn’t do any of that!!! I like my sugary foods and COULDN’T EVER give them up!!!!! Well, I mean, I could, but I don’t wanna. *pouting at the thought of it* Ooooh, wow, that’s SUPER COOL!!!!!!! But still!! Impressive!

  • Grace

    Fun post, Isabelle. Wait, did I just say that!!!!! I mean, Maggie. Do me a favor and ignore this paragraph.

    Fun post, Maggie!! I loved hearing about your new WIP. You are so inspiring to me! And Fairly Impish is being published?!?!?!? Congrats for you girl! I’m so happy for you! *does a happy dance* *claps her hands and squeals* *responds to the fams weird looks by shrugging* *The fam just rolls their eyes and realizes that their daughter/sister will never be normal*
    Ohhhh, I almost forgot!! I love the graphics! So cool. Can’t wait to see more!!
    Keep livin’ for Jesus!
    ~Me 😂

    • Issabelle

      LOL!!! Okay! *gazing at the sky* *looking around for a cup of lemonade* *totally not reading that paragraph* XD

      THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!! AWESOME I’m sooo glad to hear!!!! Aww, really? That just means the world to me!!! You always inspire me to be a stronger Christian!!! Oh, yea! Fairly Impish is getting out into the publishing world!! *cough* though, I should warn you, I’m not sure how awesome it’ll be. XD Aww, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! *dances around the room really crazy* LOL!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 One question, did you really do all that and your fam give you weird looks???? ‘Cause if so, *flips hair* I guess I’m famous in your family now. (Well, that is if you ended up explaining why you squealed and all.) XDD 🤣🤣🤣 Oooh, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!!!! More is hopefully on the way!
      Keep writin’ for Jesus!

      Wait a minute. If I’m Me and you’re Me then maybe we’re twin sisters with the same name!!! XD 😂😂 Well, hello, Me!!!

      • Grace

        Hi Me!!!! I can’t believe I actually have a twin sister!!!!!! I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion there was a twin out there for me!!

        Uh, yeah so my fam didn’t really see all that, because I was in my room being quiet while reading a really good book ( Which everyone knows is not true, because who is quiet while reading really good books?!? That’s just not even possible!) But that’s what would happen and I thought it was funny. But you already are famous in my house because my fam reads my blog and sees your comments and laughs at me and you being superrr crazy. So yeah if I mention the name Maggie they’ll be like, “Oh that girl who comments a lot and is super funny and crazy?” And this is me. “Yep.” 😂 So yeah, too late ur famous. 😉
        ~Me #1
        (Because I’m obviously the older twin, since I came up with it) 😂

        • Issabelle

          Heeelllooo Me!!!! XD IKR!!! I can’t believe I have a twin sister too!!!!! LOL!! When I was younger I had this one doll I said was my twin sister ’cause I had always wanted one, soooo it looks like my wish came true!! XD We shoulda seen it before now. XD 😂

          Haha, yeah, what totally not sane person would be quiet when reading a SUPER AWESOME book???!!! That’d be crazy! TOTALLY NOT possible!! LOL!! Yeah, it was still TOTALLY HILARIOUS!!!!! Oooh, AWESOME!!! Yeah, I’ve seen a few of ’em around and was always wondering if they saw our crazy comments and laughed or just shook their heads thinking I’d make you more crazy. XD (Which I kind of feel like I have, just saying! #NoRegrets) LOL!!!! If I mention your name, my fam is just like who. And I’d be like um…the girl I’ve been friends with for months now and have talked about a lot before!!! 😂😂 That’s really how it is for just about all of my friends. XD Oooh, sooo now that I’m famous over there I’ll just go randomly talk to your fam being like what’s up Maggie’s in the house!!! (But then they might all go make a run for it. XD) *flips hair dramatically* LOL!!!!! 😂😂

          ~Me #2 (Fine, I’ll let you be older this time around since you did come up with it. XD 🤣🤣🤣)

  • Jane

    Don’t worry about the long post!! I enjoyed reading through it. 🙂
    The graphics for Colin and Genie were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keenum sounds like a character I’ll have to get to know. I cant wait to hear more about him!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I’m loving the unusual name choice for him. <33
    Uuuuuhhhhhhh. . . YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who doesn't want to hear more about it!!!!!!!!! I mean, you wrote/are writing it!!!! It's going to be good!!!!!!!!
    Ooh, good question. I'd choose Keenum, because I feel like Colin would care about the secret but would act uninterested (Sorry Colin) where as Keenum might actually care about the secret. (Colin might have changed from what I have seen though, so maybe he's gotten better at the whole taking things to heart)
    I saw the home page and am REALLY excited for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I loved the snippet from The Heir To His Throne!!!!! I feel like I say that every time you put in a snippet fro something. XD

    • Issabelle

      YAY!!! I’m soooo glad to hear that!!!!! You’re AWESOME, JANE!!!!!! <33
      IKR!!! THOSE GRAPHICS!!!!!!! THEY WERE MIND-BLOWING!!!!!!! <33 (Also, I kind of have to comment on the long line of exclamation points!! It looks like I'm rubbing off on ya!!!!! XD Welcome to the club of self-proclaimed exclamation mark enthusiasts!!! *hands you the official entry certificate and lots of chocolate* XD)
      WHOOOO!!!!!!! YEA!!!! Me neither!!! I hope you'll really love him!!!! Aaah, yes, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! Katherine was actually the one who came up with the name! I was having the hardest time EVER getting a name for him and we were just randomly saying whatever name came to mind! When she said it, I was like THAT's THE ONE!!! I especially love how it sounds like "kingdom."
      Awww, girl, you're just TOO SWEET!!!!!! I'm grinning sooo hard right now!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! <33 I needed that bit of confidence!! If I ever (in the waaaaaaay out there future) had beta readers for it, would you ever be interested? (Yes, I go ahead and start planning these things out even though I'm absolutely no where close to getting there at the moment. XD)
      That's an AWESOME answer!!! I'd go with Keenum too!!!! You're actually VERY right about that when it comes with Colin! Keenum would actually showed that he cared!! He's MUCH easier to get along with!! (Nah, this is still Colin we're talking about! XD He's no where close to getting better at taking things to heart. XD)
      WHOOOO!!!!! Me too!!!! I've been planning this for like over two months now and I'm just BURSTING with excitement for it to FINALLY happen! Which is what I'm using as my excuse for not getting back to my character development series for you! I'm hoping to get back to that actually sometime in Feb. *crossing fingers*
      YESSS!!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!!! Haha, yeah, I think you do but I'm okay with that 'cause it always makes me feel more ready to get back to writing! I seriously don't know what I'd do without you, girl! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!! <33

  • Ribbon Ash

    I LOVE this glimpse into your new WIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing and so fun to read. I LOVE the snippets you shared, the graphics and the songs!!!! Just all of it! <3
    And since I really liked one of the questions, I'm going to answer it here:
    8. Share your MC’s favorites!
    color, food, type of clothing, place, type of music, season, smell, etc.
    Smoke's favourite colour is cherry blossom pink (cause it is the colour of his girlfriend's hair); clothing is any casual, black, bad boy type of clothing; he use to have a favourite place but now it is burnt to the ground, so he doesn't have a favourite place any more; he doesn't listen to music, so no favourite, but he really should, I think, since it could help him to relax and focus on things other than his own thoughts all of the time; season is summer even though it has bad memories with it; smell… how his girlfriend smells, which I'm not sure is creepy or not, but that's the only smell he loves smelling, so we're going with it. XD
    Also those graphics that Emily girl did are AMAZING. I love them. She did an awesome job! <3

    • Issabelle

      Aww, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! I’m soooooooo glad you think so!!!!! YESS!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! You’re AWESOME, girl!!!!!! <33
      YES, YES, YES!!! You know I'm all down for more info about Smoke! *happily grabs a bucket of popcorn and settles in a comfy seat to read the answer* Me at the end of reading through your answer: 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 He really should listen to music, it probably would relax him and all. Oooh, I REALLY like summer too!!! And yeah, that's kind of weird about favorite smell but I've seen it done before in like one or two romance novels I've read so we'll go for it. XD I think Smoke just go even more awesome! (I didn't even think that was possible!!!)
      IKR!!! They are INCREDIBLE!!! I'm still blown away by them and sometimes will just stare at them for inspiration!!!!! She did a super awesome job!!!!! <33

      • Ribbon Ash

        You’re welcome!!!!!! Awww, thanks! 🙂 *blushes*

        Ahhh, those grins make me smile so much. 😀 I’m so happy and encouraged every time I see your love and excitement for Smoke. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being so happy about it!
        Yeah I should convince him some time to listen to music. Or get Blossom to convince him. XD Yes, summer!!!!!!! Me and Smoke share a bond here since we both convinced that because we were born in summer, it grew our fondness for it! My reaction to that answer: *looks sideways at Smoke* *waits for another, not weird answer* *he doesn’t give one so I sigh and write it down, thinking this is weird, this is weird* He honestly doesn’t have another smell that he even remotely likes. All the other smells he knows are the ones he hates or isn’t much fond of. Blossom is the only person who gives him the most good memories and so her smell reminds him of those many good, wonderfully memories in his otherwise sad life. (Oh, wow, I’m mindblown by that statement! Just how and what made that happen?)

        Also, I forgot to get excited over that exciting thing announced on the home page!!!!!!!!!! *gets excited*

        • Issabelle

          <33 <33

          YESS!!!!! Aww, I'm sooo happy it encourages you and all!!!!!!! I get the same way when people show how much they like Colin and Genie. (Especially, 'cause I can't see WHY anyone would really like Colin.) Aww, girl, you're TOO SWEET!!!!! Well, I get seriously obsessed over characters I love!! I think you can probably tell that by now!! XD YESS!!!! GET BLOSSOM TO CONVINCE HIM!!!!!!! I think she's the only one who can do it!! YOU GO BLOSSOM!!!!!! Ooooh, really, that's SUPER COOL!!!!!! *wondering why I don't give my characters something we share a bond with* LOL!!! Hahaha, I can TOTALLY FEEL YA on that whole section!!!! That sounds like something that'd happen with me and Colin!!! XD Aaaah, yes, I see!! It actually makes a lot of sense and sounds a lot like him!!!! Aww, poor Smoke and his very sad life. 😢 (We authors can be pretty mean to our characters. XD)

          Haha, that's okay!!! I'm SUPER HAPPY your excited 'cause I didn't know if people would get excited or nervous about what I'm planning. *getting even more excited* (Though we really ALL should be nervous!! XD)

  • Jane

    *Accepts certificate and chocolate* *does dramatic bow* XD
    I would DEFINITELY like to be one of your beta readers if you have them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy dances around the room*! (I agree, you are rubbing off on me.) (I plan things waaaaaaay into the future all the time. XD)

    I will keep doing it then!!! I was writing it in the comment and thinking “This sounds familiar”.
    Awwwww, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what I would do without you either!!!!!!!!!!! <33 <33

    Okay, so this is completely random, but I just thought about how it would be weird if we met each other in-person and didn't realize it. No idea why, it just popped into my head. XD

    • Issabelle

      LOL!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!!!! That’s AWESOME!!!!! I didn’t ever know if that was something you’d be interested in (’cause you’d be an AWESOME beta reader to have) soooo I’m SUPER HAPPY!!!!!!!! 🙂 *happily dances around my own room* (Haha, YEA!!!! I mean, if someone’s gotta rub off on you why not be this wacky li’l ole nut o’er here. XD 😜) (IKR!!!! I do that ALL THE TIME!)

      YESSS!!!!! Keep doing it!!!! You’re THE BEST girl!!!! <33 Hahaa, I have actually done that before. XD Of course girl!!! Awww, THANK YOU SOO MCUH!!!!! <33 <33 I'm glad we're friends!

      Haha, oh wow. You know I didn't really think about that but it'd be super crazy if we met and didn't even know it!! That would be like WHAT??!! It was the perfect opportunity to chat face to face and we BLEW IT!!!! LOL!!! XD No, that totally better not happen. XD

      • Jane

        It is absolutely something I would be interested in doing!!!!!!!!!! (Aw, thank you!!) You know, if you do have beta readers and I’m one of them, then I should probably tell you that my real name is Penelope, not Jane. I’ve just always liked the name Jane (like how you like the name Maggie) so I used it on here. 🙂

        IKR! I would be so disappointed if we met and didn’t even realize it!!!

        • Issabelle

          Ooooh, really!!! THAT IS SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!! I’m sooo happy!! I always get nervous asking someone to read one of my writings, ’cause I know we’re all SUPER BUSY and I don’t want to add reading my li’l ole book to someone’s plate. But I guess I might as well just ask anyway if you might be interested in reading some of Into the Lamp. I’ve got one gal who’s going through some of the first chapters and I’d be more than happy to add you to the Google Docs, if you’d like to of course!! Don’t feel obligated in anyway!!!!! *gasps super loudly* YOU’RE REAL NAME IS NOT JANE!!!!!! But…but…you’re Jane!!!! You can’t just go changing it up on me!! 😉 My double name was confusing enough. XD (Nah, I’m just messing with you. I had kind of wondered if that was your real name and all, which Penelope is still a BEAUTIFUL name too!!!!!!!) Well, can I still call you Jane? I mean, the name’s kind of stuck and all. XD

          IKR!!!!! It’d be just SUPER DEPRESSING!!! Though, if we never knew it we wouldn’t know that we were supposed to be depressed. XD

          • Jane

            I would LOVE to read some of Into The Lamp!!!!!!!!!!! When I read your comment last night, I practically smiled myself to sleep because I was so excited that you had asked!!
            I’m gonna stay Jane on here, don’t worry, I won’t make it all confusing for you. XD

            • Issabelle

              WHOOOOOO!!!!!! YESS!!!! I’d LOVE for you to as well!!!!!!! <33 Oh my goodness, girl, you're just the SWEETEST!!!! I shoulda asked you before now, I just always get worried that people would feel obligated to read my stories and not really wanna. You know! But I'm soooo happy for you to read it!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna go share the docs with you right now!!!!! I hope the story will live up to expectations!!
              Haha, okay!!!! That's good 'cause I got sooo used to Jane it'd be hard to change now!!!!! XD

        • Katherine

          Penelope is a GORGEOUS name!!!!!!!!!!! But I still like calling you Jane. Ok, please don’t find this weird but actually to myself I literally always call you “Jane, sweet sweet Jane” (that is literally how I do it). 🙂

            • Katherine

              You’re welcome!!! Yay, thank you!!!! I just got so use to calling you Jane it would be hard to change. But both names are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Awesome! Phew, that’s a relief ’cause I was really worried you would think I was weird. But it is true, though, that that is what I literally call you. Thank you!!!!! You truly are so sweet!!!!!<3<3<3

  • Maya Joelle

    Ooh, you did the linkup! *squeals* It was such fun to read about your MC. Keenum reminds me a little of my side character Matthias (because my book is also a taking-back-the-kingdom type story XD). And you *must* read LOTR/The Hobbit! The movies are awesome but they just can’t compare to the books 🙂

    • Issabelle

      Oooh, YEA I TOTALLY DID!!!!!! *jumping up and down, not caring that my family is giving me crazy looks* And it was SOO MUCH FUN!!!! You should do this again sometime!!! These things are SUPER FUN to participate in! Aww, THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! <33 Ooooh, that is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!! Matthias sounds like SUCH AN AWESOME character!!!!! (*gasp* THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! I LOVE those kinds of stories! They are always soo much fun to read about!! *high fives* YOU GO, GIRL!!!!) Actually, funny thing is one of the side characters in another novel I wrote is named Matthias so that's EVEN MORE COOL!!!!!! Aaah, IKR!!! I SOOO need to read them!! The books are always soo much better than the movies! *eyeing my TBR* Eventually, I have to read those books!!! I can't live without it!! It's killing me that I haven't yet!!! And now this just makes me wanna read it soo much more!!! 🙂 THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for reading and commenting!!!

  • Trixie

    Hi Issabelle!!! Gosh your posts never fail to make me smile!! Thanks!! I love the graphics for genie and Colin!! Keenum sounds cool, and I would love to here more about heir to his crown!! Ummmmm neither, I live a very embarrassing life! Ok well I am gonna go check out those songs!

    • Issabelle

      Hellloooo, Trixie!!!! *waves* OH MY GOODNESS, girl, THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!!! I’m sooo happy to hear that!!! You’re VERY welcome! YESS!!! They were soooo AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU!!! He’s been such a fun character to write about! WHOOOO!!!! YEAH!!! Then I’m TOTALLY gonna have to do some more posts on Heir to His Crown. Oooh, maybe I should interview him too!!! That’d be EPIC! LOL!!!! I feel ya there, sister!!!!! XD OK!! AWESOME!! I hope you like them!

  • Mary

    ISSABELLE. YOU FORGOT TO MENTION YOUR STORY IS BEING PUBLISHED??? *gasps super loudly* Okayokay it’s fine…*promptly showers you with chocolate and confetti and yells* CONGRATULATIONS!!
    Oooh, loved reading these questions!! Also, I got a few Sage vibes from reading your epic snippet at the end there 😝
    As always, LOVE your beautiful collages and hilarious GIFs!!!
    Also this strange *force* (pun totally intended) is pulling me to this adorable baby Yoda gif so I must stare at it for a while….

    • Issabelle

      MARY!!! IKR!!!! WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!! I’d be the very same person who would get my novel published and not tell anyone until a year later. (Actually, let’s hope that doesn’t happen. 😂) *gasps extra loudly* *grabs all the chocolate and happily eats away at them* THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! <33

      YEA!!!! I'm soooo HAPPY!!! LOL!!! I did too!! That last line just TOTALLY sounded like something Sage would say! I think I should probably take a break from reading that series before all my characters end up like Sage duplicates. XD 🤣🤣
      AWWw, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! YESS!!! I LOVE THOSE GIFS!!!!! <33
      Ooh, yes, I completely understand on that one. I'm feeling a strange force also pull me to that gif too. XDD *promptly goes to stare at it* 😜😆

      • Mary

        *gasps even more super loudly* WHAT, NO. You can’t NOT tell me when you get published 😱 You’ll have to tell me like the moment your book gets excepted so that I scream with you like a whole lot!!!

        Ahahaha so true 😂 Although if Keenum is the type of character to say stuff like that, it’s absolutely perfect 😆

        Now…I must go…the gif is pulling me away to go stare at it more…

        • Issabelle

          *gasps even more loudly for no reason except for the fact that I like gasping* XD AAHH you’re right! I can’t!! The thought is super shocking!!!!! XD LOL!!! Okay, I’m actually gonna seriously remember this if it ever happened!!! Oh, yea, TONS of screaming better happen if my book ever got accepted!!! (Mostly from my part. XD)

          IKR!! 😂 Keenum really only acts like that when he’s super irritated about something. XD Which YEA IS TOTALLY SUPER PERFECT!!!!!!!! I mean we need more Sage-like characters out there. (Though, really, no one could ever be as awesomely sassy as Sage. XD)

          LOL!! XD I really just wanna repeat the same thing but since I can’t I’ll just wave you off. *waving dramatically as Mary goes to go stare at the GIF*

          • Mary

            *gasps even more crazily and then chokes on air because I’ve been gasping too much* YES PLEASE DO REMEMBER. I’m reserving a scream-fest with you about it once it happens 😆 Aahhahha I just realized I spelt ‘accepted’ as ‘excepted’…I’m such a writer, am I not? 😂

            Oooooooh, awesomeness! YES, I AGREE. We need more Sage characters!! Honestly, I feel like if you wanted to you could pull of an epic Sage character. (So true, so true 😆)

            LOL ikr *just decides that I can’t keep repeating and continues to stare at Baby Yoda*

            (By the way, can’t believe I forgot to mention this, but I love Matthew West!! I added to my library ‘Broken Things’ and I’ve listened to it probably a bit too many times already 😆)

            • Issabelle

              *gasps at Mary’s gasping problems and then chokes on air from gasping too much* XD YESS!!!! YOU WILL BE ONE OF THE FIRST PEOPLE ON MY LIST TO TELL IF/WHEN IT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha, really?? 😆😆 Man, now this is even more reason to make sure Into the Lamp gets published!! We can’t let all of that screaming you’re saving go to waste. XD LOL!! I had actually noticed that but was like eh, I would’ve done the same thing and not catch it!!! Haha, yeah!! 😂😂

              YESS!!!! I SECOND THAT!!!! BRING ON MORE SAGE CHARACTERS!!!!!! Awww, really?? THANKS! I don’t know if I could ever do one as amazingly awesome as Sage but I’ve kind of always wanted to write a super sassy character like him!!! (SOOO TRUE!!! 😆)

              LOL!!! *doesn’t know what else to say and goes back to staring at Baby Yoda*

              (Ooooh, I can’t believe you forgot to mention it too!!!!! AWESOME!!!! I LOVE Matthew West a lot!!!! OOOooh, AWESOME!!!!! I’m soooo happy you like the song!!!! It’s one of my personal favorites!!!)

  • Em Elizabeth

    First off, CONGRATS ON GETTING PUBLISHED IN AN ANTHOLOGY!!! That’s amazing! Be sure to post when it’s available for purchase so we can all buy it!
    Second, both Keenum and his story sound very interesting, and the excerpt you included was really good, especially for a draft. It has a good amount of suspense, character voice, and the last line made me laugh. (Writing always wins extra points with me if it elicits an audible reaction.) I can’t wait to hear more on this story as it progresses.

    • Issabelle

      THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH, like a hundred trillion times over, girl!!!!!!! <33 Okay!!! I will ABSOLUTELY DO THAT!!!!!! (And that makes me EVEN MORE happy that you'd actually consider buying it. <33)
      YESS!!! I was hoping you'd think so!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I've been SUPER EXCITED to get to writing about Keenum!! His story is very close to my heart 'cause it's got a plot I've wanted to write for a year or so now and couldn't ever figure out how until he came in my head. And now I've just been soooooo happy to be working on it! Really? Aww, THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! YESS!!! AWESOME!!!!! Suspense and character voice are some of my favorite things to focus on in writing and I LOVE IT when I can get an audible reaction too!!!!!!!! YAY!!! That's AWESOME!!!! 'Cause I'm someone who will ramble without end about my stories if given the chance. XD

  • Ally M.J.

    Issabelle! Your characters! THEY SOUND SO AMAZINGLY AMAZING! And I love the graphics for Colin and Genie! *hands you a cake to reward you for your brilliance* HOW are you such an awesome writer, that’s what I want to know.
    This Prince Keenum guy…. he sounds like a legend. He actually sounds a lot like one of my characters, Chahee, (In this mini thing I’m doing for Lit.) only she’s a girl and not royalty. If you had to compare Keenum to a member of the Sage Squad, who would you choose? Congrats again on the contest win! I’m totally buying the anthology when it comes out!

    • Issabelle

      HHHHAAAAALLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!!! That’s PERFECTLY okay!!!!! Happy you made it!!!!
      Aww, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH LIKE A HUNDRED TRILLION TIMES OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33 This comment is just making my day!! I don't even know what to say to all of this!! THANK YOU!!!!! You're just THE BEST!!! IKR!! They were AMAZING!!! *gobbles down cake* YUM!! OH MY GOODNESS, GIRL!!!!! I don't know!! Personally, I'm not sure I'm as awesome as you think! Gurl...I just...ahh, THANK YOU!!! *hugs*

      Haha, yeah, he's pretty awesome if I do say so myself!! 🙂 Ooooh, really!! That's just THE COOLEST!!! And HOW do you come up with all of these AMAZING names for your characters!! Seriously! Teach me your skill!!! Oooh, that's a SUPER GOOD question. Hmm...I think he's a bit of a mix between Roden and Tobias. Like Roden he's skilled with a sword and lacks a lot of self-confidence but like Tobias he has more of a quiet nature! (Also, I'm TOTALLY LOVING the 'Sage Squad' name!! It's PERFECT!!! XD) Aww, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! Ooooh, AWESOME!!!! I hope you really like Fairly Impish!!!! Also, I feel really bad that I couldn't share Fairly Impish with you 'cause I REALLY TRULY wish that I could!!! I would've LOVED to hear your thoughts on it! So I was thinking would you be interested in reading Into the Lamp? I've got a couple of gals reading through some of the first few chapters and I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to share the google docs with you too!!! But don't feel pressure if you don't wanna! Just thought I'd ask!!!!!!!

      • Ally M.J.

        *hugs back* Aw, you’re the BEST!
        Of COURSE I’d like to read Into The Lamp!!! Feel free to share a few chapters whenever you want! *happy dancing*
        XD For character names I usually just mash together consonants and vowels and add letters wherever until I get what I want. Or I just get lazy and do couplet names, where its just the same letters twice. Like Xixi and Sheshe.

        • Issabelle

          <33 <33 <33
          WHOOOO!!!!! AWESOME!!! I'll go share some of the first few chapters with you right now!!!!! I hope you really like them!!!!!!!! <33 :)
          Ooooh, really?! That's just SUPER COOL!!!!!! I say random words until I get a name that sounds decent. XD Haha, well, I wouldn't have even noticed those were the same letters twice if you hadn't pointed it out!! They're still just some SUPER COOL NAMES!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!

    • Issabelle

      Aww, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! I REALLY like the Baby Yoda GIF as well!!! He’s sooooo CUTE!!!! 😍 Aww, THANK YOU!!!! I’m soooo happy to hear!!! <33 THANK YOU for reading and commenting!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    So, so, so, so, I was *finally* able to come back and read this and ohmygoodness!!! I loved getting to know Keenum and I LOVE that he’s a writer (I know you already told me, but still, that’s awesome.)! All your graphics were amazing! And I adore the graphics for Colin and Genie! ^_^ I would LOVE hearing more about Heir to His Crown! (The side-bar says you’re a little over half-way done, GO YOU!!! *waves pom-poms*) Oooh, hmmm, I would probably tell Keenum. (No offense, Colin. 😉 )

    • Issabelle

      Hahaha, YAAAAY!!!!!!! Aww, girl, I’m SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY to hear!!!!!! <33 YESS!!!! I LOVE that he's a writer too!!! I wasn't really expecting it. As I was planning a bit of his story out, I just kept seeing him writing and creating stories and I was like okay, dude, I guess you're a writer now. XD (Haha, that's totally okay! I'm just SOOOO EXCITED to know you think that!!! It means sooo much!!!! 🙂 ) THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! I literally made most of them in like an hour so it's not my best ones. YES!!! I LOOOOVE them sooo much!!! 😍 WHOOOOO!!!!!!! *dances* YEA!! (Awww, THANK YOU!!!!!! Most of what I've written is super cringy but I've just adore being in Keenum's head. It's been a bit refreshing actually 'cause sometimes Colin's a little hard to write about. XD) Hahaha SAME!!!!!! (LOL!! It's for the best, though. I wouldn't be telling Colin anything personal. 😉 )

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