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What About Christmas Spirit? – Guest Post with Grace from Vibrant for Jesus!

So, this is it, y’all. the SUPER TOP SECRET GUEST POST *gasp*!!!!!!!!!! Also known as TWN’S VERY FIRST GUEST POST ON OUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before we dive in, I just wanna give a quick intro to the AMAZING gal doing it!!! So, it all began on September 30, 2020, I comment for the first time on Vibrant for Jesus! Though, Grace, there, only liked my comment and didn’t reply (which I’m still a little bitter about XD πŸ˜‰ ). Anyway, fast forward many comments later and I’ve gotten to know this INCREDIBLE GAL with a strong heart for Jesus Christ!!!!!! It’s been AMAZING. Grace is just one of the sweetest people I know!!!!!!!! So, a few weeks back, I was talking with Katherine and Alana about how we needed a Christmas devotional post…and we were all clueless what to do. So, I asked Grace if she would be interested in doing one on TWN. I was SUPER nervous, ’cause I had never asked anyone before and didn’t know what she’d say. But she, as you can already tell, LOVED the idea (maybe a BIT exaggerated) and wrote up this BEAUTIFUL post!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, GRACE!!!!!!!! You’ve been a WONDERFUL friend to me!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! <33 Without further ado, THE POST! (Also, I wanna hear y’all’s thoughts on it in the comments on it.) (And, don’t forget to check out Grace’s AMAZING blog!!!!!!!!!!!)

Hello and Merry Christmas everyone! I feel so honored and privileged to be able to write this guest post for TWN! Thanks to the team for inviting me to do this! =)

I had a hard time thinking of what to write for this post. After all, there are thousands upon thousands of sermons, messages, books, poems, songs, blog posts…=) about the meaning of Christmas. I daresay that everyone reading this has probably heard them all. You are quite familiar with the message, Christmas isn’t about the gifts, the lights, the traditions, the food, even the family. Christmas is about Christ. Unfortunately, you (and me) have heard these messages so much we can tend to tune them out after a while. Maybe not purposely, but ever so gradually, we let other thoughts take preeminence in our hearts and minds and we forget about Jesus, the true reason for the season.

I have observed this year that there seems to be a lack of what some call “the good ole’ Christmas spirit.” I’ve recently been pondering this and the implications that go along with it. What is Christmas spirit, exactly? Why do people seem to be missing it this year? What’s the big deal about Christmas spirit anyway? How do we find Christmas spirit? I think I’ve hit upon the answer and I’ve decided to share it with you.

The world thinks of Christmas spirit as the happiness they get from the lights, snow, music, trees, gifts, family, friends, and sweet treats. But this year…. This year, things are different because we can’t have Christmas parties, getting gifts for everyone gets complicated with all the online stuff, and if we actually venture out to the store, they don’t always have the things you’d like, and even if they have what you want; do you have enough money? For some reason this year, the music doesn’t seem as cheery, the lights as bright, the laughter and joy almost nonexistent, and Zoom calls and Facetime have taken over the face-to-face contact we all used to take for granted. This year, Christmas (like the rest of 2020) is different.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, so don’t get all down on me. Because like I said earlier, what is the True Reason for Christmas? Jesus. And was He mentioned in the above paragraphs? Nope. My friends, no matter how much you think that the Christmas spirit is lacking, JESUS IS NOT! Jesus does not change, He is not different. His love is still great, His power incomprehensible, His grace is still amazing, and salvation is still available. Jesus didn’t change. And He’s not going to. And friends, let me let you in on a little secret, He is the Source of true joy and happiness. Not the lights or the snow, or the gifts, or even certain family members. Jesus is the ONLY Source of true joy.

So maybe, if you think you are lacking in Christmas Spirit this season, maybe, just maybe, you never had it at all. Maybe instead of true, Jesus Joy, you just had temporary happiness. Maybe, you were lacking the Christmas Joy that comes with knowing Christ and knowing Him personally, having a vibrant relationship with Him. Friends, if you have never experienced the true joy that comes with knowing Jesus, let me just give you a little advertisement. It’s the best! Ever. Not because you are happy all the time. No, that’s definitely not it. Not because you suddenly find yourself surrounded by good circumstances. No, that’s definitely not it either. True joy with Jesus is the best because you know He’s with you, you know He’s not gonna leave you, He’s gonna give you grace and peace in the sad and depressing and difficult. True Joy with Jesus is the best simply because He is the best.

So back to the original questions. What is Christmas spirit? The joy that comes with knowing Christ. Why do people seem to be missing it this year? Because their temporary happiness was taken away. What is the big deal about Christmas Spirit? Jesus is the big deal. And How do we find Christmas Spirit? By looking for Jesus.

Don’t forget Him, friends. Don’t forget Jesus.

Joyful with Jesus, Grace

Issabelle Perry is a proud Jesus follower, an extroverted writer, and a homeschool graduate. When she's not writing, you can find her reading, jamming to Skillet, studying history, hunting for Narnia in wardrobes, or envisioning herself wielding a magnificent sword (but due to her clumsiness, let’s hope that never happens). This self-proclaimed exclamation mark enthusiast can be found hanging out at Teen Writers’ Nook, a community of teen authors Issabelle co-founded in 2020. She is the author of Don't Let Me Go (Sky's the Limit Press 2024), May We Make Them Proud (2023), and a co-editor for two anthologies. What she’s probably doing right now is fangirling about her favorite books to random people or scanning the pantries for chocolate.


  • Trixie

    Yes. YES. YESSSSS!!!!! Jesus is never lacking in our hearts!!!! thank you so much for this post it is what I needed!!!!! I have to agree, Christmas just isn’t as jolly this year. Thank you so much for this!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to you and God Bless you too!!! <33 :))

  • Katherine

    What a WONDERFUL post, Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just what we needed to hear! Jesus is our everlasting joy!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for guest posting on TWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!πŸŽ„

  • Victoria

    Oh my goodness, this is too true!!! The world NEEDS this kind of reminder! Jesus really is everything and He’s the only one who can give us true joy in this season of trials. Thank you so much for sharing this, Grace!!! <333

  • Jane

    This was such an amazing post!!! I agree, Christmas just feels different this year, with not seeing family and friends, or getting to go shopping in person, and not being able to do some of the traditions that my family dose has really been taking away some of my Christmas spirit, but your post was just so uplifting, had some great points, and it’s always a good to remember what Christmas is really about. I’m so glad you did this guest post with TWN. Merry Christmas!! πŸ™‚ <33

  • A

    Grace, I loved when you said, “Jesus does not change, He is not different. His love is still great, His power incomprehensible, His grace is still amazing, and salvation is still available. Jesus didn’t change. And He’s not going to.”

    I wish I could figure out how to share those words with the world. Think of all the joy they could bring to someone. Those words could bring someone hope. Your post was amazing, Grace and I’m sure you have touched many lives. Keep on bringing hope to people.

    And Maggie, thank you for doing this guest post. You don’t know this but I’m sure you might have really given someone the courage they needed to keep going, just by this simple gesture. Thank you.

    You both have a Merry Christmas!

    • Maggie

      Aw, A, you’re soooo VERY welcome!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for reading and commenting!!!!!! I very much hope this AMAZING post from Grace will inspire someone. I know it did so for me!!!!!! You have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, too!!!!!! God bless you!!!!!! <33

    • Grace

      Praise the Lord for your willing to share heart! I know what it feels like to not have an outlet of inspiration, and learnings. You feel helpless and you want to reach someone. I will be praying for the Lord to show you HIS will. Feel free to contact me!

  • Em Elizabeth

    I love this! And I think I really needed to hear it too. Just because you remember something in your head doesn’t always mean that you remember it in your heart, so this was a nice little heart-reminder.
    I have to say, one thing that I’m really gonna miss this year during our COVID Christmas is my church’s Christmas Eve service. Specifically the part where they turn out the lights and give everyone a candle, and we all sing Silent Night. Ever since I was little, it’s always been a magic experience for me. It’s so soothing and gentle and there’s this feeling of unity in the congregation. I feel the energy of that night in the manger in those moments. I’m going to see if my mom and I can recreate that tradition at home. It definitely won’t be the same, but it will be something, and I’m sure it will, in its own way, carry the spirit of Christ’s birth.
    Merry Christmas to all of you, and stay safe!

    • Maggie

      Oh, YES!! Em Elizabeth, I’m TOTALLY with you on that one!! My church doesn’t actually do that, but my family a lot of the time will go to this other church that does the candlelight service. I’m sad to miss that, but I hope you and your mom can recreate some of it!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have an AMAZING ONE!!!!!!!! And I’m sooo happy you enjoyed Grace’s post!!!!!!! I agree, that I also needed this heart-reminder!!!!!!!!!! <33

    • Katherine

      I know what you mean, Em Elizabeth, I really the miss going to a candlelight service too! I always loved going to it on Christmas Eve! That is so cool that you and your mom might recreated it!!! Merry Christmas!!!!πŸŽ„

  • Joy Caroline

    I loved this post! The message was so great. Thank you, Maggie and Grace!
    I feel like the world tries so hard to blot Christ out of everything, even CHRISTmas. I’ve heard that some people want to call it “the holidays” instead of Advent, and others want Christmas to become Xmas so Christ can be completely out of the picture. This devotional reminded me that no matter how the world sees things, or no matter how hard they try, they can NEVER take the little baby from our nativity scenes.
    I also loved the thought on not having the Christmas spirit because our temporary happiness has been taken away, and how we SHOULD NEVER let that happen! It reminded me of an old song called “Romans 8:28” that my father sang back when he was in a men’s chorus. I always liked the lyric that said, “Now Satan may have taken away my happiness, but he can’t take away my joy.”
    All this rambling to say, BEAUTIFUL DEVOTIONAL! Thanks for getting Grace on here, Maggie!

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