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Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all had a merry Christmas!!!!!!! So here I am doing my FIRST EVER tag – THE BLOGMAS TAG! The wonderful Addie from Shining Star tagged me for this tag! Thank you very much, Addie, for tagging me!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙂 Addie also made an image for the tag:

Addie, this is a gorgeous image!!!!! Thank you so much for letting me use it!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the rules:

  1.  Thank the person who tagged you and link to their post.
  2.  Put the rules after the introduction.
  3.  Answer the 12 questions.
  4.  Tag 12 people to do the tag.
  5.  Create all new questions of your own to ask the people you tag.

Addie’s questions:

#1. What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

Spending time with family.

#2. Is Christmas your favorite holiday? Why/why not?

Yes and it is tied with Easter! Christmas is the time when we celebrate Jesus’ birth and the fact that God sent His Son for us. He didn’t have to. We certainly don’t deserve it. But He chose to anyway. I don’t think that I could ever thank God enough for what He has given to us, to humanity.

#3. What’s your favorite Christmas-related food?

Easy – peppermint bark! I have a really easy recipe and I make it just about every year.

#4. What’s your favorite thing to do during the Christmas season?

Pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

#5. In what way do you think Christmas is an important holiday?

At Christmas we remember God’s greatest gift to us and because of that we give to others. Giving to others doesn’t have to be big and extravagant. It can be simple as sending a card or helping someone with their groceries.

#6. What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

We have some pretty unique traditions in my family and I LOVE them all!!!!!! But I think I’m gonna put here the Family Style Lord’s Supper that we do at our church (though we didn’t get to do it this year). Basically, at the time we sign up for, just our family and the pastor does the Lord’s Supper and there is a chair at the head of the table for Jesus. The room is usually dark but a light is placed at the foot Jesus’s chair so that it illuminates Jesus’ chair.

#7. What’s your favorite Christmas song/carol?

“Mary Did You Know” 

#8. What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

I put on my wishlist the book Barefoot Memories by Taylor Bennett and I got it for Christmas!!! It’s the third book in Bennett’s Tradewinds series. I got the first two books back in the summer but held off reading them until I got book 3. Now that I have all of them I can’t wait to read them! 😀 If you want to learn more about this series, I’m including a link here that is straight from the author’s webpage. You might find this interesting but Taylor Bennett actually published her first novel at the age of seventeen!!!

#9. What is your favorite Christmas memory?

I don’t think I have a favorite. But I do like the time we had an indoor snowball fight. That was fun!!!!

#10. What do you like better- singing Christmas songs or wrapping gifts? XD

Hmm . . . I enjoy both but I think I’m going to choose singing! I like singing for the fun of it!😉

#11. What do you dislike about Christmas? (If anything)

Hmm . . . probably how selfish some people can get.

#12. What’s your favorite Christmas decoration?

Nativity scenes and also my mom’s mini snowmen collection.


I am tagging anyone who wants to do it. The Christmas spirit remains alive all year long. So, if you want to do this tag even though we past Christmas, I say GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so for my questions, I’m gonna say that you can answer the questions above. They were fantabulous questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A quick note: I updated my about on the “About” page to say what book I am currently reading in if you guys are interested in knowing that.



  • Ally M.J.

    Awesome tag, Addie, and awesome answers Katherine! ‘Mary Did You Know’ is also my favorite Christmas song, which version is the best for you? I like Danny Gokey’s.
    *gasp* I LOVE OCC TOOOOOOOO!! Me and my family usually only do two boxes a year, one for a boy and one for a girl, but then I did one more this year. It’s always fun. Definitely a highlight.
    Oh, the Lords Supper sounds SO COOL. We don’t do anything like that at my church, unless you count our open communion. But at all (of our seven 😱) Christmas Eve services, we have a worship session at the beginning and at the end, during some more singing, we light candles and it’s fun and it smells good.
    (Note: Does anyone else have the tradition of really weird candy bars in the hanging, probably fire-hazardous socks? This year I got bacon-and-potato-chip enfused milk chocolate. I’m too scared to try it.)

    • Katherine

      HEELLLLLLOOOOOOOO to you too, Ally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁
      The tag was really fun! Thank you!!! I’m glad you think so!!!! COOL!!!!!!!! I like Danny Gokey’s version the BEST too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      AWESOME!!!!!!! *high fives* OCC is truly incredible!!! That is so cool!!!!! I use to pack one box a year. Then the church I started going to had a shoebox packing party where we collected items for the boxes then on the day we pack them as a church we ate pizza and packed as many boxes as possible, then the pastor would pray over the boxes. You’re RIGHT – it’s always so much fun and a highlight!!!!!!!!!!
      THANK YOU!!!!!!! Open communion definitely counts! Wow – seven Christmas Eve services?!! I bet they are amazing though!!!!! That sounds so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been to a Christmas Eve service where we lit candles at the end. It’s so beautiful! Yes, the candles always smell so good!!🙂 Thank you! Merry late Christmas to you too and happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      (I don’t have a tradition like that, but it sounds really cool (except for the socks being fire-hazardous😉 XD)!!!!! Wow – that chocolate sounds like it my be interesting. I would be too scared to try it too, but if you do try it let me know if it tastes any good.)

    • Issabelle

      MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS, ALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! And Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!! (Wow, cool tradition!! I don’t have one like that, but you should TOTALLY try it!!!!! XD Actually, if you do, let me know how it tastes. 😉

  • Joy Caroline

    I hope you guys had a great Christmas! I like what you said, Katherine, about Christmas being tied to Easter. I have always thought of Easter as more significant because if Jesus didn’t resurrect, his birth and death would mean nothing, but I guess it’s true that without the birth you can’t have the resurrection! And your Christmas tradition sounds soooo beautiful. I think it’s great of your pastor to do that for everyone. I hope you get to do it next year!

    • Katherine

      Thank you!!!! Yes, I had a great Christmas!!!!!!!! I hope you did as well!!!!!!!!!🙂🙂 Thank you very much!!!!!!!<3 So true!!!! For the birth to have taken place it must have been important, otherwise, Jesus would have just came straight down to earth, died on the cross, and resurrected without having to spend years growing up (I hope I'm making sense). THANK YOU!!!!!!!! It is a pretty amazing experience!!!!!! Yes, it is great of him to do it! Me too!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Addie H

    Hey, Katherine!!! Thanks for doing the tag!! I loved reading your answers, and I agree with them!! Congratulations on your first award, and you’re welcome!!!
    Have an amazing day!!!


    • Katherine

      Hiya, Addie!!!!!! You’re welcome and thank you so much for tagging me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had fun doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀 Yay, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! I’m happy to hear that! 🙂 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! *takes a dramatic bow*

      Thank you and you have an amazing day as well!!!!

  • Jane

    Amazing tag Kathrine!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed reading Addie’s questions and your answers!! I’ve only had peppermint bark a few times but its delicious!! Good choice. 🙂
    I’m so excited that you finally get to the read The Captive Kingdom!!!!!! What do you think of it so far? 🙂

    • Katherine

      THANK YOU SO MUCH, JANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! I had fun answering the questions!!! I know, right?! Peppermint bark is sooo good!!!!! Thank you!🙂
      YAY!!!! I’m so excited too!!!!!!! I was actually in the middle of The Princess Companion by Melanie Cellier, but when I got The Captive Kingdom for Christmas I knew I couldn’t wait any longer to read it! Thank you for asking!!!!! Currently, I’m on Chapter 9 and I AM SO HOOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sage(😉) is so sassy – I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!😃😃😃

  • Victoria

    AAHHHH!!! This is such a cool tag! I LOVED your answers!!!!! Mary Did You Know is my favorite Christmas song too! (I also really like God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen!) 😀 Thanks for sharing!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Katherine

      Aw, THANK YOU SO MUCH, VICTORIA!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was a cool tag too and I am very happy I got to do it!!! COOL!!!!!!!! I really like God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen too!!!🙂 You’re welcome and thank you for reading!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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