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Two Days Until The Captive Kingdom’s Release

Spoilers ahead. Read The Shadow Throne first.

I let my arm holding the torch slack a little. “This is getting heavy, so I can’t allow you much time to decide whether to live or die. How about I count back from five?”
And my countdown began. At five, nearly half of Mendenwal instantly dropped their weapons and fell to their knees. By three, the clanging of swords to the ground was audible. But at the final count, I still saw far too many defiant men, preferring to die on their feet than surrender to a boy king. 
I respected that – truly I did – but I could not tolerate it. This battle had to end.

(That comes from The Shadow Throne by Jennifer A. Nielsen.)

Yeah, I thought it might be fun to add that scene since Jaron was doing his own kind of countdown. You could think of it as you are Mendenwal deciding if you should read the The Captive Kingdom or not and Jaron is convincing you. I have a feeling he would do it like in the quote above. Would you be the group that gave in instantly or the one who put up a fight until the end? (You can answer in the comments.) I would be the first group. (Also if you missed Friday’s post see it here. It was one of my favorites, so you don’t want to miss it.)

So, it’s two days until The Captive Kingdom is released!!!! Sorry, I missed my post yesterday. I had a lot of writing to catch up on. I might share some of what I’m working on if you’d like. (Let me know in the comments if you want to see some of my writings.) But today will be extra fun since I’m combining what was suppose to happen yesterday and today all in ONE POST!!!!!! Bring on the Jaron-fun. *You know, that should be a term we use* 

So, we’ve had a post themed on The False Prince, one on The Runaway King, and one on Imogen. 







Just kidding! Today’s post will be on Amarinda (which was the one for Saturday) and The Shadow Throne. This post might be a little long, just note.

So, my fourth favorite character is Amarinda. She’s just so amazing. And I think she gets overlooked A LOT. Really, Imogen’s always taking the spotlight. Well, today I give the spotlight onto Amarinda. She’s stronger than she’s ever given credit for, braver than you think, and smarter than we know. And Tobias and her are just the cutest couple. Which brings me to my third favorite character. TOBIAS!!!!!!! I love how he’s always there for Jaron and is soooo loyal to him. He’s come a long way since The False Prince. (I can’t wait to see Tobias in The Captive Kingdom.) And you know I think he’s one of the strongest characters. Maybe he doesn’t have physical strength but he has a much stronger strength. He is strong friends with Jaron, even though Jaron always picks on him. That doesn’t stop him from fighting for his friend. And his loyalty goes really deep.

A moment I love with Tobias…

“The darkest day of my life was when they told us you were dead. Please believe that, Jaron.”
“I do.”


“What can we do?”
“Back in Avenia’s camp you asked if I was broken.” I took a deep breath, in full recollection of how near I had come to my own end. “I was. But I am healing and I am ready to fight this war. Help me win, Tobias. Vargan must be stopped.”

Now, here’s some fan art I did on Amarinda.

Now we’re going into the second mood board for today!

Okay, all we have left is a meme and trivia!! I know this post is running a little longer than normal, but bear with me. We’re almost to the end.

 You're stuck. There's a group of your enemy's soldiers in front of you and a steep cliff behind you. What do you do?
Tobias: Try to negotiate with them. I'm sure we could work to an agreement.
Fink: Pretend to cry. That should get you somewhere.
Roden: Fight through the army to the other side.
Jaron: *shrugs* Jump off the cliff.

In my head, Jaron’s saying it like it’s the most obvious choice. Like we all should’ve thought of it.


Answers to Friday’s trivia:

#1. servant braid

#2. “and I won’t bow to a fraud”

#3. A.

Today’s trivia!

#1. Which three of Jaron’s friends did he see in the Avenian camp?

#2. Finish the sentence: “Who did you think you were, to stand up to someone like me?” 

                                            I remained facing forward while I said, “I am Jaron, the Ascendant King of Carthya. …”

#3. Multiple choice: How was Amarinda related to the King of Bymar?

             A. she was his daughter

             B. her parents were close friends to the king

             C. she was his niece

             D. none of the above

Remember The Captive Kingdom is released Oct. 6, 2020. That’s this Tuesday. It’s the long-awaited, much-desired return to the world of The False Prince. You don’t want to miss this!!

“Uncover the past…defend the future.”

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