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“Fairly Impish” featured in Owl Hollow Press’ 2021 Change the World: All-Teen Anthology

My short story is published in the Change the World: All-Teen Anthology which you can purchase here on Amazon.

What do you do when the odds come against you?

Aria has been called many things but never hero. When a mysterious boy who had invaded her past dreams appears out of nowhere and asks for her help to save his kingdom, she is uncertain how she, of all people, could save the day. But wouldn’t it be nice to play hero just once? A journey filled with hidden secrets, unknown answers, and mysterious magic awaits Aria. She has to be able to look past her flaws and find the courage to do the right thing in this YA fantasy short story!

Credit: Cover designed by Grace A. Johnson


YA fairytale retellings

Into the Lamp Series

Book one cover designed by Grace A. Johnson

Status: querying book one and briefly plotting book two with plans to begin writing soon.

A boy. A genie. Three chances to change his life.

At sixteen, Colin Carlson is tired of his dull life and ready for something thrilling. However, when one lives in a town not on any map, the likelihood of escaping the repetitive tone of reality isn’t very high. But what if there was more to his world? What if–just maybe–magic existed somewhere out there?

Of course, Colin isn’t one to fantasize in the impossible. That is, not until a mysterious man appears one day and drags Colin to a cave in search of a valuable treasure. The prize? A lamp that supposedly holds a powerful genie.

When Colin refuses to cooperate, he ends up trapped in the cave, discovering a genie really was inside that lamp. A teenage girl genie, who claims he gets three wishes. Could this be his chance to impress the girl he’s crushed on for years? Except nothing goes as planned, and Colin soon learns of a war brewing in a world beyond his. He has only four weeks to fix his life, get the girl of his dreams, and avoid becoming entangled in a war between two worlds. The only problem is that Colin forgot one thing: nothing is easy when genies are involved.  

Check out the official site for Into the Lamp here! And if you want to learn more check out my blog posts about it right here!

What Lay Beyond the Woods Duology

Status: currently writing book one at almost 10,000 words into it

Why would a thief be a hero?

The true tale about Robin Hood has never been told…until now. Robyn Hood spends her days hunting the king’s deer in the depths of Sherwood Forest, avoiding the Sheriff of Nottingham’s guards, and occasionally stealing a few coins from arrogant nobles to help feed the poor. As long as she can rest in the greenwood and eat a fine meal, what more could a girl want? 

But things aren’t as peaceful in the rest of merry England. Robyn soon learns this when she uncovers a treasonous plan to assassinate King Henry is in the making. She could go to the king and warn him of this plan, but who would believe a bold outlaw such as herself? If Robyn wants her beloved country not to shatter to pieces, she must take the task of stopping this plan upon herself. Robyn’s used to adventurous doings but this time the stakes are higher and her enemies, unknowable. Even she can’t foresee what’s around the next bend in the journey ahead. 

In Pursuit of Hope

Status: book paused to work on other projects.

When midnight strikes, nothing stays the same…

Issabelle Perry returns to her fairytale retellings with a story about family, hope, and the risk one girl is willing to take to find her freedom. All in this action-packed contemporary Cinderella retelling sure to leave you craving for more.








YA fantasy

Heir to His Crown Trilogy

Status: Finished book one at a little over 87K words; beta readers currently reading it through September/October.

Cover designed by Grace A. Johnson

A fight for the crown suddenly became a fight for his life.

At the age of seven, Prince Keenum’s country Cedulnia was overthrown and his father was killed. Keenum witnessed his country fall subject to Valdork, a tyrannical ruler, and Keenum became a prisoner within his own kingdom. Now, nine years later, Keenum is given a chance to reclaim his father’s crown. But he must blindly trust strangers and learn secrets that will forever change the way he views his closest friends and the people of his country. 

When Keenum joins the kingdom’s most infamous rebel group, he takes the task of journeying to foreign lands beyond Cedulnia and gathering weapons for a war the leader of the rebel group is planning. However, this simple quest is not as easy as Keenum anticipated with Valdork’s guards hunting him, betrayers lurking among the rebel group, dangerous magical daggers, a mysterious girl who threatens to steal his heart, and his own past haunting his every step. In the end, Cedulnia’s crown can only have one successor, and everyone, including Prince Keenum, will fight to the death. 

You can read my blog posts about Heir to His Crown here

Forbidden Series

















Status: briefly plotting book one with plans to begin writing soon

Magic is forbidden in my country… 

Cascade has grown up her whole life learning to fear the government and stay away from those marked as “The Forbidden,” people who have the ability to use magic. But a week after her sixteenth birthday when government officials arrive at her house and claim she is one of those born with the curse of magic, she is immediately taken away from her home, family, and the only life she has ever known. What lies ahead, Cascade is uncertain of. All those before her titled as a Forbidden have only been known to mysteriously disappear.

However, there is more to the story than what anyone believes. The younger ones cursed with magic are taken to a remote mansion and trained to use their magic. Cascade isn’t certain why, and even the headmaster of the “school” seems to have his own questionable motives. All Cascade desires is to go home, but if she doesn’t pass the test and do as instructed, she could be killed. With her newfound magic, mysterious roommates, deadly questions arising, and the truth of a long-forgotten past being uncovered, she has to play her moves carefully and right the horrible wrong done to The Forbidden. In the end, will magic be enough?

Where Sea Meets Sky

Status: writing book one at 1,000 words into it; project not priority

A compass, a map, and a legend are his only hope.

Rider Weston lives in the renowned Kingdom of Elvurdal, but not as a prince or noble. The son of a poor farmer, Rider spends most of his days working whatever jobs he can acquire. but the Kingdom of Elvurdal is not as wealthy as most believe and jobs and money are hard to come by these days, especially with pirates and thieves running around. The only problem is Rider’s sister has grown very sick and without the proper medical attention, Rider and his father are certain she will die. 

But bigger problems arise when Rider is caught by the King’s Guards for stealing and thrown in the dungeons. However, the king’s son gives Rider a choice: if he sails with the king’s son and helps the prince acquire a certain lost treasure, then Rider walk free. Instead, Rider exchanges his freedom for the king to provide whatever medical needs his sister has before agreeing to join the prince’s quest. The seas are a dangerous place to sail these days, but Rider’s only concern is to return with the prince’s prize as soon as possible if he wants to save his sister. 

YA Contemporary Christian Clean Romance

In Healing Hands

Status: Currently writing at almost 35,000 words. Aiming to have first draft completed by the end of September.

The only thing that hurts worse than breaking… is healing.

SUMMARY REVEALED SOON!!! Keep an eye out on TWN (or follow us via email) so you don’t miss out on all upcoming announcements for this new story!

Credit: Graphic made by Jane!


  • Lrose5

    Hey!! Heir to His Crown sounds really good!! (all of them do!!) Is it kinda like False Prince? (u’ve read that right?) have a wonderful day!!!!

    • Issabelle

      Heya, girl! Aww, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! I’m SOO HAPPY to hear you think that. That means a lot to me, girl! 😊 Yes, it kinda is!!!!!! I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s exactly like The False Prince, but I did get a TON of inspiration from that series!!!! And it’s definitely got fantasy world/royalty/medieval/snarky characters in it, like TFP. Okay, I must admit, all of my stories have at least something in it that was inspired by The False Prince, but that book series is just soooo good!!!!! (Yes, I have!! It is my FAVORITE series EVERRRR!!!!!! Hehehe #ObsessedFanOverHere XDD) THANK YOU!!!!! You too, girl!! (And THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for commenting!!! <333 This just made me soo happy!)

    • Issabelle

      Awww, Corrie, this just MADE MY DAY!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! It just means BEYOND words when I hear that someone wants to read my stories!! THANK YOU, girl!!!!!! Aww, well, I shall try my hardest to write them and as quickly as possible so you can read them. 🙂 EEEEKKK!!! YESSS!!!! Ikr!! I’m just jumping up and down with excitement!!!! It’s almost hereeeeeee!

      • Corrie.S.P.

        I really like stories that are a re-telling of others! I always can’t wait to find out how the author changes it up! Have you read the Land of stories?! I loove that series oh sooo much!

        • Issabelle

          AAaaaah, YESSS!!!! Ikr!! Those are SO MUCH fun to read!!! Oh, yes, I TOTALLY agree! It’s always soo awesome to see how each brings his/her own unique touch to a retelling. Actually, right now I’m in the middle of a contemporary retelling of Cinderella and it has been SO GOOD so far!!!! Oooh, I haven’t read the Land of Stories yet, but Katherine has and she’s told me how much she liked it!!!!! Aaaah, that’s SO cool!!! I will have to get to it sometime then!!!! 🙂

  • Alexa

    Did I ever tell you that I loved Fairly Impish??!! I think it is AMAZING that you are published and I have your writing sitting on my bookshelf right this moment! And what is even cooler is that when you are a published author, I’m going to have more books sitting on my bookshelf from you, Katherine, and Alana! I can not wait to hear more from Into the Lamp and your other stories! And from what I’ve read, What Lay Beyond the Woods is amazing too! The Forbidden Series look EPIC!! And AHH, I can not stop obsessing over the Rizechsen cover! You are an astonishing writer!!

    • Issabelle

      Awww, girl, you actually didn’t. THAT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME that you loved it!!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! Girl, really? Like that makes me sooo happy I don’t even know what to say. YESSS!!!! I’ve honestly still been over the moon about it being published and it’s like what, three months later? XD D’awwww, girl, you’re just the SWEETEST!!!! THIS MEANS THE WORLD TO ME!!!!!! And I’m gonna have ALL of your books sitting on my bookshelf. Actually, scratch that. I’ll probably have it on my desk, since that’s where I keep my favorite books!!!! 🙂 YAAAY!!!! Girl, I am SO happy to hear that!!!!!! You might be hearing some more about Into the Lamp soon. 😉 Eeeeekk, girl, I honestly felt like What Lay Beyond the Woods wasn’t my best work, so THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR SAYING THAT!!!!!!!!! Aaahhhhaaaa, yes, I’ve got some pretty awesome ideas for my Forbidden novel. Girl, you and me BOTH!!!!! I ADORED how my Rizechsen cover turned out!!!! Now I just have to write it. XD D’awwww, A HUNDRED MILLION THANK YOUS, ALEXA!!!!!! You’re a FANTABULOUS writer, too!!!! *high fives*

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