How to Handle Criticism, Feedback, Rejection, and Negative Book Reviews.

What’s up TWNers? It’s taken me long enough but I have FINALLY arrived with a new writing tip post!! 

So the dreaded rejection. It’s pretty much inevitable in the writing career. 

Yeah. I know pretty sad.

In the past two years of on-and-off querying, it’d be a lie to say I haven’t faced it myself. But I guess that is the one way all authors can relate. We’ve ALL been there. Whether you’re a published author, trying to publish, or are just starting out writing, you will in some way eventually face this. (And probably sooner than later.) It doesn’t always come in the same form. For authors trying to traditionally publish, you might face this more in rejections from literary agents and publishing companies. For indie authors, this could be in the form of rejection from readers, such as in a negative one-star review on GoodReads. If you’re a new author, it could be rejection from friends or family. Let’s be honest. The real world ain’t easy on us authors, and often times, it’s SUPER easy to let this rejection get the best of you. But you don’t have to let it beat you up. Today’s post I’m going to be breaking down the best tips to handle what I think are the three biggest forms you are most likely to face in rejection. 

Constructive Criticism/Feedback

This one is very likely to be the first form of rejection you’ll face. I’m sure a lot of us are SUPER open to feedback. We recognize that our stories aren’t perfect and want help from others. Whether that’s from a beta reader, trusted friend, editor, etc., authors understand how important it is to have someone else look over your writing and give their honest opinion. But even while we are asking for this feedback and really do want it, sometimes it’s hard, especially the first time, to take it. It’s typically an eye-opening moment where you realize, hey, my story needs work. I mean, it could just be me, but I remember the first time I had betas and truly had someone be honest about my writing and what I needed to improve on. It wasn’t easy, not in the slightest. And I think first being honest that constructive criticism isn’t always easy to handle, is a good step. However, it DOES get easier the more you take feedback. I just finished having a lot of betas on a project of mine where I got a TON of awesome advice and have really felt my writing improve that much more, and it was nowhere near as hard as it was that first time. 

The first thing you can do, is make sure you’re getting feedback from the right people. Let’s say you just completed this epic fantasy novel and are getting some beta readers. You have one reader who is constantly telling you his/her opinion on a lot of the novel’s best parts. Maybe this reader is saying that you’re novel having magic or dragons or is set in a made up world is WAY to unrealistic for a reader to handle and you should just cut it out and put it in a small-town America setting where they eat hot dogs, ride horses, and show an undying love for the word “y’all”. You are, of course, immediately hurt and saddened by this, because you want to be able to take the feedback you’ve been given but doing so would mean to completely change your novel. 

Was this advice wrong? Not exactly, but it IS wrong for the book’s genre. While, yes, if you’re writing a sweet contemporary novel that has dragons and fantasy elements, this beta would be spot on that you should consider changing it, but for your epic fantasy novel, this advice won’t work. That’s what makes your novel exciting! And that’s why it’s important to make sure you’re getting feedback from the right kind of beta readers. Hence why I see a LOT of beta reader sign-up forms ask what your favorite genre, author, and/or book is. That’s just something to keep in mind that will prevent getting the wrong kind of feedback, that can be really damaging. 

(If you more advice on getting beta readers and what to and what not to look for in one, lemme know in the comments below, and I’ll see about doing a post on it!!!)

Now you’ve got your beta team assembled. Maybe you’ve been excited about this novel and have such high hopes for it, but when the feedback starts rolling in (the good kind that you need to take) you find that excitement diminish. You find the pain stabbing deep. And all you want to do is curl up with your favorite book, eat some chocolate, and cry. Okay maybe not to THAT extreme, but you get the point. 

Something to remember is not to take it personal, because it’s not an attack on you or your writing. It’s a simple nudge to help you get where you wanna be, and this will help you improve as a writer. My biggest advice for handling this is when you get the feedback to not go and immediately edit. You might find yourself ignoring more suggestions than accepting them, because maybe the pain is too much. I’ve found that when I first get feedback and my initial response is to defend myself but then when I take a step back and return to the story with fresh eyes and look again at what a beta was trying to explain, I realize just HOW right he/she was that this needed to be changed. But also remember, that it’s okay not to take every piece of feedback you get because you know what’s best for your story. But as long as you have good betas, you’ll probably find yourself taking about 95% of suggestions!!!! I know how hard editing is and realizing how far your story has to go, but hang in there because you’ll look back one day and be grateful to all those who have helped you improve. 


If you plan on going the traditional publishing route, you will face rejection from agents, publishers, etc. But having a more positive outlook can drastically alter how crushing this rejection can be. The first thing to keep in mind that not all rejection has to do with the quality of the story itself. 

Yup, it’s true. In fact, a lot of rejection is for subjective reasons. You may have a super awesomely wonderful story, but it just wasn’t that specific agent’s personal taste. While it may still hurt, this rejection is actually for the best. Think about it, wouldn’t you want your story in the hands of someone who absolutely adored and would champion for it? Another thing to remember is that this is all part of the process. Instead of viewing rejection as what’s keeping you from your publishing goal, view it as taking the next step toward it. Take it from someone with a ton of experience, just this minor outlook really does make the rejection sting less. Of course, it’s going to sting either way, and that’s okay, but changing your outlook on it makes it easier to move on from that rejection and keep submitting! (Also, as a side note, on the occasion that you get a reason for the rejection, such as maybe the plot was too weak or the main character wasn’t well-developed, take a moment to step away from the rejection and story. And then return with open eyes and you might find that the agent was right!)

Finally, whatever you do, don’t take rejection personal. Because it’s not! It has nothing to do with you as a person, but for whatever reason this specific agent or publisher just wasn’t in love with your story, and that’s okay. It’s actually good to understand that not everyone will adore your story because when the time comes to put it into readers’ hands, you might find yourself realizing this hard truth. But you’re stronger than this rejection, so don’t let it keep you down! Get up, move forward, and never stop writing!

Negative Book Reviews

Hate to sound so blunt and negative but if you plan on publishing, it doesn’t matter how much you edit and work on perfecting your story, there will always be someone who doesn’t like it. That’s a hard truth to swallow, I know. But like with any form of art, there is always going to be a critic. Like with rejection, it’s important to remember that negative book reviews are always subjective reasons. Think about it. There might be a book your friend absolutely ADORES but you’re just like, meh. What’s wrong with the book? Nothing. It’s just your taste varies from your friend’s. And while with rejection you’ll find that not all rejection is for subjective reasons, it’s safe to say that 99.9% of the time a negative book review IS subjective reasons. I heard someone say this once, and I think it’s a great mindset to keep. You take feedback on your book up until publication. At that point, it’s over. Your book is out in the world and if anyone tries to tell you another way you should’ve wrote it, you don’t need to listen. 

(Though there are exceptions to this rule. I know some self-published authors who do take feedback on their books after publishing because they plan to rewrite or they want to improve their craft. But outside of those instances, you just don’t listen to the negative book reviews.)

In fact, if you’re worried about not being able to handle a negative book review, there IS an easy way out. Simply just don’t read them. I know plenty of authors who say that they don’t read the reviews. Some only choose read the five and four stars and some choose not to read any. And, y’all, that really is okay. If someone’s trashing your book in a one-star GoodReads review, you don’t need to offer them any of your attention. 

In the end, do what you can best handle. You can’t please everyone and some people are just critical reviewers. Even if you had changed what they thought should’ve been changed, they will still find something wrong. If you’re a Christian, you write for an audience of One, and if you’re not, remember that there will always be SOMEONE who loves your book, and that’s who you write for!!!

In Conclusion:

Rejection is inevitable in the writing career, but don’t let it beat you up. Every author has to face it, so you’re not alone in your struggles. Just focus on why you’re writing, who you’re writing for, and keep persevering, no matter how hard! Someone out there will champion and love your story. Someone out there will think of you as their favorite author one day. And those are the readers who make struggling with rejection worth it. 

Until the next post.

Stay bold, keep strong, and journey onward,

Issabelle Perry

Issabelle Perry is a proud Jesus follower, an extroverted writer, and a homeschool graduate. When she's not writing, you can find her reading, jamming to Skillet, studying history, hunting for Narnia in wardrobes, or envisioning herself wielding a magnificent sword (but due to her clumsiness, let’s hope that never happens). This self-proclaimed exclamation mark enthusiast can be found hanging out at Teen Writers’ Nook, a community of teen authors Issabelle co-founded in 2020. She is the author of Don't Let Me Go (Sky's the Limit Press 2024), May We Make Them Proud (2023), and a co-editor for two anthologies. What she’s probably doing right now is fangirling about her favorite books to random people or scanning the pantries for chocolate.


  • Amelia

    Oof, yes, thank you for this post!! Definitely will keep this handy! The curling up with a book and eating chocolate…LOL!! I can’t really eat chocolate if I’m crying…Hm…That would result in potential choking. XD

    • Issabelle Perry

      Girl, you are SO welcome!! Thank YOU for reading!! Aaaah YESS!!!!! That makes me so happy to hear that!!!! Hehehehehe, well, those are the two of the most important things in life. XD Books and chocolate. LOL! Girl, you just made me crack up. I honestly didn’t think of that but you’re right. We should probably save the chocolate for AFTER the crying. XDDD

      THANK YOU SO SO SOOOO MUCH for stopping by Teen Writers’ Nook!!!!!!

  • Corrie.S.P

    Hey! Glad to hear from you! And with such a helpful post! I agree with the feedback thing, romance writers would not get the best review from me. But that is me. Lots of people like that genre!

    • Issabelle Perry

      Awww THANK YOU SO MUCH, Corrie!!!! YESSS!!!! I am very happy to hear it was helpful!!! YES YES YES!!! You’re spot on; that is exactly right!! If someone doesn’t like romance they’re highly likely to not enjoy a contemporary romance novel!!! I should’ve used you as an example in my post. XD

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by!!!!

  • Rose Q. Addams

    Thanks, Issabelle!
    I just heard back on three stories and was rather down about the comments they left.
    One was absolutely subjective, but the other two were clarity/repetitive issues, I think, and I’m re-tweaking them with hopes for the best later.

    And it’s really good to hear that you’re still working hard toward your goal, despite the ups-and-downs getting thrown at you. Best of luck on… (checks sidebar) Heir to Her Throne and any other books in the works! 🙂

    • Issabelle Perry

      You’re SO welcome, Rose!!!!!
      Aww, I am SUPER sorry to hear that. *hugs and offers chocolate* I can definitely say that I’ve been there and know from experience how not-so-fun that is. Oooo I wish you the best of luck as you work on re-tweaking and such. YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!

      D’awwww, girl, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it!!! I guess these rejection things can only make us stronger as authors! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That just means a lot to me!!!!

      THANK YOU for reading and commenting!! <3333

  • Saraina Whitney

    AWESOME post!!! It’s so relieving to realize that every book is going to be disliked by someone, no matter how incredible it is. Lol I feel pretty prepared right now to get bad reviews when I publish, but I’m sure it’ll be a different story when it actually happens. XD

    • Issabelle Perry

      AAAH THANK YOU SO MUCH SARAINA!!!!!!!!! Girl, I know it! VERY relieving. Makes me not worry so much about striving for perfection. But honestly, it’s like what someone had told me once. If you get a bad review, your book is officially famous now because all the great stories have haters. I mean, that’s one way to look at it. 🤣 WOOHOOO YESSSS!!!!! I am SO thrilled to hear that!!!!! I honestly feel the same way too!!! Yeah but if it is, you’ve always got a cheerleader over here. Even though I haven’t read much of your writings, I KNOW they are FANTASTIC!!!!

      THANK YOU for stopping by TWN!!!!

  • Grace A. Johnson

    THANK YOU FOR THIS, ISSABELLE!!!!!!!! We all need more encouragement and advice for handling negative feedback of any kind! OH. And if anyone wants to cry or rant about negative reviews…I’m here. I know how it feels, y’all.

  • Kayti

    I one hundred percent agree with this! I did find that when I let the suggestions of my betas and even editor sit for a bit and give myself time to think them over I usually realize their right. Hard to see what needs work when your emotionally attached…haha…
    This was incredibly helpful advice! Especially since my book is going to be published in May…I’m gonna keep all this in mind!
    Thanks so much for all the great info!

    • Issabelle Perry

      YESSSSS!!!! *high fives* I am SO glad to hear that, Kayti!!!! Honestly, that makes me super relieved to hear that I’m not the only author like that!!! I am the SAME way!!! Hahaha, but seriously, girl, that is just soooooooo true.

      Awww I am SO thrilled to hear that. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! OoOoOoo YESSS!!! Which is just SUPER exciting!!!! Hopefully, you won’t have to face many negative book reviews, but if you do, then I hope this post is helpful!!!! YAAAAAY!!!
      Girl, you are SOOOOOOO welcome!!! Thank YOU for reading!!!!

  • Lily

    Hi Issabelle! This post was such an encouragement to me, especially the part about negative reviews (now I’ll be ready for when they come!). I really like the idea of changing your perspective when you get any sort of rejection or feedback. Thanks so much for this post!

    P.S How was your week?

    • Issabelle Perry

      Hi, Lily!!!! Awww that makes me SO thrilled to hear that. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! (YES!!! You will!! Though I hope you won’t have to face that many negative reviews. You’re a FANTASTIC author!!!!) Aww, THANK YOU!!!!!! That was honestly something I learned after the past couple of years. It really all kinda clicked for me when I told a girl I knew once about getting one of my first rejections for a novel I was querying, and she was congratulating me. It struck me really hard as I thought, wait a minute. Could I actually celebrate rejection? And that was when I realized that maybe changing my perspective would alter how much it hurt. And it has!!! (*cough* sorry, you probably didn’t want that ramble. XD)
      You are SOO welcome. Thank YOU for reading!!!! <333

      Mostly busy with school but it's been a good one. What about you?

      • Lily

        Thanks so much, Is!! That really made my day!

        Oh no, I don’t mind the ramble. Actually, that’s so cool your friend helped you change your perspective.

        I’ve been doing well; hope to get a blog post up this weekend (of course, my youngest sister has a birthday next week, so we’re busy getting ready for that too.)

        So glad you had a good school week! Are you graduating this year?

        Best wishes with your querying!

        • Issabelle Perry

          You’re SO welcome!!! Awww I am SO glad to hear that!!!!

          Phew, that’s a relief. YESS!!!! I guess that’s one of the awesome things about having writer friends. 😉

          Yaaaay!!!!!! That’s awesome!!!!! OooOoOoo good luck with all the blog writing. (Which reminds me I need to stop putting off writing some blog posts myself. XD #Procrastinator) and tell your younger sister I wish her a very happy birthday!!! Birthdays are always SUCH a blast!!!

          THANK YOU!!!! Graduating from high school? I actually got to graduate from high school early so I’m in college now… and it looks like I’m gonna be here a while. XD

          THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! And best wishes on your publishing!!!

  • Rylie

    Thanks for posting! I’ll keep this handy for when I actually get something written. XD I’m a horrible writer. Like my brain wants to, but I’m not that creative and am HORRIBLE at coming up with stories. XD Like constant writer’s block no matter how hard I try.

    • Issabelle Perry

      You’re SO welcome!!! Thank YOU for reading and commenting!!!! AAAH YESSSS!!! That sounds like a good plan!!! Girl, don’t even say that. You are NOT a horrible writer, at all!!!! Girl, I am like one of the most un-creative people on planet earth. And with this major writer’s block I’ve been having, I realize how un-creative most of my stories have been. XD It happens to all of us, girl!! Don’t let it beat you down. <3333 If you don't want to write, that's fine, but if you don't write because you think you can't... well, you'll have to excuse me because that's something I always have to address. XDD

        • Issabelle Perry

          YESSS!!!!! Girl, I shall be praying for you then. I hope you find that creativity and motivation soon because you already have a girl over here who’s SO ready to be you’re number one fan. 😉

          • Rylie

            Thank you!! <3 I'm working on something now and am trying to maybe finish it. I've never written a short story before and have the reputation of never finishing anything. Maybe a short story would change that… XD

            • Issabelle Perry

              You’re welcome!!!!! EEEEEKKKK GIRL THAT IS EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals* Girl, you have SO got this!!! *chants* write, write, write, write, writeeeeeeeee! YES!!! Short stories have been helpful to me in getting works completed and I hope it’ll be the same with you. <3333

  • Diamond

    These are great tips! I’ll hopefully put them to use one day.
    I’d love to see a post on beta readers…(i…mayyyyyyyy have a project that needs some in a few months, *winks* it’s very…hush hush. So I can’t tell you anythingggggggggggg)

    • Issabelle Perry

      THANK YOU SO MUCH DIAMOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!! I hope they will be helpful then. <33
      YAAAAY!!!!! I will definitely put it down on the list then and get to work on it right away!! (*squeals* YESS I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! *cough* I mean... oh, really. That is very interesting. I wonder what that project could possibly be. *winks back* *acts like I totally don't know a thing about it*

  • Shruthika

    Great post Issabelle!!!! It’s true you can’t make everyone happy, but the important thing is that you do it because YOU like and enjoy it and not for anyone else, right?
    This post gave me a confidence boost!!!! <333
    (It's been a while, lol. How are you?)

    • Issabelle Perry

      THANK YOU SO MUCH SHRUTHIKA!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! Girl, I love your outlook on it!! SO true! What matters most is that you’re happy with your book.

      Awww, I am SO happy to hear that!!!!! <3333
      (Hahaha, yes, it has been. I got excited when I saw a comment from you come through because it's been a while. I've been doing good for the most part. How have you been? Writing going good?)

  • Victoria

    *huffs* I will take magic and dragons and a made up world and MoRe DrAgOnS any day over hot dogs. And horses. And Y’all.

    Okay, maybe I’ll take the horses. (And I can’t really give up Y’all now can I?) XD As for hot dogs though, I heard one dog can take of 36 minutes of your LiFe. YOU GUYS. WE NEED TO BOYCOTT THE BALLPARK.

    (I’m sure you can hear me cackling malaciously (that is SO not how you spell it but I’m too lazy to OpEn a NeW TaB and look it up) while I write this, Is. In my defense it’s 8:46 p.m. while I’m writing this sentence so you can tell I need to go to bed soon. #HALP #ActuallyI’mGood #ItIsNow8:47)

    ANYWAY. I WUVED YOUR POST. This was JUST SOOOOO GOOD GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t agree more with all of your points!!!!! (Not gonna lie, one-star reviews on GoodReads scare me. They can get pretty trashy sometimes…*hacks* *bleaches eyeballs out after reading some of them* *i.e. the really bad ones*)

    ALSO, when you talked about rejecting Google Doc suggestions I couldn’t help remember the time I accidentally rejected all of yours because I had not a clue of how to WORK the Docs of Google and accept them. (Even though there was a GrEeN ChEck MaRk RiGhT ThEre. O.o) What a fool of a Took I was. *cackles again just because of that reference* I’msosmart.

    DOUBLE ALSO, when you mentioned that most publishers don’t reject personally, that reminded me of a webinar I watched by Nadine Brandes who said that most publishers don’t reject personally because lots of them REALLY DO want to read your novel and LOVE launching new authors into the world, but they just don’t have the time and resources to take on another contract (or whatever) at the moment. So yeppers. I thought that was super interesting too. *nods sagely*

    ANYWHODOOLDUMPKINS (that was “Any-Who-Dool-Dumpkins” if you didn’t catch it the first time. *grins* I just made it up on the spot. I’m proud of myself for creating a new word. Wonder if Dictionary.com would accept it???), *takes a deep breath* THIS WAS SUCH AN AWESOME POST AND I LOVED IT AND YOU ALWAYS GIVE THE BESTEST TIPS FOR WRITIIINGGG!!!! Fine job, very fine job indeed! You have made Gandalf proud.

    Okey, I’m going now. (If anyone besides Is, Kat, or Maddie, is reading this then rest assured, I am as crazy as I sound and definitely do need to turn myself into a mental institution…not like, turn myself INTO a mental institution cuz I don’t wanna be a building but like…put myself in one. I hear they’re very nice this time of year. *says so while STILL cackling malaciously* *and still spelling that word wrong*)

    — Signs off at 9:13…yes it took me like 30 minutes to write this #SlowestCommenterEverIDeserveAnAward

    • Issabelle Perry

      Amen! Same here. *high fives* Except year… the horses and the y’all are harder to overlook. XD Wut? Girl, that’s crazy. YES BOYCOTT THE BALLPARK. XDDD Good news for me is that I actually don’t like hot dogs. They make me sick. So I guess I’ve saved 36 minutes of my life. But if I’ve grown up not eating them, then would that mean I’ve saved MORE than 36 minutes of my life???? Maybe I’ve saved like two years of my life. XD

      Hahaha, only you, V, only you. XD GO TO BED!! (Though actually, I’m one to talk. *cough* night owl over here *cough, cough* #its10:21currently #replyingtoyourcommentismyprocrastinationfromschool XD)

      THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! That just makes me so happy to hear!!!!!! YAAAAAY!!!!! (girl, I know right??? I have NEVER given a book one-star in my entire reviewing life. Even three stars are a bit of a rarity. My average rating is 4.61 and I’m actually pretty proud of that. It seems not many people like to be positive reviewers. We’re a rarity. XDD)

      LOL!! GIRL THAT WAS WHAT CAME TO MIND MYSELF WHEN I WROTE THAT. XD Aaaah, I could never forget that. XD And like for weeks afterward I literally was just thinking you didn’t like feedback or I gave terrible suggestions. It was hilarious when i found out what really happened. XD LOL. I’m just cracking up all over again.

      Aaaah THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that IS super interesting!! I had figured as much but I’d never heard it exactly from an author before. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing!!!!!

      LOL. I LOVE that word!! (Even though it actually took me a moment to get what you said. XD YESSSSS Dictionary.com SHOULD accept it. It needs to become a real word. I petition for it. XD) THANK YOU SO, SO, SO MUCH VICTORIA!!!!! THAT JUST MADE ME SMILE SO MUCH!!!!!!!! D’awwww, V, you’re THE sweetest. *hugs* THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! <33333333 YESSS!!! I have made Gandalf proud!!! *jumps up and down and squeals with delight*

      LOL. Okay, but Victoria, that just made me laugh SO hard. XDD And, yes, I shall second, that she really is as crazy as she sounds. She got it from me... and then just went to the extreme. XDDD LOL, I have absolutely no idea how to spell maliciously so you're guess is as good as mine. *waits to see if Grammarly picks up on ho I spelled it* *red line appears* *realizes red line only appears because there's an extra space after the word* *gasp* Is it possible that I... SPELLED IT RIGHT????

      -also signs off at 10:31 A.M. Hey, it only took me like ten minutes. *smirks* XD #givesvictoriaanawardforslowestcommenterever Hahaha, but I should probably get an award for slowest comment REPLIER ever. XDD

  • Emma

    Welp. I’m glad I decided to randomly stop by here because I wouldn’t have seen this post if I hadn’t. I can’t believe I didn’t get a notification for this post. *sighs* (the joys of technology XDD) Anyways, THIS POST WAS SO GOOD, IS!!!!! This was a great reminder for me to not take criticism the wrong way and stop writing because of it. I LOVED IT!!!!! <3<3<3

    • Issabelle Perry

      YESSSSS!!!!!!!! I’m glad you decided to stop by as well!!!!! Aw, you didn’t? Oof, I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do to help that? It’s probably WordPress doing what it does best… being completely unhelpful. XD (LOL I know right? You can’t live with it and can’t live without it XD) AAAAAHH THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH EMMA!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how much that means to me!!!!!!! YES YES YES!!!! SO true!!! And don’t forget it, because you’re a FANTASTIC writer!!!! THANK YOU!!! <33333

      • Emma

        Aw thanks for asking. XD I think it was just a weird one time mess up or something because I got Kat’s post in my inbox. 😉 YOU’RE SO WELCOME!!! It was truly an amazing, helpful post. <3<3<3<3 Awwwkkk, thanks girlie. You're a fantastic writer too!!!!! <3<3<3

        • Issabelle Perry

          You’re very welcome, girl!!!! Yeah, that is really weird!! But that actually hs happened to me before. WordPress can be SUPER annoying and un-helpful. Almost as much of a pain as google. XD But I am SO glad it’s working again!!!! Awww THANK YOU SO MUCH EMMA!!!!!! You sweet, precious soul!!! <333333 You're welcome!!! D'awww, THANK YOU!!!

  • Alexa

    What an inspiring post! And I agree with you, 100%. Sometimes I will find myself adding stuff to my writing or avoiding things because I want people to enjoy my books, but as you said, there’s no perfect story. At least one person will dislike what you write. Thank you, Issabelle, for the great reminder that despite the haters, my writing will change the world for someone else!! The same goes for you!!

    • Issabelle Perry

      THANK YOU SOOO MUCH ALEXA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAY!!!! I am SO glad!!! Aww, girl, I am so sorry. *hugs* Rest assured, you’re not alone because I do the SAME thing all the time. YES YES!!!! Amen to that. That’s very true but if it makes you feel better, you will always have one champion over here who loves your writing!!!!! You’re SO welcome!!! Thank YOU for reading and commenting!!! YES, IT WILL!!!! I know it will!!!! And someone out there NEEDS to read the story that ONLY YOU can write!! The critics will just have to deal with it. *smug grin* XD Awww THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

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