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Top-Secret Message from my Character, DC

Dear Kat,

I was just informed that you wanted me to handle the blog post near the beginning of November. I am sending word to let you know that I will be available to help you. Is there anything particular you want me to say?



Dear Delano—I mean DC,

Yes, actually, I have a top-secret message for you to deliver to the TWNers. Meet me tomorrow at the abandoned toy store at 2:00 AM (place and time were Is’ idea). I’ll give you the message then.


You click on the blog, Teen Writers’ Nook and notice that there isn’t a post for today. Instead, standing there is a teenage boy with dark brown hair and wearing black sunglasses. “Excuse me? Do you know where today’s post is?” you ask the boy.

He tilts his sunglasses down, revealing his ocean-blue eyes, to get a better look at you. “Post? Are you TWNer?”

“Um . . . yes,” you answer. Who is this person standing in front of you? Does he know Kat, Is, or Alana?

He pushes his sunglasses back on his face and smiles. “Great! Well, in that case then, I have a message for you from Kat. Before you ask, no, not The Black Cat. Just Kat, with a ‘k.’ Anyway, I have a top-secret message for you. Are you ready for it?”

You cannot believe what you are hearing. A top-secret message?! This must be important. “Sure, but can I take notes?” 


You jump back at his sudden outburst.

“No, you can not take notes! Memorize the message and that’s it.” The boy shakes his head and huffs.

Taken aback, you reply, “Uh . . . okay.” You scratch your forehead. “What did you say your name was again?”

His shoulders slump. “Kat warned me that you would ask. She told me not to give you a false name. So, I guess just call me DC.”

You are about to introduce yourself to DC. But before you get the chance, he says, “Now, we don’t have much time. Are you ready for the top-secret message?”

You nod your head. This is it. You are about to hear something very important. Hopefully, it’s not too complicated to remember.

“Alright, here’s the message: Kat completed a 100-for-100 writing challenge over the summer where she wrote 100 words for 100 days.

“Because of this, she currently has about 15,000 words written in her WIP.” DC pauses and glances your way. “Unfortunately, the code ‘WIP’ is not in my codebook, so I can’t tell you what it’s code for.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I know what it means,” you reassure him.

“Good then. Now, to celebrate, Kat has asked me to share a snippet of her WIP. Here it is:

“I know your secret, DC,” Chelsie called. . . . 

I nervously laughed. “What secret?” I tried to keep the expression on my face that I wasn’t buying what she was telling me.

Chelsie didn’t answer at first. In fact, she was really quiet as she glanced around herself. Not many people were around. Most students had already made it to their classes. If Chelsie didn’t hurry, she’d be late for hers.

After she made sure that the few students who were around weren’t paying us any attention, she took a step closer to me—too close for comfort. Then she leaned close to my ear with her hands cupped around her mouth. And with a voice so quiet as if she wasn’t speaking at all, Chelsie whispered, “You’re a .”

And in that moment, my heart stopped beating.

That’s where the snippet ends?! It doesn’t even say what the big secret is! “What? You’re a what?” you ask. How could Kat let the snippet end like this?

DC answers, “Yeah, so, Kat actually had that part included in the snippet when she gave it to me to share with you. I just deleted the word out.”

Your mouth drops open. “Why would you do that??”

He shrugs. “I just did, okay. Anyway, that’s the end of the message, other than that Kat is planning on writing every day for this month and thatunfortunatelyyou’ll probably be hearing more about my story. I must go now. There is a comment section thing down below for you to leave a comment. Oh, wait, hold on a minute.” He puts a hand to his ear before he continues talking to you again. “I was just informed that my mission is not complete until I respond to the comments. So, if you have a question or something you want to say to me, simply leave a comment and I will answer.”

“Okay, thank you,” you say to him. You look down for a minute, planning what you’re going to say in the comments. And when you look back up, you are face to face with dead air. The boy who was standing in front of you only moments ago has now disappeared. Gone. Nowhere in sight. You shake your head. “I guess it’s time to leave a comment,” you say aloud.



  • Louise Taylor

    D.C., what does your name really stand for? Like what’s the C part? Cause D stands for Delano… I think. I don’t know, I haven’t met you before. XD
    Also, do you go to school? Is that where you were talking to Chelsie? Who is she? What do you think about her? Do you have any siblings? What’s your middle name? Do you wear all black? DOES KAT HAVE AN AESTHETIC BOARD FOR YOU? Can you write another post for her?

    (I love this, Kat! This is just SO good! How ever did you get this idea?! Congratulations by the way! 100 words for 100 days! EPIC! You go girl! Can’t wait to hear more about this WIP! (not in his codebook, LOVE IT!))

    • DC

      Nice to meet you, Louise!
      You catch on fast! Yeah, my first name is Delano. I didn’t actually want anyone to know that, but Katherine isn’t very good at keeping secrets apparently. What does the C stand for? Uh . . . well . . . it stands for . . . um . . . . *rushes to change the subject* Heyy, is that a purple bus? Oh, never mind. It’s gone now. Anyway, yep, I go to school. And, yeah, that’s where I was talking to Chelsie. I don’t blame you for wanting to know more about her. She seems suspicious if you ask me. She knows too much, and it’s scary. I think we need to keep our eyes on her. 😉 She’s in my class and is the principal’s daughter. Personally, I think she’s a jerk, and am quite annoyed by her. Sadly, I don’t have any siblings, so it gets kinda lonely at home. Sometimes I wear all black. It really just depends. At school, I have khaki’s that I wear.

      Yes, Kat has an aesthetic board for me. Unfortunately, it has my full name on it. And even more unfortunately, she’s planning on sharing it in another post sometime this month. I don’t know why Katherine has a need to tell everyone about me. I wish she would keep my identity a secret, but she claims it’s MY fault that she’s writing my story. Anyway, maybe I will write another post for her. She’ll probably ask me to do it again. And about my middle name . . . eh . . . eh. You know, you’re really good at interrogating people. Maybe you should come work at the agency. You’d be an excellent member!!

    • Katherine

      Eeee, THANK YOU SO MUCH, Louise!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I’m SO happy you enjoyed it!!!!!!!! Honestly, I have no idea!😂 I don’t really remember. XD I think I came up with it when I was trying to find a cool way to introduce y’all to my WIP and character. Having a “top-secret message” seemed like something DC would do and it fit my book. Aw, thank you so much!!!<3 It was tough getting myself to write every single day, but I’m glad I did. Thank you, girl!!!😊 Eee, I’m so excited for you to hear more about it too!!!!!!!!! 😀 I hope you find it all interesting!! (Haha, thank you!!!😉)

  • Makayla

    Ooooh …. I WANNA KNOW THE SECRET WORD!!! 🤣 Your story sounds intriguing … I’m super excited to hear more about it! (By the way, you can tell Katherine good for her for writing 100 for 100!) Have a great day, DC! Thanks for writing our post today!

    • DC

      Hi, Makayla! Yeah, I always get curious to know secrets too. I wish I could tell you the secret word, but my lips are sealed. 🤐 Awesome! I know Katherine would be very happy to know that you are intrigued by my story. You’ll definitely be hearing more about my story soon. There’s another post about it planned for sometime this month. (I will. *goes to tell Katherine* *returns* Katherine says thank you so much!) Thank you!! You have a great day too, Makayla! You’re welcome! 🙂 And thank you for reading and commenting.

    • DC

      Hey, Allie! Thank you!! I never knew I was such a good writer. XD Nice to meet you too! Katherine told me that you like mysteries too. *gives you a high-five*

      Thanks! I’m glad to know you’re interested in my story. Maybe it’ll make all the crazy things I do worth it. 😉 I know Katherine is really happy you liked the snippet and thought that what you have read is good. 😉 She wants me to tell you thank you so much and that you have just made her day!!!

    • DC

      Hello, Joy! I’m glad you enjoyed reading this post! It took a lot of gut for me to come over here and risk being seen, but I had fun doing the post. I am very appreciative of your reading and commenting. It makes my job more interesting, ya know? Have a great day!

    • Katherine

      Aww, thank you SO much, JC!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I am so so happy you enjoyed reading it!!!!! Aw, yay!!!!! I’m so happy to hear that!!!!!! I can’t wait till my novel is finished and you get to read it!!! Hehehe, I’ll probably spill the secret super soon . . . . 😉

  • Penelope

    I have so many questions!!!! Like what does DC stand for? What was the word that SOMEONE deleted? (And how “I just did” justifies doing it at all!!) but I’m also suuuuuper intrigued… sooooooooooo, mister DC, (FYI, if I don’t learn your real name soon, DC is sticking and your real name, whatever it is, is going out the window) I’m going to need you to attempt to FULLY cooperate with Kat so that she can finish writing about you, and so I can read about you. Because in my currant WIP (oh also, if I don’t get to know your full name, then you don’t get to know what WIP stands for) my characters went completely off the rails and keep getting them selves into unnecessary trouble and it’s driving me crazy!!! So just behave yourself for Kat, like until the end, then I need you to throw in a good plot twist. 😉
    Also, what’s your favorite color? (I’ve made a habit of asking every character Kat and Is come up with this question.) And who is Chelsie? Is she pretty? What word would you use to describe yourself? What word would you use to describe Chelsie?
    Technically, I still have a lot more questions, but since you probably can’t answer most of them I will refrain from asking you them. I will assure you though that it takes great restraint for me to refrain from doing so.

    (Kat how dare you make such a mysterious MC!!! XD I can’t wait to see where the story goes and I absolutely must learn more about it soon. I LOVED how you had DC take over for you!!!! Tell him I hope he does it again some time!! Maybe come and supervise next time though, you know, so he DOESN’T DELETE A KEY WORD AGAIN!!)

    • DC

      Hello, Penelope! Ok, I shall try my best to answer your questions. Hmm, well, I’ll tell you that the “D” stands for my first name, Delano. And that’s as much as I’m saying about my name. 😉 Eh, eh, sorry about deleting that word. I just felt like I needed to. (*mischievously grins* I have no comment here.) Awesome! I guess it’s a good thing you’re intrigued. I know Katherine is super happy to hear that! (Hey, I’m completely cool with that. I mean, I do like the sound of my full name rather than DC, but I’m keeping my name secret for a reason, so I guess I’ll just have to live with it.) Fully cooperate with Kat you say? I think I can do that. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? I’m just a little nervous about the idea of people reading about me. Some of my secrets are starting to come out in the book, and I’m scared for the world to know them. (What?! Ah, man, I was SO curious to know what “WIP” stood for! Every time I hear people mentioning WIP, they’re always talking about their stories. But I just don’t get how WIP relates to books. I can’t figure it out. It makes no sense. What if I offered to tell you something else instead? Would you then tell me what WIP stands for?) Oof, I’m sorry to hear about your characters! I totally relate to them, though. I understand what it’s like to get into mischief and trouble. I will try my best to behave then simply because you asked me to. 😉 And don’t worry, I’ve got a good plot twist for the end. 😉
      My favorite color? Easy. It’s black. (I think it’s a great question to ask. It’s not too hard for me to answer. *grins*) Chelsie is . . . well, she’s an acquaintance, I guess, and one of my classmates. I don’t know; I never really thought of her being pretty. I would describe myself as sneaky, and I would describe Chelsie as annoying.
      Haha, I appreciate your restraint to refrain from asking more questions. Although, I am curious to know what the rest of your questions are . . . .
      It’s nice meeting you, Penelope!

    • Katherine

      Hahaha, sorry, I can’t help it. XD *mischievously grins* #noregrets Eeee, YAY, I’m so happy to hear that!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Don’t worry—I have a couple more posts planned about DC’s novel. 😉 I absolutely can’t wait for you to hear more about it!!!!!!!!!! *jumps up and down with excitement* Aw, girl, I’m so happy you loved that DC took over!!!!!!!!!! I had sooo much fun writing from his perspective and even replying to comments with his voice!!!!!!! It really helped me get into his character better! Alrighty, I will definitely tell him!!! Haha, yeah, it would probably be best for me to supervise next time and make sure he doesn’t delete any words. XD And I must apologize for him deleting the key word in the snippet. I’ll talk to him about that. 😉

  • Kads

    Hey DC! What’s up? 😉 I found this post super interesting! I wanna know more about you and your story XD You seem like a pretty interesting guy. And I really want to know your full name now (and also that secret word, but alas, I have a sneaking suspicion that you won’t reveal either of those to us). You’re very mysterious. Wow. You even managed to disappear into thin air. Do you have an invisibility cloak or something?? XD Anyways, it was pretty cool to see you as the star of today’s post. I kind of want you to meet my characters now or something, haha!

    And please tell Kat a big CONGRATULATIONS for achieving that goal!!!! YAY!!! So proud of her!!!! <333333

    Hope you have a great day, DC!

    • DC

      Hey, Kads! Nothing much, I guess, except for the fact that I’m being forced to help Chelsie find the owner of a stolen object. What about you? Awesome! I’m glad to hear that! Writing this post was definitely new for me, but I enjoyed doing it. Eh, eh, yeah, people always seem to want to know more about me. I can’t imagine why. (Ignore that last part. I was being sarcastic. I actually know why people always want to know more about me. It’s usually because of my “identity.” But, anyway, that’s beside the point.) Haha, yeah, it seems like everyone wants to know my full name and the secret word. I’m afraid Katherine is going to give it away soon. She’s just not as good at keeping secrets as I am. Smart girl. 😉 You’re right about me not revealing those things to you. Yeah, being mysterious is kinda in my nature. *smiles* Disappearing without anyone noticing was pretty epic. No, I don’t have an invisibility cloak, but that would be cool and come in handy. XD *dramatic bows* Why, thank you, Kads! It would be cool to meet your characters! Are any of them mysterious like me?

      Okey-dokey, I’ll tell Kat. *leaves* *comes back* Kat wants me to tell you that she said thank you so much and that you’re so sweet! (And that she sends all these hearts as well: <3333333333 With this emoji →😊)

      *thinks to myself* I’ll never understand girls.

      Thank you! Hope you have a great day as well!

  • Grace A. Johnson

    Well, well, well. *leans against a lamppost* Look what Kat drug in. *tilts hat* ‘Tis a pleasure to meet you, Delano. You mind passin’ along a message to Kat for me? Ya do? Good on ya, mate. Tell her I said congrats on gettin’ all those words in. She’s a right smart gal, she is…consistency being key and all. Oh, and while you’re at it, tell her that keepin’ us in suspense over this story of hers what sounds so intriguing and whatnot is a criminal offense. You’ll do that, won’t ya? That’s me boy. *stalks off into the night*

    • DC

      *Sees Grace leaning against a lamppost* *pushes sunglasses up nose and grins* It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, Grace. *shakes Grace’s hand* Not a problem for me to pass Kat a message. 😉 *gives Kat the message* Kat says thank you so much!! She had a lot of fun writing every day. And I definitely appreciated her help in difficult situations. Haha, now that I would be happy to tell her! (Though, I’m sure the way you’re looking at it is that she needs to tell you guys everything about me and my story. But the way I see it is that she doesn’t need to say anything at all.) I’ll tell her anyway, though, and I know that she would be super happy to hear that you think my story is intriguing!! *watches Grace stalk off into the night* *leaves as well to give Katherine the rest of the message*

    • Katherine

      Hi, Joelle!!!! 😀 Hehe, YAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SO SO HAPPY to hear that!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 *squeals excitedly* Eeeek, yay, girl, it TRULY makes my day to know that you want to read my book!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AW, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 DC is my character’s nickname. 😉

    • DC

      Hi, Saraina! Awesome!! I’m happy you found this post fun to read! I personally really enjoyed giving everyone the secret message. 😉 The typing sound was pretty cool, wasn’t it? I thought it was a really nice touch. XD I’ll have to tell Katherine that you really liked it. You’re very welcome for the post!!

  • Lily

    Nice to meet you, DC! Please tell Kat congratulations on the 100 for 100 challenge! I wish her the best with her writing this month (is she doing National Novel Writing Month; or as we fellow band of writers call it, NaNoWriMo?)

    • DC

      Hello Lily! It’s nice to meet you! Alrighty, I’ll tell Kat. 😉 *leaves to tell Kat* *returns* Kat says thank you so much!! And she said that she wishes you the best with your writing as well! (Hm, I don’t know. She hasn’t said. Normally when we’re together, we talk about what my next plan is. But since she’s been actively writing in my story, I’ll assume the answer is yes. How about you? Are you doing the thing you called NaNoWriMo?)

      • Lily

        Thanks for telling her, D.C Alas, no, I’m not doing NaNo this year.

        Best of luck with your story! I look forward to hearing more (when, of course, you’re allowed to disclose such info) 🙂

        • DC

          You’re welcome. Aah, okay. Well, good luck with any writing you might do this month. 🙂

          Thanks! (I think I’m going to need it. *nervously looks at Kat’s mini-outline*) Great! Hopefully next time I can share a non-spoiler snippet. 😉 (Ah, yes, of course. Although, if I had it my way, I wouldn’t disclose any info and would probably make a bunch of stuff up about myself. 😏)

    • DC

      Hi, Em Elizabeth! It’s nice to meet you too! Cool! I’m glad to hear that. And I know that Katherine is happy to hear that you are intrigued by my story! Haha, yeah, I’m just not sure I want my secrets out there for the world to know, ya know? But I can’t seem to stop Katherine from writing my story, so I’ll just have to make the best of it, I guess. 😉 I will. *leaves and then comes back* Katherine says thank you so much!

  • Victoria

    MWAHAHAHA I know what the “C” stands for DC…*continues to cackle* Don’t worry though, I won’t tell anyone. (Even though I think it’s cool…) 😉 But DUDE it’s so awesome to finally meet you!!!!!! Kat’s told me a lil’ bit about you (mostly good things hehehe, jk) 😏😂 so I was SUPER excited when I saw this post!!!! (Which you did an awesome job with, btw!!) Also, tell Kat a HUMONGOUS CONGRATULATIONS for me for finishing the 100-for-100!!!!!!!!!! (Was that the writing thing, Kat, you told me about earlier this summer that you weren’t sure about doing or was that something else?) ANYWAY, EPIC post DC and I can’t wait for Kat’s next one about you!!!!!

    • DC

      *gulps and begins to sweat* You do? *relaxes* *wipes sweat from brow* Phew, thank you so much! I truly appreciate you keeping it a secret! And if there’s anything I can do to repay you, let me know. (And if you want to come work at the secret agency, I might be able to get you in. *winks*) (Wow, thanks! I’m so busy trying to hide what the “C” stands for that I never hear anyone say they think it’s cool. It’s so nice to be able to share a secret with you. You are trustworthy, right?) It’s nice to meet you too, Victoria!! You seem like a pretty cool gal! Aaah, so Kat’s told you about me. I’m glad to hear it was good things then. And hopefully, she didn’t give away too many of my secrets. 😉 Awesome! I’m glad to hear you were excited for this post! And I know that Katherine is super happy to hear that!! (Thank you!) Sure thing! You can count on me to deliver the message for you. Thank you so much, Victoria!!! Great! Although, eh, eh, I think can wait. XD (I’m afraid important secrets might spill out. Maybe I can talk Katherine out of sharing anything about me . . . .)

    • Katherine

      Hey, Victoria!! DC gave me your message. Thank you so much!!!!!!!! (It was actually something else. The thing I told you about was back in January, and they’re doing it again this January. Soo, you might like to join this time.😉) Also, don’t pay any attention to DC about not wanting another post about him. I apologize—he’s that way sometimes. Girl, I’m SUPER happy to hear that you’re excited for the next post about him!!!!!! 😀 It makes my day!!!! 😀

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