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Guest Posting on Shruthika’s World of Random

Hi, everyone!! I just want to really quick let you know about my guest post on Shruthika’s blog. Wow, a post from Katherine! Didn’t she kinda disappear from the blogosphere for the past couple of months?Β 

Eh, eh, *hides under bed* . . . that . . . was actually not planned.Β 

It makes me so sad that I haven’t been able to read all of your lovely posts.😭 I’m hoping I can get back to being active in the blogosphere, though, super soon!

So, what exactly have I been doing lately?

Obviously not blogging. BUT, I have been writing in my WIP . . . *pauses*. . . at an extremely slow pace. *cough cough* Hopefully, you’ll get to hear more about it soon, but for now you can go read my guest post calledΒ  . . .

Easy Summer Crafts to Try.

P. S. you remember that thing called Imagine, right? Well, cover reveal is August 24th and the release date is September 21st. (The graphics below were designed by Issabelle.)

That’s all for now.

~ Katherine


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