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My Super Top Secret Post Featuring the MC of My WIP: Colin Carlson

THIS IS IT, everyone!! My Super Top Secret Post!!! *I’ll wait until the screaming and fanfare dies down*

Okay, sweet!!! Anyway, I hope everyone’s writing (or just day in general) is going super great!!! I’m gonna say, I’m exhausted. (I only got seven hours of sleep last night, ’cause I stayed up a *bit* too late.) Also, because I got up about an hour and a half earlier than normal to get writing in before school. Since I never feel like it afterwards. And that’s now my plan, so I can hopefully get the second draft of my WIP done by the end of Nov. But, I mean, I’m a writer in NOVEMBER. Everyone knows that means you throw sleep out the window. That’s what everyone else, I’ve been talking to, is doing, so I thought I’d try it on for size.

 So, I think I got about 3,000 words done this morning and am hoping to get a few more done later today. We’ll see how my day goes. 

(Ooh, also, let me know in the comments if you liked my meme [is that what you’re supposed to call it?] over to the left. I literally came up with it last night.)

Anyway, enough of that. Onto today’s post!!!!

So, I’ve brought the main character in my WIP……….COLIN CARLSON!!!!!!!! He’s joining me for a conversation and an exclusive interview. Which some of TWN’s subscribers have submitted questions for him. Everything Colin says will be in bold letters, so we don’t get confused. 

Welcome Colin, and thank you for joining me here at TWN’s headquarters.

Colin: It’s your bedroom.

Me: Aaahh, well, maybe yes, but that’s besides the point. You don’t have to take everything so literal.

I’m just stating the obvious.

And the obvious is depressing so don’t do that. *sighing* Wait! Did you just roll your eyes? At ME?????!!!!!! That will not be allowed nor tolerated.

You do know you can’t tell me what to do, right?

Uuuuhhh, yeah, I can. I created you. That means you have to do whatever I say.

Don’t know where you got that crazy idea from.

Hmmm, maybe from the fact that you’re fictional!!!!! *turning to my readers* Do you see what I have to put up with every day?

Who are you talking to?

My readers.

But there’s no one there. *staring at Maggie like she’s crazy*

She is, by the way.


You thought I was crazy. 

But I didn’t say that.

But you thought it.

That’s just creepy.

I’m a writer. I know exactly what you’re thinking and I always know where you are and what you’re doing, and sometimes I can’t get you outta my head when I’m trying to get some peace.

Sounds like a personal problem to me.

Moving on. First off, I wanna say a HUGE THANK YOU to those who submitted questions. This interview probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you. Seriously. I mean how am I supposed to come up with a bunch of questions???!!!! That’s INSANE!! A few of you had asked some of the same questions, so we’re gonna go through this answering those who first submitted, first.
Also, thank you, Colin, for joining me today.

I didn’t really have much of a choice.

This is true. So, are you ready for the first questions?

Sure. Why not?

Okay, our first questions are from the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING JANE!!!!! You know, Colin, Jane was the first person to subscribe to TWN’s email list. It was like maybe thirty-five minutes after I put it up. And I was like HOW did she see it so fast!!!??? You owe this gal a lot. She’s one of your strongest supporters. If this book ever goes anywhere, I can tell you Jane helped a lot by all of her encouragement. She’s just such an incredible person, and I’m super excited to see where she goes in her writing. I’m serious! You’re so AWESOME, Jane!!! I’m soooo blessed to have you as a reader. THANK YOU for submitting questions!!!

She sounds pretty impressive. I mean it must take a lot of courage to stick around with you for a while. I wouldn’t do it. I really lucked out in the author department.

Yes, Jane is INCREDIBLE!!! She was like one of the first people who found my site. And haha, very funny. *sighing* What am I gonna do with him. NOW, ONTO THE QUESTIONS!!!!!
#1. What was it like being kidnapped?

It was bad?? I mean, I honestly don’t remember much, ‘cause I was knocked out for most of it. But, let’s say, I don’t wanna go through that again.

Hehe, rubbing hands together and evil laughing in the distance.

#2. What’s your favorite color? Since it’s obviously not pink.

Hmm. I don’t really have a favorite color. I’m not really much of a pink dude, though. I just prefer more of the neutral colors.

#3. Do you like to read? This question was actually asked in the book.

Well, it depends on the book. I don’t really have a lot of free time to read to begin with, but if it’s something I’m interested in, then yeah, I can read it.

Okay. Last question from Jane.
#4. Then this is super random, But what do the fried pickles taste like at your uncle’s restaurant?
This is probably my favorite question of Jane’s. I really like fried pickles, especially with some ranch. That’s the perfect snack. Actually, now I’m really wanting some fried pickles. Hey, Colin, you think you can cook some up for me?

No. Anyway, for the answer. They’re obviously good, since I make them.

Okay, when did you get an arrogant side?

I’m just saying. We all know Delbert’s citizens love them. They’re one of the most ordered items on the menu. I say I make them perfectly!

I guess we’re just gonna take your word for it. But THANK YOU, Jane again for submitting questions!!! I hope you enjoyed Colin’s answers. Let’s move on to the next set of questions. These are from Victoria!!!! This girl’s another one, you owe a lot to. Her enthusiasm for Into the Lamp, just gets me even more excited to write. Once again, if this book ever goes anywhere, I owe her A TON!! I mean, I believe she’d be one of your most supportive fans. She’s given a ton of support to me and my writing!! THANK YOU, VICTORIA for submitting questions. I will say I was really impressed that she submitted the limit of eight questions. I didn’t think ANYONE could come up with eight questions. You’re just SO INCREDIBLE, Victoria. I feel so blessed to have you as a reader!!!!

First question!
#1. What is Colin’s middle name?
I like the third person in her questions. I don’t know why, it just seems kind of cool.

Easy answer: James.

#2. Where does he want to go to college?

There’s this private college about an hour outside of Delbert. That’s kind of where I’m thinking about going.

#3. Where did he first meet Moriah?
This might be my favorite question from Victoria. (Am I allowed to pick favorite questions?)

Well, I had known her ever since I moved to Delbert, ‘cause she’s best friends with my cousin, Rora. But the first time I ever talked to her was in fifth grade. I might have accidentally ran into her. And we might’ve both fallen to the ground. And that was just kind of it.

Wow a lot of might of/kind of in that answer. Was it love at first sight? (Not Victoria’s question, just wanting to know.)

Nah. I was ten at the time. I had better things to focus on than girls. But in middle school, I may have started thinking of her a little bit differently.
#4. Does he have any siblings?

No. I don’t. But I’ve got two cousins I live with. Krew’s the oldest at nineteen and Rora’s a few months younger than me. But I think she forgets that. Since in her mind I have to fulfill her every wish. I don’t get girls.

#5. What’s his favorite color?

Nowadays I don’t have a favorite, but when I was a kid I had always really liked red.

#6. What’s something he’s really good at?


And being clumsy and rude and tuning people out…

Okay, we get it. Next question.

#7. What does he want to do career-wise (besides working at Greene’s Burgers)?

First off, never let anyone tell you I actually LIKE working at Greene’s Burgers, ‘cause I don’t. I just need the money for college. And I have no plans in ever pursuing a career where I have to cook, ‘cause let’s say I’m tired of being in the kitchen. Really, I wanna be an engineer. 

#8. Does he currently go to high school or has he graduated already?

I am currently a junior in high school. Let’s say, I can’t wait until I see my high schooling years over.

THANK YOU VICTORIA for submitting questions!!! I hope you enjoyed Colin’s answers.
Now we’re moving onto LILY’S QUESTIONS!!! Fun fact about Lily, she was the VERY FIRST person that I didn’t know to comment on the opening chapter of Into the Lamp on TWN’s site. THIS GIRL JUST ROCKS!!!! Again, Colin, you owe her A LOT. Her comments never fail to put a smile on my face or get me eager to get back to writing. THANK YOU, Lily for all you do and for submitting questions. TWN is soooo blessed to have you!!!

#1. When did you first meet Moriah?

It was waaayyy back in the day…

Okay, I don’t know if Lily wants to hear your tragic story of how clumsy you are again. So why don’t instead I share a snippet of a scene with you and Moriah. All of you who wanted to hear more of Colin’s story should really be thanking Lily right now.

Moriah slightly waved at me, the charms on her bracelet swinging and slamming into each other. I took a few cautious steps toward her.
Her eyes fixed on mine. They were perfect and always sped up the pounding of my heart. My lungs didn’t ever want to work right around her, and today wasn’t different.

Yeah, let’s just say Moriah and Colin’s interactions aren’t as interesting as when Genie and Colin are together.

I deny that.

Of course you do, next question.

#2. Has the mysterious man ever said anything to you other than his order (before taking you captive?)

My favorite from Lily!!

Actually, not really. He always kept to himself. Which made him stand out even more, ’cause in Delbert, everyone always talks to everyone. One time I overheard him talking on the phone. It was crazy stuff. I don’t really remember everything he said, but I remember thinking the dude was insane. 

#3. If you don’t mind me asking, what happened to your parents?

Um…they. I mean….They died when I was nine in a plane crash. I don’t really talk about it.

#4. What do you hope to study in college?

Engineering. But if that doesn’t work out-


Yeah, I don’t think so. Let’s say, I like my sanity and don’t plan to give it up. 

Colin, you’re no fun!

#5. Introvert/Extrovert/ or combo of both? (I think that’s a thing… right?) 🙂

Oooh, I like this question, too. And yes, I agree that a combo of both is a thing. 

I’d say I’m a combo. Sometimes I lean more on one side than the other (most of the time introverted), but definitely a combo.

Yeah, I think that’s me, too. Though most times I lean more to the extroverted side. And at the end, Lily added, Thanks for letting us submit questions! This is really fun. You’re sooo welcome, Lily. THANK YOU for submitting questions. I hoped you enjoyed Colin’s answers. Now we’re onto JOY CAROLINE’S QUESTIONS!!!!! Joy Caroline is another AWESOME reader. I always love getting comments from her, too. And I know she’s got a great journey ahead as a writer. I feel so, so, so blessed to have her as a reader, also!!!! You are just AMAZING, Gal!!!!! Thank you for all you do!!!!

#1. What is your home life like?

It’s okay. I mean, it could be better. My uncle isn’t the easiest person to live with, but I spend most of my time at school or work, so we rarely see each other, anyway. I wished it was a lot different, but it’s not the worse place on earth to live.

#2. What are your interests/hobbies?

Well, as previously, stated I’m interested in engineering. In my first two years of high school, I was in a drama club, but that was mostly because one of my friends wanted me to do it with her. A hobby of mine would be TV-watching.

That’s not a hobby.

Uh, yeah it is.

No it’s not. Next question.

#3. What is your life like at school?

Well, it’s a pretty small school. I think we have like a hundred and fifty some people in the entire high school. Delbert’s not that big. Basically, that means, it’s harder to hide from some of the people who don’t really like you. And, for some unknown reason, I have a long list of those kinds of people. I’m basically average in grades. Not failing, not excelling, just getting by. Not really in any extra clubs or stuff. That’s not my thing.

Basically, his life is pretty boring. Hence why we needed a genie in the story. 

#4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

I really liked this one! Probably my favorite from Joy Caroline.

People who want to change their food orders a million times. How can I keep it all straight? I’ve got enough on my hands as it is. So, yeah, know what you want before you order.

Um…I’m TOTALLY not one of those kinds of people *nervous laughter* Though, I don’t think that should count as a pet peeve, but next question.

#5. Any thoughts on the meaning of life?

It’s short. Very short. So, enjoy every moment you get ’cause you don’t know if you’ll be gone tomorrow or if someone you love is gone tomorrow. Or…well, you get the point. Don’t take life for granted. Don’t let a moment go in vain. So, yeah, that’s my thoughts.

THANK YOU, JOY CAROLINE for submitting questions!!!! Noooowwww onto our last set of questions from JEN!!!! So, Jen is just in one word INCREDIBLE!!! And, man, can the two of us get to talking. (Which is good for me, ’cause I’m a SERIOUS talker.) Jen’s comments never fail to leave me feeling great!!! I ALWAYS love reading them. I’m so blessed to have her as a reader. I, also owe her a LOT for all of her encouragement and support. And, guys, you ain’t gonna believe this but SHE HAS A BLOG. Seriously, check it out here. You’re gonna love it. And don’t forget to read her post where she talks about her WIP, ’cause it is GENIUS. I’m not gonna spoil anything, but I’m just gonna say, I can’t wait to see where she goes with this. So check it out after you’re done reading and commenting on today’s post. Now, onto the questions. She also submitted eight, so that’s cool!!!

#1. What’s your favourite colour?

Obviously this one was a big deal for all of you. What’s funny is that it’s never said in the book. Maybe I should put it in there…

Once again, I don’t really have a preference. More of the neutral colors. 

He’s boring. Next is my fav question from Jen.

#2. If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Easy, I’d have mind reading powers. It would be pretty cool to know what everyone’s thinking. Or maybe I’d have super strength. That would be very useful.

#3. What’s your favourite season?

Not summer. It’s too hot in Florida, where I live. I’d say fall. The weather feels good.

#4. Do you have a pet? If not, do you want one?

Ah, I see what you’re doing there, Jen. The two questions in one trick. Very smart. 😉

No, I don’t. But I think I would really like a dog. 

#5. What’s your favourite holiday?

When I was a kid it used to be Christmas, but that was before I met my aunt’s family. They can take the Christmas spirit out of anything. Now, I think I’m going for Easter. 

#6. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Honestly, I would like to go back to Georgia. Maybe see my hometown again. I haven’t been there since before I moved in with my aunt and uncle. It would just be nice to go back to the places I went to as a kid.

#7. What is your favourite memory? Least favourite memory?

Aahh, the two questions in one again. Jen is on a roll!

Fav memory would probably be the day I met Genie. Although, at the time, I wouldn’t have said that. Least fav memory would also be the day I met Genie, only I’m referring to everything that happened before then with Dolf. (A.K.A. the man who doesn’t understand the difference between good coffee and bad coffee.)

#8. Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Yes. A few times when I lived in Georgia. Though, it wasn’t often.

THANK YOU, JEN for submitting questions. I hoped you enjoyed Colin’s answers.

Thank you, Colin, again for the interview! 

Soooo in the comments tell me: What do you think of Colin? Would you like to see an interview with Genie or Robyn Hood from What Lay Beyond the Woods? If you enjoyed this post, please, please, let me know in the comments. Your comments really tell me what you like reading and want to see more of. So, that TWN can bring you exactly the posts you wanna read. Oh, also, Jane, Victoria, Lily, Joy Caroline, and Jen, THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SUBMITTING QUESTIONS!!!!!! (Totally give them a round of applause in the comments for their amazing [and might I add GENIUS] questions. I’m serious. I wouldn’t have been able to do this post without them. The questions were all FANTABULOUS!!!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!)

Also, if you have any questions for Colin, you may ask them in the comments, and he’ll answer them.

Thanks for reading this post. I’ll catch all of you guys later!!! See you around the blogosphere!!

Issabelle Perry is a proud Jesus follower, an extroverted writer, and a homeschool graduate. When she's not writing, you can find her reading, jamming to Skillet, studying history, hunting for Narnia in wardrobes, or envisioning herself wielding a magnificent sword (but due to her clumsiness, let’s hope that never happens). This self-proclaimed exclamation mark enthusiast can be found hanging out at Teen Writers’ Nook, a community of teen authors Issabelle co-founded in 2020. She is the author of Don't Let Me Go (Sky's the Limit Press 2024), May We Make Them Proud (2023), and a co-editor for two anthologies. What she’s probably doing right now is fangirling about her favorite books to random people or scanning the pantries for chocolate.


  • Colin Carlson

    *clap, clap, clap* Great questions!! I enjoyed answering them. Though, I’m yet to understand why all of you wanted to know my favorite color that badly. Is it a girl thing? 🤔

  • Victoria

    Asldkjfkdsfejds, MAGGIE THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Oh my word, you and Colin had me laughing out loud! All of his answers make me love him 10000x more! We even have a few things in common! 😉 Please, please, please do another interview!!! One with Genie or Robyn would be the best!!! (*cough* and next time I'll ask questions in second person….didn't quite realize I did in third. XD)

    GIRL. YOUR WORDS. Thank you a billion times over!!! I haven't even been around here for a month, but what you said….I can't. I'm just grinning so hard right now. 😀 I was blessed to find your blog in the first place! You've been so welcoming and friendly and encouraging–everything I look for in a blog! For the short time I've been here, you girls at TWN have given me soooo much joy! God is so good at providing the sweetest people to become friends with!

    Thank you so much for the absolute pleasure of this interview (and you're welcome for the questions)! 😉 I can't wait to see what you have in store next!!! *rubs hands together eagerly*

    • Maggie

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! <3 <3 YAY, I was hoping everyone would find it funny. Aw, I'm so, so, so, happy. I am smiling like crazy right now. <3 (Can I just fill this whole comment with thank yous and hearts? 😉 .) Oh, cool. Do you wanna share what they are, 'cause now I'm curious. Oh, yes, I will have to do another interview. I will say, this one was loads of fun for me. I guess I'll have to do TWO interviews. One for Robyn and one for Genie ('cause, trust me, the two of them in the same room, is not a very smart idea. 😂). Oh, it's okay. I actually like them being in third person. It made it more interesting. XD

      You are SOOOO WELCOME a billion times over. I meant Every. Single. Word. I. Said. Truly, I'm the one really blessed to have you as a reader. YOU ARE JUST SO AWESOME, GIRL!!!! I look for those EXACT same things in a blog. That's why I try so hard to be that as well. Aw, I'm soooo glad!! 😁 Over the few weeks you've been commenting, you've given me so much joy and encouragement. Yes, AGREED! I thank God all the time for my readers/commentors/and subscribers. I just can't really begin to say how much your enthusiasm for Colin has blessed me and helped me everyday to keep writing his story. (I think I'm starting to tear up. Don't judge me. 🙂)

      You are just so WELCOME!!! THANK YOU AGAIN for the questions. I LOVED them. Oooh, me neither.

      • Victoria

        Oh, I’m not judging at all! In fact, I was getting teary-eyed too! 🙂 Seriously, you have no idea how impactful all of you have been!!! <3

        Sure! Let's see….my favorite season is fall too, Christmas and Easter are two of my favorite holidays, I REEEAAALLY want a dog, and there was something else….*goes back and looks*. Ah, I'm also an introvert/extrovert combo! I don't really know which one I lean towards more, but my MBTI is an INFP so I guess I would be a tad more introverted. So yeah, I thought those similarities were pretty cool! 😀

        • Maggie

          Aw, you’re just too sweet!! <3 <3 <3

          Wow, yes, all of those similarities are really cool. I bet Colin and you would get along really well. (You just have to look past all the sarcasm. And a lot of other things. Colin's the most flawed character I've ever written, and I think I love him a little bit more for it. Is that weird?)

          • Victoria

            Not weird at all! I love writing flawed characters (which is usually the villain, but you get my point)! XP
            Lol, being friends with Colin would be awesome! 😀

            • Ally M.J.

              I have the really bad habit of writing my antags all as pretty much the same person. I was going through some of my old stories, for inspiration, and I realized that three times IN A ROW I had made my villains the exact same way. They looked the same, had the same cruelty level, they all kidnapped the protag, and they all grew up with a single mother with a younger sister and an older sister. I don’t even know how I did that and didn’t notice. THREE TIMES. (Actually, it was twice. The first time was entirely new.) Then I realized that my current antag, Shin, was THE EXACT SAME TOO! How… what? I didn’t even notice until now! *hides under covers in humiliation*

    • Colin Carlson

      ‘Sup, Victoria! I know, I’m hysterical. 😏 Trust me on this, though, you DON’T WANT AN INTERVIEW WITH GENIE. Trust me, she’ll aggravate you. Drive you insane. I’m NOT kidding. I can barely put up with her as it is. (Which reminds me: if anyone has any tips on getting genies to listen to the people who’s supposed to be the master, let me know.)

      • Victoria

        Wooooow, humble too, I noticed. 😉 No, no. I definitely DO need an interview with Genie, right, girl?!? I honestly think she and I would get along verrrrrry well!!! Especially after seeing her snappy comebacks to your guys’ banter!

        Here’s a tip for you Colin (which you’re gonna hate but I’m sharing it anyways): People don’t like being bossed around. So instead of commanding Genie to do things, try asking her in a suuuuuuper polite, genuine, gentlemanly like way. Without sarcasm. You’re gonna have to be 100% legit. (I know it’ll be hard, but just consider it. *pats you on the head*).

        In the meantime though, I give a whole hearted AMEN to the unicorn! I maaay be a slightly hardcore stuffed animal collector myself (without a drop of shame), soooo I’ll happily provide new ideas for Colin’s new room makeover, especially regarding the stuffed animal department! XD

        • Colin Carlson

          Alright, it’s your sanity, not mine at risk. Yeah, she’s something else, I’ll give her that.

          Good tips, but trust me on this: I never even get the chance to boss her around. And yeah, I’ve never actually tried the whole polite asking thing, but Genie’s stubborn. When she wants something, she finds her way to get it. But maybe I’ll think about putting some consideration into your advice.

          Not you, too, Victoria. My room has had enough of a makeover. What am I supposed to do when the three wishes are over and she’s gone?

          • Genie

            Figure it out, Lazy. Listen to the girl who’s waaaaaaaaaaaay smarter than you. And Victoria. Listen to her too. (XD)
            Although, I am flattered that you won’t know what to do without me.

            • Colin Carlson

              First off, I doubt you’re smarter than me. I mean you didn’t even know what high school much less technology even is. You’re like four thousand years behind society.

              Anyone reading this: I’m serious. She was in her lamp for four thousand years before I found her.

          • Victoria

            Yes, please do! A few nice words can go a long way! Every heard of the phrase “You catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar”?

            Ooh, I actually didn’t think of that…. XD Maybe you could get rid of everything and repaint your room????

    • Katherine

      I’m so thankful you found our blog too, Victoria!!! Awww! You’re so nice! Thank you so much, Victoria!!! God does send sweet people into our lives. I thank Him for all our readers. You guys bring me so much joy and you mean the world to me. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Joy Caroline

    Ooh new post! I had so much fun reading it. It sounds like you know Colin as well as you know yourself, and it’s awesome that you know him so well it’s like he’s sitting right there next to you. (He’s very sarcastic, but I like him, LOL.) Thank you so much for answering all of my questions! And aww, everything you said was so sweet. I’m so happy to have discovered this blog!
    Loved the writer meme at the beginning of the post. I literally feel like that every day. I pretty much never get more than five hours of sleep. WOW, 3,000 words in ONE DAY??!! You need to tell me your secret right now, seriously. My goal for each day is 1,700 words, because I want 50,000 by the end of November. This past week has actually been full of triumphs for me. I’m actually cranking out a lot of words – like the other day I got 2,300. I write in the afternoons, because I find that’s when I’m most inspired for some reason, haha. Every day I’ve been feeling really motivated and excited to work on my novel, so I’ve been going over my goal. In fact, progress has been going so great that I’ve renewed my hopes of getting the entire first draft done by Christmas. I feel like that would be the best gift for myself, LOL.
    I really enjoyed Colin’s answer to my question about his home life. I feel like home life growing up is one of the most crucial factors in what makes a character who they are. Again, I loved how well you know Colin. I feel like that’s the most important thing about writing a novel, to know your characters like they were sitting beside you. I know my characters SUPER well, like I know myself, and it’s an incredible experience. I’m in love with my protagonist and it’s just amazing to write from her perspective. We’ve grown really close over this writing experience, and it’s SO great! I’m so glad it’s that way with you and Colin.
    I really hope you continue to be inspired with your writing! Again, really enjoyed this post. Can’t wait to hear more about Into the Lamp! I would totally buy your novel.

    • Maggie

      YAY, I’m sooo glad you did. Yes, he’s something else… and I do feel like I know him very well. (Oh, yes, he has the sarcasm.) Aw, YOU ARE SO WELCOME!!! I’m so happy you discovered my blog as well. You’re a real treasure!!! THANK YOU!! Oh, five hours. You better get some sleep, Girl. 😉 Honestly, I don’t know. I’m writing my second draft, so I can move a little faster. Most of the time, though, it’s just drowning out all the noises turning on some Christian music, and letting yourself get lost for a few hours. WOW, that sounds like some AWESOME progress!!! 50,000’s a lot, but I know you can do it. I’m cheering you on!! Afternoons are some good writing time for me sometimes as well. YAY, that’s sooo awesome!! I totally hope you make it to your goal. If you need any help along the way with encouragement or writing tips, don’t hesitate to ask. I’d be happy to help!! LOL!
      YAY, I’m sooo happy!! Oh, yes, agree! They are some of the things I try to figure out about my character as I start developing him/her. Yes, characters play such an important role in writing, it’s very important to know them and know them well. That’s GREAT!!! I’m so happy for you!! I’m glad everything’s working out for the two of you. Thank you!!
      Me too! 😉 THANK You again!!! And THANK YOU for submitting questions!!! They were awesome!! More’s on the way… Aw THANK YOU so, so, so much!!! Best of luck with your writing!

      • Joy Caroline

        Oh, I can’t work without music! I find that classical music with piano, violin, cello, and soothing instruments like those get me really inspired to enter into my storyworld. People who can play such instruments have a gift from God, and it never fails to fill me with the right kind of inspiration! Don’t know if you’ve tried this, but listening to certain music for certain scenes you’re writing really helps. For example, if I’m working on a scene that is filled with grief, emotion, or is just super charged with strong feelings, melancholic instrumentals work. Or, if it’s a scene where my characters are given a ray of hope in the midst of darkness, uplifting morning classicals work really well.
        Good luck to you, too! 🙂

        • Maggie

          Ah, yes, music is sooo essential. Oooh, classical music! That’s really cool!! Yeah, I’ve actually heard that before, never really tried it, though. But sometimes when I’m writing, the perfect song for the moment in the scene I’m working on will come on, and I’ve noticed it does help me in get like kind of the mood? (Is that the word I’m looking for?) But, yeah, you get the picture.

          • Ally M.J.

            I love my music. I have an 55-song-long list that I like listening to when I’m writing. If I’m in the mood for orchestral, I have a theme songs playlist, too. I also have my Christian Rap, but that ones shorter.

            • Maggie

              Ooh, COOL!!! Christian rap is sooo cool!! Oh, I’ve been listening to that song by Lecrae that you told me about. I almost have the rap down pat. (I like rapping, no idea why.)

            • Joy Caroline

              I hope you guys don’t mind if I jump in here, but I’ve never heard of Christian rap! That sounds so interesting. The biggest theme in my novel is love and loyalty, so any music with those themes are awesome. I just love music that reminds me of my novel, lol.

              • Maggie

                Of course I don’t mind. The more the merrier, after all. Christian rap is pretty cool. I don’t know a lot of artists in that group, ’cause I don’t listen to it as much as I’d like, but some of the Christian rappers I know is Lecrae and I believe TobyMac is in that section. I could be wrong. Yeah, that’s about it. I need to listen to it more. Oooh, love and loyalty is some of the BEST themes. Mine focuses on love and courage and a *bit* of friendship and identity. YES, I LOVE music that reminds me of my novel. That’s why I’ve been listening to a lot of Danny Gokey, ’cause a lot of his songs work well with my novel. (I think I said that right…)

                • Joy Caroline

                  I should look up Christian rap. I didn’t actually know it existed. And I totally get what you mean about songs that remind us of our novels! Sometimes it can be unexpected, too, when you hear a song and suddenly get that spark. I’ve found a few songs that remind me of one of my themes, characters, etc., and I think of the lyrics a bit differently of what the writer probably meant by them. (If that makes any sense.)

                • Joy Caroline

                  Yes!! Also, I forgot to add, but probably the biggest theme next to love is sacrifice. I love books that move me, and I find that all my favorite books have the theme of sacrifice. So I do that with my own as well 🙂

    • Colin Carlson

      Okay, maybe I’m a bit sarcastic…
      Anyway, good to know you liked my answer, ’cause I literally had no idea what I was going to say when it first came up.
      *sighing* Again with the character thing. Joy Caroline, you obviously have not been to Delbert, Florida, ’cause if you ever visited, you’d see I’m not made up. I’m real. You seem really cool, but have clearly never scoured Florida from top to bottom. Do it, and you’ll find me. In Delbert. Just wanted to clarify the whole fictional thing.

      • Joy Caroline

        And friendly note, I never said you weren’t real. The word “character” does not mean you are fictional. It’s just a word I automatically use for people in novels. My “characters” are real people 🙂

        • Colin Carlson

          Yeah, crocs are something to be cautious of. But I’ve never seen one where I’m at. The heat’s worse than advertised. At least for me.

          Yeah, but I kind of figured that’s what you were thinking and wanted to make sure everything was clear. I mean once Maggie said I was fictional, I figured everyone was going to believe her. (BTW don’t ever believe a word she says. I’m really concerned for her sanity.) Cool!

  • Allie Jo Andersen

    Haha, this was a hilarious/fun/entertaining post, Maggie!! And excellent questions, ladies!!

    Colin seems like such a fun character and it’s awesome to see his personality really come out in this post! (Also I love your personality, too, Maggie! 😉)

    Oooh, an interview with Robyn Hood would be interesting!!

    Great job, Maggie!! I can’t wait to see where your stories take you!! Writing is quite the adventure!! 😉

    • Maggie

      THANK YOU, ALLIE!!!! Yes, they did very good, I’d say.

      Colin is definitely something else. Let’s say I’ve never written a character like him before. Yeah, I LOVED seeing his personality come out as well. (Aw, thanks, Allie!!! Love ya, Girl!!)

      That would be interesting. I think I’m gonna interview her somewhere in the near future. Maybe after we’re a little farther into the story on Critique Corner.

      Thank you again!!! I can’t wait, either. Yes, writing is a fun adventure. Good luck with your writings as well!!! And thanks for commenting!!

    • Colin Carlson

      You know I think it needs to be pointed out I’m NOT a character but a person. I’m just saying. I mean, Allie, you seem like a really cool person and all, but you are a bit confused with what’s real and what’s not. Just trying to point out the obvious.

  • Jane

    The first thing you should know is, that was AWESOME!!!!!!! The second is that the comment I was originally post got deleted because I hit the reload button by accident. uuugggghhhhh!!!!
    Anyway, I don’t know about anyone else, but I am having a mini party right now. Maggie, you are so great at giving people encouragement, I can’t even explain why I’m so happy!!
    Colin was great, if a bit sarcastic, and I loved his answers. it’s to bad he couldn’t bring any fried pickles though, they’er SOOOO good.
    Your meme was really cute and so accurate (I’m also not sure if that’s what you call it, but it sounds right)
    you should definitely do an interview with Genie or Robyn Hood. This way so fun to read through, I felt like I was there with you.
    And Colin, I’m sorry we asked what your favorite color was, But no, I don’t think Its a girl thing, It might be, I don’t think so. Although, come to think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever had a boy ask my favorite color, so maybe it is.
    This was so much fun!! and I agree with Colin, he did lucked out in author department:) until next time!!!<3;)

    • Maggie

      THANK YOU, SOO MUCH, JANE!!!!! Oof, that stinks. (AAAHHHH, I’m soooo happy. Yes, I’m having my own mini party as well.) Aw, THANKS, Jane. But I must say, it comes straight from God. He fills me up, so I can fill up other people. But, I want to make sure it’s clear, I. Meant. Ever. Single. Word. I. Said. It wasn’t just me trying to be nice. I REALLY meant it.
      YAY. Yes, he has some sarcasm I’ve been telling him to fix. He just never listens to me. (Fictional characters. They have a mind of their own, I tell you.) IKR *pouting* I LOVE fried pickles and haven’t had any IN SO LONG. Is it just me or are they super good in ranch?
      YAY, I’m sooo glad you liked it. (Yeah, still don’t know what you actually call it. I guess that’s what we’re sticking with.)
      Yes, I’m definitely going to have to do one with Genie and another with Robyn. Those gals would be fun to interview. I’m soooo glad you had fun with my interview. I was really hoping everyone would enjoy it.
      You know, I don’t think I’ve ever even ASKED a boy what his fav color was before. It might be a girl thing. *shrugs*
      <3 <3 LOL...wait what? Is that supposed to be a joke? 😉 Until next time, then. Thanks for commenting!

    • Colin Carlson

      Oh, no. I’m not upset you asked. Just wondering why it was a big deal for everyone. Haha, yeah, I’ve never asked anyone their favorite color. But hey, you seem pretty cool. Just wondering are you wanting a genie? Maybe a very girly one who’ll take over your life and bug you out of your mind. ‘Cause, I think I know of one…

  • Ally M.J.

    I am laughing SO HARD right now. Colin, you’re a legend.
    I wish I had submitted questions, but all of mine you could find on the worksheet you get on day one of first grade. There was also one that had to do with balloons… but that’s not important. I liked your meme at the beginning. I hope it’s ok that I took a screenshot and added it to my *checks photo count* 593 picture meme folder. If you’re wondering, yes, I still manage to do school.
    Seven hours of sleep? Oh, you poor soul. *makes lemonade and chocolate brownies for you* I can relate though. I suffer from extreme Writer’s Block, and my lovely friend The Brain thinks that it funny to keep me up until twelve trying to figure out how to get whatever to happen. The Brain also likes to give me inspiration. At two ay em.
    T W O A M
    Loved the post! It almost made me spit my cheesecake out.
    That’s gross. Forget I said that!

    • Maggie

      YAY!! THANK YOU, Ally!!
      LOL! No worries. I think I’m gonna interview Genie and Robyn, maybe round two’s questions will turn out a bit better. Of course it’s okay!! I’m just sooo happy you liked. I didn’t know if the meme was more of my deprived sleep talking and wouldn’t actually be funny. So, yes, I’m happy you enjoyed it!!! 🙂 Haha, yeah, I was trying to figure out where school might would fit into the equation.

      *happily taking the lemonade and brownies* Ooh, Writer’s Block. It gets the best of us sometimes. I can soo relate. Okay all I can say to that is this: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      THANK YOU AGAIN!!! Haha. Hey, I’m just glad to know I made someone laugh!

    • Colin Carlson

      I am a legend, aren’t I? 😏 Ouch, see why I’m not a writer. I just don’t understand all of you. At two A.M. I prefer to be sleeping, thank you very much.

    • Maggie

      If you’re talking about this conversation between them in the chats. I’m just gonna point out that I’m not writing in Genie’s responses. So, we’re all clear. She’s ACTUALLY joined the chats.

        • Colin Carlson

          Sure, because, I don’t get enough of you already. Don’t you have anything else to do than invade every area of my life?

            • Colin Carlson

              Of course you are. Anyone out there wanna swap genies? I’m looking for a less ‘girly’ one. In case anyone knows of any.

              • Jen

                Ooh! You should go visit Christine Smith’s blog! She has a genie named Zayd and I’m sure you’d love to trade Genie for him. *snickers*

                (Genie, I’m joking wit Colin, I’m sure he’s exaggerating a tad and you’re fantastic! ;D)

                (Note to Maggie and anyone else reading this, you should go read Christine’s Faylinn stories. They’re on her blog under the Prompt page, they are SOOO GOOD!!! :D)

              • Ally M.J.

                There’s a genie in my side WIP! Well, technically she’s a Djinn. She kinda like Ro, from Keeper of the Lost Cities. She hates sparkles, loves embarrassing secrets and bets, and if the world largest gossip fountain. Oh, and she likes throwing sharp things at people who bother her. So basically Ro, but a djinn. I’m sure Jala (my MC) would love to trade her.

                • Colin Carlson

                  Wow, she sounds pretty cool. So, when can we trade again? Actually, wait a minute, I’m finishing reading the comment, and I’m not sure about the throwing sharp things at people who make her mad. But, then again, is it worse than pink walls. *shudders* Yeah, I didn’t think so.

                    • Maggie

                      Okay, I don’t know what half of this means, but I’m cracking up over here. 🤣 Plus, is it just me, or are half of these comments from fictional people. XD I LOVE IT!!! Oh, a writer’s life!!!

                    • Jala

                      That depends on who you ask. If you ask our own personal torturer- excuse me, author, she would say no. If you asked me or Sparrow, we would say no. If you ask the drama queen over there with the long braid and the jade, she would rant for hours on how he’s a terrible beast that wants to end her. Sen would probably agree with her. But that’s because he’s a Yehah.

                    • Sparrow

                      Vex is Jala’s pet Vallaq. Our author said that you guys don’t have them here, so to sum it up, they’re big black and/or silver coyotes. Most of the time, they’re bloodthirsty killers. But Vex was adopted by my animal-loving sister when he was a cub, so now he’ll only kill someone if we tell him to.
                      The bad guys are the faceless killers that have been actively trying to kill me and Jala for about a long time. Anyone wanna trade lives?

                    • Genie

                      Hold up a second. Katherine, did you just volunteer me to help someone who *checks other comments* has tried to kill this Jala person multiple times, has a habit of throwing sharp things at people, and stole someone’s boyfriend? Maybe we should just let Vex corner her.

                    • Katherine

                      Sorry, Genie. Ahrisa sounded like she really needed help so I . . . uh . . . thought that maybe you would be willing to help. I mean, your really powerful and all.

                      Thanks for answering, Jala. Um . . . what’s a yehah?

                    • Ally M.J.

                      Oh behalf of my disobedient characters *glares at Jala, Sparrow, Sen, Ahrisa, and Vex* I sincerely apologize for them taking over the comments in this particular section. They weren’t supposed to do that. Also, Jala, you can’t trade Ahrisa away. That’s not how it works. And, don’t try and get Vex to slobber on her. I have enough drama in my life right now to need a melodramatic djinn shrieking about something. *rubs forehead* Actually, I’m giving you all a stern talking-too. Go to your rooms!

                    • Maggie

                      No apologizing!! 😉 This blog is for crazy writers/readers who do weird, insane, probably not normal things AND for their hopefully with more sanity characters. AND WE DO NOT APOLOGIZE!!!! (Besides it doesn’t matter what we do, our characters never listen to us anyways.)

                    • Katherine

                      It’s okay. Don’t apologize. I like learning about your characters. They’ve been interesting to listen to (er . . . well . . . read their comments). 😁 We love our characters who want to take over our lives. (hehe)

                    • Sen

                      The old language is what the Southern people’s and tribes spoke before the others from the North began to build and begin kingdoms. Eventually, the new language took over, and the old language is only taught as a special class in our Form 10 schools.

                    • Sparrow

                      Jala! Maggie wants to trade lives! Perfect. Ok. So, quick info, you like in the middle of Uncharted Territories, only go into a town or trade market/stall if it’s absolutely necessary, you have a pet vallaq named Vex and a pet tanno deer named Ceri. Both will give you their undying animal devotion if you deserve it.
                      Oh, and there are faceless murderers trying to kill you. So we move every few days. And, uh, there are these things call movi bears? Do you have them?

                    • Maggie

                      Uh…No, never heard of movi bears. And, clearly Google hasn’t either, since it tried to tell me I meant movie bears. (I honestly, didn’t think it would, just wanted to see what Google would say.) Move every few days. Got it.
                      Perfect! You’re life sounds WAAAAYYYYYY easier than mine. You wanna know what to expect in my life?

                    • Maggie

                      Oooh, good point. (Although, someone needs to point out if I’m trading lives with Sparrow or Jala, ’cause I’m confused now.) But whoever’s taking my life, has to get up early in the morning and read your Bible (’cause you’ll forget if you don’t do it first thing in the morning) and then write at least three thousand words before you do a bunch of school stuff until about fiveish (only on your easy days). Then you should be doing more writing, but instead you waste a good hour on other people’s blogs. And don’t forget to keep a constant check on this blog. ‘Cause I pride myself on responding to comments pretty quickly. If you can squeeze in a little writing in the evening, that’s good. But you also need to find time to practice all the new steps you learned at dance practice and try to get some reading in (’cause you’re in a challenge to finish six books by the end of Nov. and you’ve only read three) And you have to read this one girl’s story you’re giving feedback to. And don’t forget to be planing out upcoming blog posts, too. Also, you should try to get in at least one meal a day and be in bed by ten. (And on Fridays and the weekend you get to watch TV.) Plus, stay off YouTube, it’s addicting, and you need to spend free time writing. So, there. When can we trade? XD

                    • Maggie

                      Don’t worry, Genie! Colin’s not going to admit it, but I think you should know that he doesn’t really think half of what he says. I don’t really know why he acts the way he does, but most of the way he acts is really covering something else up. *most of it*

  • Jen

    AAAHHH!!! Maggie this was FANTABULOUS!!! Colin is a hoot and I LOVED learning more about him! That is SO hilarious he was asked his favourite colour more than once! XDD Your meme was great and so true! 😉 And YES I would LOVE a similar post for Genie and Robyn whenever you’d like to do it! Oh, and the extrovert/introvert combo is, I’m pretty sure, a thing, I believe it’s called an ambivert. I’m an ambivert but my introvert side is more prominent. 🙂

    *^_^* Oh, my goodness… MAGGIE!!! I have no words! You are the sweetest! Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!!! *hugs* And you mentioned my blog? Ah, girl, you made my night with all your sweetness!!! <333 I am truly blessed by your words!

    Hehe, thanks for answering all our questions Colin! 😉 Ooh, here's another one, what's your favourite dessert?

  • Katherine

    Colin, you just don’t realize how much laughter you have brought to our lives! i’ve been cracking up these past two days. This is hilarious!😆🤣 XD! Colin, you should listen to the song “It’s Magic” (the Selena Gomez version). I think you would like it considering you have a genie.

  • Lily

    Hey Maggie! You’re so welcome for the questions! Thank-you for your awesome words and encouragement!! This interview was super fun! That’d be cool to do more character interviews.

    And, if Colin decides to go insane and join the ‘author’ club, I can give him some recommendations on where to get started (you know, in case he changes his mind about engineering! 😉 )

    And to everyone else who participated in the interview, I just want to say you guys had some great questions!! (and it was really nice meeting you, Colin.) 🙂

  • Ally M.J.

    Hey Maggie!
    I like making fan art for things. Can you describe Genie for me? Or, Genie, can you describe Genie for me? Or Colin? Or literally anyone who knows what she looks like?

    • Maggie

      Hey, Ally!!!!
      Oooh, I like making fan art as well. Describing Genie? Well, first off she always has a smile on her face. (I’m not sure how much that’ll help, but she’s not complete without a grin/smirk/smile.) She has about shoulder length brown hair that is slightly curly at the ends. She has bright and happy (Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with the ‘extra’ description) blue eyes. If you draw like me you probably don’t color them, but if you do color it, her skin tone is tanish. (Does ‘ish’ even work?) Are there any specific details you’re looking for that I haven’t answered? Let me know. Oh, and I would just LOVE to see your fan art if you draw it. I’m trying to think how that would work, though. Does anyone know if you can paste pictures in a contact form? Or something? (I’m not super good with all this tech stuff…)

        • Maggie

          Oh, yeah, that’ll work. Since we’re talking about Canva, that Queen of the First Comment thing I wanted to put on my site you did, I couldn’t seem to figure out how to actually put the picture on it. Like I tried to download it so I could then upload it into my site’s media library. I think it might’ve been because the image was a (actually I don’t remember what it was). I normally keep my images as a .jpg. Once again, I’m horrible with all this tech stuff and am still trying to figure out how things work. (Please, don’t judge me. 😂)

        • Maggie

          So, when she’s in her world, it’s more of like what you kind of imagine for genie’s to wear. Very colorful, and kind of like the clothes in Disney’s 2019 Aladdin movie. No smoke tail thing. Only that when she goes in and out of her lamp there’s a lot of golden smoke. But that’s all for smoke. XD

            • Maggie

              Oooh, good question. Hmmm.. I have to think on this one. A lot of the time, if she has it back, it’s normally a short ponytail. But she changes it up a lot. (She’s just not a same old, same old kinda girl.) But, yeah, I think most of the time she has it in a short ponytail, but no bangs. (Her world’s a bit behind on modern stuff.)

                • Maggie

                  NO JUDGING!!! I’d be CRAZY TO!! Or, well, more crazy than I already am. XD I LOVE IT!!!! And what makes it even more awesome is thinking that’s a CHARACTER FROM MY BOOK!!!! It’s just so, so, so, sooooo awesome to think someone would want to draw one of my characters!!!! I’M JUST SMILING SO HARD RIGHT NOW IT’S NOT FUNNY!!! Ally, you are THE BEST!! But, like, how did you do that? It’s really cool.

  • JadeSky

    Hey! This is probably my first time actually coming on here and reading a post, and this whole blog is so great and well done! I loved all the reactions to the questions, and getting to know your character. He seems very fun and snarky. (It’s no secret that I love snarky characters.) Your WIP sounds even more amazing, and I would love to read it sometime. Cheering you on as you tackle NaNo!

    • Maggie

      Hey, JadeSky!!!! Yes, I do think this is your first time. Welcome, welcome!!! You’ll find mounds of insanity, and I’m not sure what else. Just mainly insanity from me. (Not Katherine and Alana, they’re totally sane.) THANK YOU, I’m sooo glad you think so!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!! Ah, yes, Colin’s definitely something. (I love snarky characters, too.) Aw, thanks again!!!!! Yes, that would be really cool for you to read it. Maybe one of these days….THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! (Oh, and THANKS for reading and commenting!!!!)

    • Colin Carlson

      What’s up, JadeSky!!! Yeah, I’m pretty fun, I’d say. Okay, I’m a *little* snarky, but good to know that doesn’t totally bother you. We’d probably be great friends. Her WIP would be really cool if it didn’t seem like she tried to make everything bad thing that could ever happen to me happen. A guy can only take so much, right?

  • Joy Caroline

    Hey Maggie, I have a question for you. I’m wondering, how do you make those epic character boards? They look great! Do you make them for every character or just like the main MAIN ones? Also, I’d really like to know how you make your book covers so good. I know you use Canva (I have used it before to design a cover for my school yearbook) but for my novel I can never make them come out well! The title color always clashes with whatever picture I put in, LOL. Also, I heard you’re doing a series on character development. Just a suggestion – maybe you could do a post with your thoughts on really heavy emotional scenes? I always worry that mine are cheesy, ugh.
    Have a great day, girl!

    • Maggie

      ‘Sup, Joy Caroline!!!! Oooh, Good Question!!! First off, THANK YOU, I’m soooo glad you like them!!! I like making them for a lot of different characters. Not really every single one, but if they have a couple of scenes they show up in, and I REALLY like them, then yeah, they get a character board. For the character boards, I really just try to think about my character. They then will influence even the fonts for my text. So, for Genie’s board I knew we were going to have to use pink, obviously, and the font was a fancier type than Colin’s ’cause well, she’s a girly-girl. Plus, HUGE recommendation is to use Canva’s templates. They already have it laid out exactly how I want it. I change what needs to be change, like the word font, but they keep the pictures laid out in a very neat and clean way. (Oh, and I make them under the section for photo collages. The size and template options are really great for me.) My book covers, again, I really just find a template I like and then I will sometimes spend HOURS searching for the right photo. And normally, if I pick the right photo everything else will fall into place. Plus I’ve been making them for a few months now (and have made more graphic things than I can count) and I just kind of think that through a lot my trial and error (trust me, you don’t wanna see some of the first things I made) I’ve figured out what I like and what works for me. Oh, I SOOOOO understand the title clashing problem. The text sometimes is what I work the longest one. I normally keep my text color black or white, ’cause a lot of the times it’s what looks the best. But not all the time. Plus the larger your text the more easier to read. I think I keep mine aroud the 30s-50s size. Keep clicking different font choices, and then you’ll find the right one. I hope this helps, ’cause honestly, I just slap a bunch of stuff together and attempt to call it good. I don’t think there’s any secret to it. And I’m sure your’s are much better than you think!! A lot of the ones everyone tells me they like are some of the ones I thought were HORRIBLE!!!! (Most of my book covers I don’t like. Except What Lay Beyond the Woods’ one. That one did come out really good.) I hope this helps. I think I’m absolutely horrible at explaining things.

      Ooooh, I LOVE THAT SUGGESTION!!!! I think I have a great spot to stick it in. THANK YOU FOR SUGGESTING IT!!!!
      You have a great day, too, Gal. Love hearing from you!!! 🙂

      • Joy Caroline

        Thanks! No, you’re really good at explaining things. I’m definitely going to try your tips – sounds like by now you’re an expert! I’d also really like to make some character boards for a few of my characters. When you make them, do you search for pictures until you find people who look like your characters, or do you already have specific people in mind? Like, I always picture my main character to look like a certain actress, but for some of the other characters I wouldn’t know where to find someone who looks like them.
        Ooh, that post would be so interesting! I’d really love to hear your thoughts. I feel like emotional scenes are some of the most crucial, but also the hardest to write.

        • Maggie

          You’re welcome!!! Phew! ‘Cause for a moment I started worrying that nothing I said made any sense. Aw, I don’t know about an expert, but I know a few tips and tricks. So, for my characters, most of the time I generally have no idea what they look like. I just search through pictures until I find one that looks kind of what I thought or I just really like the picture. (Which is why, sometimes in my graphic things Genie has brown hair and sometimes she’s blonde. XD) And I get most of my pics through pexels and unsplash and there’s a lot of not very appropriate pics, so it’s kind of like the first appropriate one I find, is most of the time what I stick with. Just search like “girl” or “boy” pics and scroll through them until you find one you like. That’s what I do, at least. Hope this helps!!
          Aahh, emotional scenes are sometimes THE HARDEST thing to write. Because I want the reader to be able to feel what my character is feeling. So, that will definitely be a post I’ll probably do a bit of research on. To see what others do.

          • Joy Caroline

            I don’t know why, but I just love imagining my characters’ appearances. That’s funny about Genie. Usually I fluctuate between appearances before I finally settle. My MC’s appearance was way different when I first imagined her than her appearance now, when I’ve finally decided. Funny how us writers are so picky about every little detail!
            I totally agree on all accounts. My novel is loaded with heavy scenes, which is why I’m especially worried about how to handle them. No one wants to read about emotions that don’t matter – and if the reader isn’t moved, that’s the most crushing thing to us!
            Dang, I love all the tips. I’ll definitely use them 🙂

            • Maggie

              Aahh, yes. Writers and their characters are pretty funny. That’s really cool about your characters. Everyone has their own way when it comes to these things.
              Yes, agreed (again XD). Until I can get to my post, I do recommend looking at scenes from other books you’ve read that you’ve been drawn in very emotionally. See what they do, maybe a way they worded something or the way the character reacted, and figure out what it was that made you get very emotional. I learn most of my writing tips from just watching and studying what other authors do.
              YAY!!! I’m sooo happy they’ve been helpful!!! 🙂

              • Joy Caroline

                That’s a very good point! When I read my favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird, for the first time, the emotional scenes (tons of them in that book) were very moving because I could tell the author didn’t force it. I feel like readers can always tell when we’re trying to force them to feel a certain way – beating them over the head with our point, I guess. From Harper Lee I learned that scenes are most powerful when the author quietly shows instead of telling in a loudspeaker voice. I should do that with some of my other favorites! You should put that tip in your post.

                • Maggie

                  Oooh, I should. Surprisingly, I didn’t think about that. And, yes, stories are best told when we show and don’t tell. Sometimes that’s REALLY hard for me, and I think that’s the same for a lot of authors as well. It’s easier to tell, but it’s more powerful to show. (Does that make any sense?)

  • Ribbon Ash

    Okay, I am right to like Colin. He sound like an amazing *cough* and annoying *cough* character!
    Oh, yes, more character interviews!!!! They are awesome!
    I really really enjoyed this interview! The guys who submitted questions did a great job in thinking good questions!

    • Maggie

      YESSS!!!!!! COLIN IS DA BEST!!!!!!!!!! YES! You’ve just about summed up how I feel about him. Hehehe…
      YAY!!! I’m hoping to get to Genie ASAP!!!!!!!! <33
      THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, GIRL!!!!!!! I'm SOOOO HAPPY you enjoyed it!!!!!!! YES, they did a FANTABULOUS job in the questioning department. Much better than I'd do. But we're not going THERE. XD THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING!!!!!!!!! <33

      • Ribbon Ash

        Um, Maggie, this is a bit awkward to say, but something triggered Smoke while he was talking to Colin today and has fallen into depression.
        And please don’t let Colin see this. Smoke will die from embarrassment and will probably disown me.

        • Maggie

          Wait, was it Colin’s fault? ‘Cause I told him to behave himself. But he never listens. (Don’t worry, Colin doesn’t ever look at comments that come in unless they’re directed to him. You’re secrets safe with me!!! 🤫)

          • Ribbon Ash

            Well, it was probably both of their faults. He dug himself the hole, Colin pushed him in it (in answer to your question directly, Colin did say something that reminded him of unwanted thoughts and feelings, you know past stuff.) Smoke is actually a pretty sensitive soul. Nearly everything can triggered him in the wrong way. One moment he will be confident, the next he will be a complete mess. He’s such a chaotic character. *hugs him*
            (Thank goodness, I don’t know what will happen to my future series if Colin found out about this. *scared face*)
            And don’t worry too much about him. He will make a comeback. Already he’s getting his fire back. He told me that he can’t tell if he hates or likes Colin. He said that Colin reminded him a bit of his cousin… which isn’t good.

            • Maggie

              Yeah, it was probably both of their faults. But it was cool to see what it’d be like if the two of them ever met. (Okay, now I’m getting REALLY curious what that word was…) Aahh, I see. Colin can sometimes be a little sensitive, but he doesn’t let anyone ever know it. I’ve ALWAYS loved Smoke, and now there just seems to be more and more reasons to love him!!!!!!!!!!!

              (Hahha…don’t worry, you’re all good!!!!)

              Aaha!!! Uh-oh. That doesn’t sound good for Colin’s sake. Honestly, at first Smoke really annoyed Colin, but at the end of their conversation, he actually kind of respected him. A bit. But that’s still huge, ’cause Colin doesn’t normally respect ANYONE. Perhaps we should put the two of them in one of those situations where they have to save each other’s lives. That normally gets people to be friends. XD

              • Ribbon Ash

                Yes, I think so. Yes, it was, though I hope it goes better for Smoke than it did on here. (Well, it was a line in the first paragraph.) Well, Smoke tries to cover it up, but he fails a lot. Half of time, he can disguise his sensitivity and the other half he cannot. I know, right. When that happened, I thought to myself, “That’s why I love Smoke so much and that why I believe he will make a great protagonist.” AHHH, I just love him to bits.
                No, it doesn’t sound good, haha. What, how? What made him respect Smoke a bit??? I’m truly surprised. Colin really seemed like he didn’t like Smoke at all. And yes, not the type to respect anyone. Haha, yes, that would be so fun, and it is true that saving each other’s lives makes great friends!! XD

                • Maggie

                  If Colin did actually meet Smoke in person, he’d be a bit more nervous, ’cause Smoke’s a cyborg and could probably totally crush him. While, on the internet Colin’s got a safe distance. (Oooh, *rushes back to your Know the Novel post to read the first line again* *pouting ’cause Smoke’s gotta be so mysterious and I know you can’t give a way spoilers and all* *reaching for all the secret hidden knowledge Ribbon Ash won’t tell me about Smoke* XD) Colin’s the SAME WAY! He fails at EVERYTHING. But you wouldn’t really believe it from how he acts. YES!!! SMOKE IS SUCH AN AWESOME PROTAGONIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Hahaha!!!!! 😉 He didn’t really at first (another reason why I CAN’T understand him) but he just realized in one of them last comments that Smoke had things going on like him that neither wanted to think about or knew how to fix. And I think he found some common ground. I’m not quite sure what it ACTUALLY was. Oh, yeah, I think he might respect like two people and that’s about it. YESS!!! IKR!!! It’d be soo much fun.

                  • Ribbon Ash

                    Haha, I think Smoke would be confident if they meet in person, cause he could totally crush him. Talking to person through a screen there’s only so much that he can react as. In real life, he has more options. More options to seem intimidating, confident and disguise the fact that he may be dying inside. (*Looks confused for a minute* *realises that I wasn’t clear about my statement* *facepalms* I meant that Colin said a line in his first paragraph in one of his comments that triggered Smoke. I am not *that* smart or clever. I don’t think.) No way! Why are they sounding so similar? YESSS, SO MUCH. *fangirls about my own character*
                    Yeah, that’s what broke Smoke and made him depressed because he realised that Colin isn’t someone that he should pretend to be tougher with cause he seemed to have some sort of understanding that Smoke couldn’t be confident against anymore. Whether what Colin said between the lines is actually true, that’s debatable (he has some lies that he clings to as truth).
                    Yeah, Smoke respects a bunch of people, but in different ways and forms. The people he respects with all of his soul are his father and Blossom.
                    The fun-ness would be just incredible. I kinda want that to happen one day too…

                    • Maggie

                      Oh, yea! You go, Smoke!!!!!!! VERY true! Colin better watch his back!! XD Ooooooooooooooooh, I see. So much mystery! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! (hahah…it’s okay. I think I’ve done that before. Oh, no, you’re VERY smart and clever. At least, from what I’ve seen.) Way! I have no idea, but it’s crazy and cool and just WOW!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! *fangirling with you ’cause, duh, I LOVE SMOKE!!!!!!!* He’s a character I’d obsess over!!!!! In a good way! XD

                      Cool!!!!! Maybe if we stick these characters together a little more, they’ll learn to like each other. XDD Aaahhh, yes, I see! Smoke’s still AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s REALLY cool!!!!! And it makes sense for him to respect his father and Blossom the most! They seem like totally AMAZING people!!!!!!!!!!!

                      Oh, YESSS!!! SOOO INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! Me, TOO!!!!! First Genie and Smoke will have their fight and then we’ll have the whole thing with Colin and Smoke. It’d be SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    • Ribbon Ash

                      Haha, I love it that you’re on Smoke’s side.
                      Yeah, I guess it is pretty mysterious. (AWW, THANK YOU SO MUCH. <3 <3 <3 I guess you don't really feel smart and clever in a first draft.) It is just so crazy and cool and wow and maybe that gives them even more potential to be friends one day. *grins so hard cause we're fangirling about my beloved Smoke together* As in like a Sage obsession? XD
                      Yeah, maybe, probably!! Haha, every good character have their flaws, which strangely makes them even more amazing. Oh, yes, it does. They are!!! I can't wait for you to met them one day!!!!
                      Sounds like a plan. Yes, I'm sure they will be just so AWESOME!!!!

                    • Maggie

                      I will ALWAYS be on Smoke’s side!!!!!! He’s THE BEST!!!!

                      Sooo mysterious!!! (YOU’RE VERY WELCOME!!!!!! <33 Yeah, most people don't, but you should! From what I've seen, this story is gonna be AWESOME!) YES!! CRAZY, COOL, WOW, a little unexpected, but still. Ooooh, YES!!!! They might become friends one day....That'd be sooooo cool!!!!! *fangirling about Smoke to basically every person I know* XD VERY close to a Sage obsession. If I read the book, I'd say it'd reached it or maybe even surpass it. Hint, hint. LET ME READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!! *deep breaths* Sorry, for my random outburst....😂

                      Hopefully!!!! YES!! AGREED!!! Their flaws makes them feel real, 'cause we all have our own flaws!!! YES!!! As seen above, I CANNOT WAIT to meet them, either!!!!!!!! Yep!! That's the plan! SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Colin Carlson

      Though, I personally don’t agree with everything you said about me, I will say that yes, you are very right to like me. Now, you just need to tell that to a few people in Delbert and we’d be all good.

      • Smoke

        Don’t take it personally, she thinks like that with a lot of characters, including me. Though to be fair, being “amazing” and annoying is my thing anyway so I don’t mind being called that TOO much. *too much*. (Also everyone in my story think I’m plain just annoying. Okay, NOT everyone, my father would always adore me cause he’s just that loving father and of course my girl Blossom is too kind to put annoying in my character traits [though to be honest, I think sometimes she really does think I’m annoying].)
        And here’s a piece of advice for you Colin Carlson: There is always going to be people who will think you’re annoying, no matter how amazing or annoying you really are. So deal with it. People are just like that.
        Anyway, I’m going to go fight a bunch of cyborgs. Just kidding.

        • Colin Carlson

          Really? Doesn’t it sometimes bug you how little authors seem to think of us. I mean, they think THEY get all the great ideas and take all the credit for OUR stories. Hmmm…well, honestly, I’d rather most people would just keep their opinions to themselves. (I totally get you on that one. Well, I wish I knew a girl like that. Blossom’s clearly not a genie. You got lucky, man.)

          Yeah, I know a good share of those kinds of people. Though, like I said, if they just kept their opinions to themselves I wouldn’t much care. I, honestly, could care less what most people thought.

          Cyborgs? Really? First crazy dudes, then lamps with insane genies inside, and then magic. Now CYBORGS???!!!! What has the world come to.

          • Smoke

            No, it doesn’t, to be honest, cause I honestly don’t care what she calls me to others cause I know for a fact that people love annoying characters that who are still super lovable. And I know that I’m really the one that people care about, not the author, so she can try steal all of the credit she wants. It’s not her that will be memorable when people read my story. (Yeah, she’s not, just a fierce cyborg girl who can break your neck in a second. I mean she’s too nice to do THAT, but she CAN. And yeah I think I’m pretty lucky. *smiles dreamily*)
            So your logic here is that you don’t care when they keep it to themselves, but then when they don’t you care?! (Cause dude you clearly care about the opinions that they are saying out loud.) *confused face* That just means you just care about everything and don’t really not care at all.
            Hey, I was kidding. I wasn’t going to fight cyborgs. I don’t do that… anymore. CLEARLY, you’re uneducated if cyborgs surprised/freak you out. And clearly, you have not visited other worlds. Like at all. Man, there are stranger things than cyborgs out there.
            Crazy dudes, genies and magic seem very mild. Though, to be honest, I haven’t met a genie or have magic in my world. But I have been realm hopping cause my author plans for me to be part of an epic crossover book/series with all of the worlds she’s planning to write about. And believe me, I have SEEN a lot. Definitely magic, but no genies… yet. I heard that I am meant to meet your genie because of a… pink room. You have my sympathies. I like pink but that is a lot of pink. And I bet it isn’t even the nice shade of pink.

            • Colin Carlson

              Hmmm….interesting. Maybe you just have a better author than the one I’m stuck with. Oh, cool??? I mean, I’m all for wanting to be remembered, but not really in the way my author portrays me in the books. I’m not EXACTLY like that. (Um…*nervously glancing around the room* Okay, let’s just hope she’s not someone who gets easily upset.)

              Okay, I don’t really care AT ALL, I just don’t like every time I try to get a person’s order that I’m instead given this whole lecture when I could care less what they thought or had to say. (Oh, yeah, people in Delbert will do that.)

              Anymore? Okay. Oh, I’ve visited the genies world. It wasn’t that great of an experience. And, I also thought that was the only other world out there. Let me tell you, dude, you don’t want to meet a genie. You may think they’re not all that bad, but just trust me. They hate humans….actually, wait a minute. If your a cyborg, just forget that. They’re not gonna try to kill you. Hmmm…well, good luck with that. Tell me how you and Genie’s first meeting goes. That’ll be interesting. Oh, yeah, pink doesn’t bother me in and of itself it’s when she takes over your room and makes everything in sight pink. Don’t tell me I’m just supposed to be okay with that. And, yeah, it’s not even a good shade.

              • Smoke

                I don’t know how good of an author she really is, but she’s my best friend. We know each other so well. Like in each other’s heads. And I’ve known her since she was in about her preteens, though we really got to know each other when she was fourteen. So a long journey, about four years and counting. I LITERALLY helped her with writing her first novel by being a really interesting protagonist. Plus I’m her favourite character. She happily and unashamedly decided me as a favourite. So I’m special to her (though my first portray sucked so understand the worry of getting pictured wrong). So, yeah, we have a good relationship and we have an understanding so I guess that is why I am cool with the annoying author remarks. (Oh, no, she’s really not easily provoked at all. You would really, REALLY have upset me to get her that mad. Like try to kill me, in which case she will kill you.)
                Sure… Whatever you say (I’m seeing a lot of buts and just with “I don’t care” line. Anything else you want to add to the list?)
                Yeah, anymore, why? Oh, so one other world with something that you have encountered before. Fair enough, It’s mind-blowing how many worlds there are and a lot of them you don’t have access to. I was lucky (or unlucky, depends on the view) to visit so many. And also, where you do think I am from anyway?! I’m pretty sure our earth is NOT the same. Like you have no cyborgs or had a war that nearly destroy all of mankind *cough*. Not our history’s best moment.
                Eh, at this point I don’t care how awful genies are or not. I don’t care to meet one or not. I’m perfectly fine with not meeting any kind of being or creature, but you know, I must for my author. Well, we are still technically human thank you very much. Just because most of our bodies parts have been removed with robotic ones, we still have a human mind and heart (our thoughts and feelings still work in a very human way). So personally I don’t know if they won’t try to kill me at all. Also, that’s interesting that they hate humans. Is because humans try to make them slaves or something? (Also just because I called you dude doesn’t mean that you call me dude. *glares*)
                Thanks *sighs*. I might, we’ll see if I’m nice enough to contact you again. Honestly, I don’t care to meet some genie because of a pink room, who I will probably clash with terribly (I already have enough enemies, thank you). Which is really your problem, not mine. But you know, my author HAD drag me into this and I’m stuck with it cause I’m cooperative like that. And no way I would think that a pink room is OKAY. That sucks. OF COURSE IT IS.

                • Colin Carlson

                  WOW! I’ve not known my author all that long. Like I’ve only known her since earlier this year. (Well, good news, I don’t plan on killing anyone. I, honestly, don’t think I could kill a cyborg anyway.)


                  So, you used to fight cyborgs?? Why? Yeah, it’s kind of hard to imagine there being other worlds besides mine. And you can’t get to the genies’ world without a genie who has a “master” in Earth. Or something like that. I never payed much attention to the rules. Yeah, I don’t think we live in the same earth. Trust me, there’s no cyborgs in America. Wow, Um…don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope I never go to your world.

                  Okay, that’s your choice. Personally, I don’t see the need to listen to our authors. Eh, they’d probably still try to kill you. Not all genies hate humans, but there’s too many who do, in my opinion. Yeah, it’s got to do with them having to serve humans and then there’s a few crazy humans who have tried to invade their world in the past. Plus, there’s humans who don’t like genies…and just a lot of hate going around. It’s both sided. Good news, though, Genie’s not like that. (But don’t make the mistake I did by thinking she’s harmless.)

                  Okay, first off, I call everyone dude, and you can’t tell me not to call you dude. I’m not that scared of you.

                  Okay. Well, good luck, ’cause she’s got magic and, if you mess with her, will change everything pink just to prove she can. Nothing intimidates her, so I wouldn’t try that move. At least we can agree on something.

                  • Ribbon Ash

                    I figured that was the case. (The killing part is the most extreme, so you would never get killed, but you might get hurt if you’re not careful. And, yeah, I highly doubt you could even scratch a cyborg, let alone kill one.)
                    Yeah. Because of the war, duh. Cyborgs were created in the first place to fight in the war. The world’s best weapons. You’ll get use to… or not. You can be in self-denial if you want. I don’t know if you’ll travel much in your lifetime. You don’t seem like you would. Dear me. Hopefully you don’t get stuck there or something. Rules are pretty important, just saying. Ah, America, that giant country on the other side of the world. I heard it is a dump, I mean my version of it is, but it does have an impressive army. I live in Japan by the way, if you’re confused about where I am in this version of earth. I have good English, don’t I? And fair enough, it sucks to live in a world that basically collapsed on itself. It is chaos here. And I have to play hero and save the world. Me, a nobody cyborg. This is so naïve and stupid, I will probably die. Why I am doing it? Long story. You have to read my non-existent book series to find out.
                    Well, that is because you’re a newbie and you don’t love your author. You just don’t have that understanding like I do. Maybe you never will, but that’s your choice as well. My author actually did kill me once. Technically, I am resurrected. And that was around the beginning of our relationship. The whole killing thing… been there, done that. So, you are right on that one. But that’s not my point of being a decent character.
                    Yes, I totally understand that. It’s the same here, between cyborgs and humans. We have our leashes (chains) too. Being half-human really makes you despise the full humans. Anyway, that’s good to know, I guess. She’s only one I should care about with the hate stuff. (Smart you for thinking she’s harmless. *smirks*.)
                    Well, here I was, thinking you’re actually a nice, decent human being. JUST HOW DARE YOU. You think you have a right to call me whatever you want, huh? And you should be afraid more of me. The only reason I have a leash is because I am too dangerous. Can you imagine what one cyborg can do to one city?! Of course you can’t, safely tucked away in your pathetic world that hasn’t seen every single country tear themselves apart. It’s worse than any end of the worlds that you can imagine.
                    You think I should be afraid of being turned to pink? WOW. I AM SO TERRIFIED. I really hope she has something better cause that is so sad. You are really a pathetic human if you fear pink this MUCH. No intimidation? Oohh, makes it even better to provoke her. *snorts* Yeah, the one and only thing.
                    It was nice talking to you… Oh, wait, it WASN’T. I hope that Genie continues to make your life miserable. She has my support to annoy you now. I still pity you… but not in the way you think.

                    • Colin Carlson

                      Okay, if you say so. Though, I can, honestly, think of a few things better than cyborgs if we’re gonna fight in a war. I mean, I’ve actually fought in a war before. But I’m not going THERE. Ha, we’ll I’ve actually traveled more than you’d think. Yeah, you have good English. I would say that’s pretty cool that you live in Japan, but from the way you talk, it doesn’t sound very cool. Wow. I mean, you seem more like hero-material than some people, so it’s not that surprising.

                      See what I mean. Authors are professional killers. Why would I want to be friends with one? Resurrected? You know what, I’m not even going to ask.

                      Uh…dude, you’re not like a king or anything. You can’t just tell people what or what not to call you. Or, at least, you can’t tell ME. Okay, maybe you are dangerous. But I’ve got some powerful genies who have my back. Can YOU imagine what an army of genies can do? Maybe I haven’t seen that, but I’ve been in a war before, I’ve seen people die, I’ve seen armies fall. I’ve seen my own share of destruction.

                      Well, no. Actually, there’s much more things to be scared of when it comes to Genie. Dark magic exists, and, though she hasn’t said so, I think she can wield it. She has more power and stronger magic, than you’d think. Take my heads-up or not. Like I said, don’t underestimate her. And, no, pink doesn’t bother me THAT much.

                      Hmm…I guess that’s another thing we can agree on, then? Fine. Honestly, dude, I kind of pity you…but for reasons, you’d probably not understand.

                    • Smoke

                      Yeah, I know, cyborgs are really pathetic when it comes to power. When you put other creatures and beings in perspective, we are at the bottom of it all.
                      I don’t need to be a king to have some of respect… but I doubt you would respect even a king anyway. Well, okay, I didn’t put it nicely, but you should be able to tell people when you don’t like something and that they just stop. But only people who care for you would do that. So I don’t know why I thought you would.
                      And you know what? You win. It hurts to argue. You just proved that I have no value. That everything I been through, all the hardships that I endured since the day I was born, are something to be ridicule. After all, it is what made me think that your own circumstances are inferior. I’m sure you have killed someone for the sake of your war too. I am just ignorant, and I know that I act like a child – it’s my way to keep myself from breaking apart.
                      Ah, good. Yeah, I know I am no match for magic. I am just made of flesh and metal and a computer… I would be stupid to think I have an advantage over a great and powerful genie.
                      Pity… the last thing I need. Just… forget me. I would prefer that you don’t even remember to pity me.
                      I mean all of these words with sincerity. And I would apologise, but I never really apologise and I have to keep the reputation.
                      (Of course technology changes my name while I’m sending messages. Here I thought I was good at technology.)

                    • Colin Carlson

                      Well, I don’t know a lot about cyborgs (obviously), but I’d think it’d be cool to have one on your side and stuff. Wow, really? I’d kind of thought it’d be the other way around. I mean, you’re half metal and whatnot. That’s gotta add to something.

                      Yeah…you might be a bit right at that. But, then again, a king wouldn’t really respect me, so I feel justified. That’s not really how it works where I live.

                      Dude, honestly, I was about to tell you that YOU win. I mean, for the majority of this conversation, you had the upper hand. Okay, I would honestly NEVER do that to someone. I’ve had my own…stuff that happened in my past that I don’t like talking about. And I’m not gonna judge how you act. Trust me, I’ve acted in worse ways before. (Also, I never purposefully killed someone. Maybe a few people by accident. But that’s it.)

                      Though, I will give you another thing I learned, genie’s magic is complicated and has WAY too many limitations.

                      Same. Yeah, I never really SINCERELY apologize. Not for anything. (Technology is as confusing as magic sometimes.)

                    • Smoke

                      Huh, thanks, I guess. Yeah, really. Being half-metal just means you survive longer before dying.
                      Do you people have any respect or honour or even kindness? Here I thought that it was pretty bad here… but there are some still nice, respectable people.
                      *cringes* (that name…) Well, I broke my upper hand, so you win fair and square. Well, that’s something. You looked ready to tear down everything. Ha, get in line, I know that past stuff too well. No judgement even though I judged you? Trust me, me too. (How fortunate for you. I guess you won’t a real soldier. No disrespect in that comment.)
                      Oh, so you don’t want me to fail. How strange. Yes… I heard magic has its weak points, as does everything.
                      I think I have actually sincerely apologise once or twice. Most people are not worth it you see. (As a cyborg, I’m told I’m more advanced in technology than this thing here, but obviously not. Whatever. I’m DONE. Don’t say anything that I have to reply to. Wait… never mind. I can’t ask or command or anything of sort from you. I forgot. Don’t get mad. Uhhh…. I’m honestly not trying to pick a fight here.)

                    • Colin Carlson

                      Really? That’s interesting.

                      Eh…some people. It just depends. Oh, I still think it’s worse where you’re at.

                      That’s like the first time someone’s admitted to me winning, so I’m not gonna question it. I could say the same about you, at first. I guess you can’t go by first impressions. Nope. (Yeah, I’m not any trained warrior and stuff. Actually, I had no business even getting caught up in that war.)

                      Not really. It’d be fun to see someone actually beat Genie. That’s what everyone says. If you ask me, I say magic is useless and pointless.

                      Not gonna argue there. Yeah, I kind of thought cyborgs were more advanced in technology. It makes sense. ‘Kay. Well, nice talking to you….I guess.

  • LittleNovelist36

    AMAZING!! I love Collin. Just… so me. XD AND YES DO ROBYN HOOD I REALLY WANT TO READ THAT!! My #1 question would be is there anyone/anything you’re scared of? XD

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