2022 Teen Writers' Rally

3 Ways to Kick Out Writer’s Block // Teen Writers’ Rally Day One

Heya, TWNers! Issabelle here to introduce the first post in our very first writers’ rally! TWN is kicking-off National Novel Writing Month with back-to-back posts featuring authors, bloggers, and more! And we’re inviting YOU to join us. Tune in every day for the next two weeks with new posts full of writing tips, advice, and encouragement. Posts go live at 6:00 EST, and if you’re not already, make sure to subscribe to Teen Writers’ Nook via email to receive a notification when the next post goes live. (Form can be found to the right if on a computer or at the bottom of the page if on a mobile device.) And make sure to stay until the end of the post for information about the giveaway running through the entire event!

Now, I am SO excited to introduce my amazing sister, fellow writer, and the girl doomed to join in on all my crazy ideas whether she wants to or not. Katherine has some AWESOME tips to share with you all today that will help you the next time you face-off against that dreaded writer’s block. Katherine is an author of YA fantasy and has been featured in TWO anthologies, plus she is the co-editor for TWN’s Imagine. I believe this writerly genius needs no other introduction, so let’s have a round of applause for Teen Writers’ Nook’s one and only Kathereine Perry! Whose name I just realized I spelled wrong because I am typing too fast. XD 

*Katherine jumps in* Can you go back and spell it right?


Hello fellow writers, and welcome to the Teen Writers’ Rally!!!! I am so excited to be starting off this event for you all!! I hope that the rally will encourage you and get you excited to write for NaNoWriMo!!! 

To start off this rally, I will be sharing three ways you can “kick” out writer’s block.

These are some tricks that have helped me, so I decided to share them in case they can help you. I hope you enjoy the post. 🙂 <3

#1: Push through it. Over the summer, I participated in Go Teen Writers’ 100-for-100 writing challenge and was in an accountability group with a couple of friends who challenged the group to write Every. Single. Day. It was the first time I had written for a hundred days straight. Last year when I did the 100-for-100, I used a grace day every week and even used the one grace week. So not missing any days this year was definitely tricky, but I learned something from it. About halfway into the challenge, I was COMPLETELY TIRED of my novel. I wanted to be done and move on to something else. But I made myself keep working at it to stay in the challenge, and once I got near the end of the challenge, I felt excited over my novel again. So to sum up, write even when you don’t feel like it. When you write even in the moments of not feeling like it, you get something down on paper. It doesn’t have to be good, you just want to get it down. Continuing to write allows you to make progress and prevent “writer’s block” from keeping you from working. (Side note: Don’t push through the writer’s block to the point of burnout. Understand when it is absolutely necessary to break from writing.)

#2: Write sloppy. When you let go of perfectionism and allow yourself to write SlOpPy and MeSsY, you can get so much writing done. Perfectionism sometimes holds us back and may be the cause of our writer’s block in the first place. Remember, you can edit your writing later. This is something I remind myself of all the time so I don’t have to stress over if what I am writing sounds good. And if it makes it easier, don’t reread what you just wrote until after some time has passed and you’re ready to edit. To conclude, give yourself the freedom to write sloppily and it may help you overcome writer’s block. 

#3 Skip ahead. Sometimes when I write, I skip the scenes I am either least interested in or haven’t planned enough of and move on to the ones that are more planned and more interesting. For example, when I was writing Behind the Blade, Without the Wings over the summer, I came to a point where I wasn’t quite sure what needed to happen before Palladin was captured. Additionally, I was also more excited to write the scenes with Palladin’s capture because the tension would pick up. So in the space between where I had last written and Palladin’s capture scene, I wrote in brackets something like [blank happens here]. ← (If you have a general idea of what needs to happen, include that in the “blank” spot, such as “so-and-so does such-and-such.”) By doing this, I could move on to what I really wanted to write at that moment while also leaving myself a reminder for later of what I needed to add in. If you write the scenes you are most excited about, you can push writer’s block to the side and keep working on your story. 😉

And those are my three tips for “kicking out” writer’s block.

How do you get rid of writer’s block? Any tips and tricks I should try? Which tip listed above would you like to try? Who’s excited for the rally?? *raises hand*

During the rally (October 24th-November 5th) Teen Writers’ Nook is running a giveaway. Three winners will be chosen and the winners will win their choice of one of the books pictured below. (Imagine anthology is also included, though not pictured.)

Every post you comment on during the rally earns you an extra entry into the giveaway! To enter with this post comment below and tell me: Would you rather be hot or cold?

Tune in tomorrow for Issabelle’s interview with Kara Linaburg!

~ Katherine Perry


  • Rylie

    Oh Kat, I LOVE those tips! I’ve never actually thought about some of those before! lol Most of the time you see people saying take a break from your novel instead of pushing through. I really like your idea on it because if I took breaks, I’d NEVER get anything done. *talks to future Rylie who actually has a novel idea instead of present Rylie who has nothing* lol

    Ohh giveaway to a book of my choosing? I’m in! XD Ugh, hot or cold? They’re both fixable, but I guess I can’t fix them… Cold I’d say. XD

      • Katherine

        Aw, it’s not too much trouble at all, girl!<3 It's not been a problem so far, so you probably have nothing to worry about.😉 But I will definitely check it for you.<33

    • Katherine

      Aw, THANK YOU, Rylie!!!! I’m glad I was able to give you some new ideas then!😉 Haha, I know, right?! That’s what I’ve heard others saying as well. But when pushing through seemed to work for me, I decided to list it as one of the tips. Aww, I’m glad you like the idea.<3 Yeah, same here, girl! When I sit around and wait for writer's block to go away, I usually don't come back to my story as soon as I should. XD *goes with Rylie as she talks to future Rylie* XD

      Eeee, yes!!! Yay, woo-hoo!!! 😀 Haha, nice choice! XD *gives you blankets for when you're cold*

      • Rylie

        Yeah! I’m gonna use that push through tip a ton for this Nano. lol I’m trying to plot a lot better so I stick with a project, but I really don’t wanna fail writing every day. XD

        *takes blankets* Thank you!! my sister and I each own a sleeping bag we needed for a trip, and I’ve put mine on my bunk, and it really helps keep me warm in winter. XD

        • Katherine

          Awesome!!! Let me know how it works out. 😉 (Also, I hope NaNo is going well for you.<3) Yeah, that makes sense. Plotting is super helpful, in my opinion. 😉 Good luck with your plotting and writing!! I know you can do it!!!! I'm cheering you on!! *waves around pom-poms and attempts to do a cheer* XD

          You're so welcome!! Girl, that is such a SMART idea!!! I should pull out my sleeping bag and try that . . . . XD

  • Allie Jo Andersen

    Oooh I love these tips, Kat!! Writer’s block can be so frustrating, but you have some excellent tips and ideas here!! Writing sloppy is a really good idea; I’ll have to try that sometime!!

    Hmm, well right now we’re in Montana and it is REALLY cold, so I think I’d rather be hot. XD

    • Katherine

      Thank you, Allie!!!! Yep, I agree that it can definitely be frustrating. Aww, thank you!!! I hope it helps!! And good luck with your writing! 😉

      Ooh, that’s cool that you’re in Montana! Aah, I’m sorry it’s so cold. Haha, good choice!! Hot weather is great for things like swimming and eating ice cream. 😉

  • Mary

    Oooh, Katherine, these were such great tips! That’s so incredible you wrote for 100 days straight – and so true about pushing through! Also, definitely have to agree that perfectionism causes writer’s block!!

    Ooo, also, for the giveaway, is it physical copies or e-copies? Because I live outside the US haha. Anyway, in answer to the question, I’d rather be cold because I can easily pull on a hoodie, socks, and grab a blanket, hot chocolate, and book to fix it 😝

    • Katherine

      Thank you so much, Mary!!!!! I’m glad you like them!!! Thank you!! It was exhausting but worth it. XD Yep, I wish I had learned about pushing through before now. That would have been useful. XD Yep, definitely. 😉

      It can be either, your choice. 😉 No worries about living outside the US. International entries are allowed. 😉
      Nice choice!! My thoughts exactly, lol. I love wrapping myself in my blanket and drinking hot chocolate. It’s perfect. XD

  • Lorelei Angelino

    Great tips, Kat!! (And CONGRATS on completing the 100-for-100 Challenge, Superwoman!!🤯🥳) I haven’t been feeling any motivation to write these past few weeks, but I think I’m gonna use these to help me. <3

    As for the last questionnnnnnnnn…HM I think I'd rather be cold, but not eXtrEMeLy cold. What about you????

    • Katherine

      Thank you so much, Lore!!!! (Haha, THANK YOU!!!!😁 *beams*) Aw, I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you’ll feel more motivated soon!<3 Awesome!! I hope it helps!<3

      Oooh, that's a good choice!! And nice way of putting it too. 😉 It's unbearable when it's extremely cold. Hmm, sometimes I like the heat, but I think I'd rather be cold. If I'm cold I can put on a coat, but if I'm hot, I may not be able to cool off. XD

  • Victoria Crooks

    OOOOOOHHH these are some AWESOME tips, Katherine!!! Honestly, I think I need to be reminded of the “write sloppy” tip Every. Day. Because that’s one of the main reasons why I have such a hard time writing lol. #PerfectionistToTheCore XDD I also LOVE the idea of using brackets when skipping ahead because I always have a hard time jumping to different scenes due to the inconsistency of it (if that makes sense). XD

    As for any advice from myself, I find that putting together music playlists or Pinterest boards help me get over writer’s block too! (Going off topic real quick *isn’t surprised* I’M SO EXCITED YOU AND ISSABELLE ARE ON PINTEREST NOW!!! 😀 ) Watching movies and reading other books also provides a LOT of new inspiration!! (Of course, then ya gotta make sure you’re not stealing other people’s ideas….) XDD So yah. *nods* I think that’s all I got. 😛

    AnYwAy, thank you SOOOOO much for the advice!!! I’ll definitely have to put your tips to practice next time I get stuck on a story!!! Oh, and to enter the giveaway (cuz how could I NOT?? O.o ), I would rather be cold! *icy smile*

    • Katherine

      Thank you SO MUCH, Victoria!!!!! Haha, yes, I totally feel ya, girl. I’m such a perfectionist as well. I found it to be so freeing once I allowed myself to write sloppy. Yay, I’m glad you love the brackets idea! I hope it works for you. (Yep, that makes sense.😉 And I totally understand how it can be difficult b/c of inconsistency.)

      Oooh, those are such GREAT ideas!!!!!! I love them!!!!! I’m gonna have to make more Pinterest boards and some playlists!! (EEEEEEEEE, ME TOO!!!!! 😀 It’s been great! And addictive *cough cough* XD I LOVE your Pinterest boards btw!!!) Ooh, yes, that’s so true!!!! Now I need to go read more . . . . XD (Haha, yeah. XD) *speaks in a proper, elegant voice* Why thank you, o wise Victoria. That is fantastic advice! *shakes V’s hand* XDXD But, yes, I definitely love your tips!!!

      Of course!!! You are SO VERY welcome!!!! Awesome!!! I hope it works!! Cool choice! (<--see what I did there with "cool"? *winks*) *starts to sing, "the cold never bothered me anyway"*

  • Saraina

    SUCH good tips, Katherine!!! Thank you so much for sharing them!!! I need to remind myself that I can write sloppy lol… that’s one of the main things holding me back when it comes to pushing through the first draft. It can be messy!!! 😀 Haha!!

    And I would absolutely rather be hot than cold. Being cold is so unbearable! When the cold seeps into your bones it’s impossible to get comfortable… *shivers* I can’t. Which is why I can’t stay outside too long in the winter lol, and why I prefer the summer weather, as annoying as it can be. XD 🤣

    • Katherine

      Aww, THANK YOU, Saraina!!!! You’re so welcome!! It was my pleasure!! I feel ya, girl. I’m the same way. But telling myself to write sloppy has helped me so much. I hope it helps you too!<3 Haha, you said it!! 😉

      Ooh, nice choice!!! Aah, I know, right?! It feels hard to move when it's super cold. XD Haha, makes sense. XD Well, make sure you sit by a nice warm fire during the winter, preferably with a book.😜

  • Joy C. Woodbury

    Amazing post, Katherine! I’m a perfectionist so it can be hard for me to utilize the “skipping ahead” one, but I’m learning to be less of a perfectionist because perfectionism ain’t good for your writing. 😉 And in answer to your question, I would definitely rather be hot. I live in SoCal so I’m basically hot all the time anyway, and being cold is an altogether foreign and unpleasant sensation. XD

    • Katherine

      Thank you so much, Joy!!!! Yep, I know what you mean, girl. 😉 I’m a perfectionist as well, and breaking away from that is definitely so hard.
      Being hot is a good choice! Hot weather is perfect swimming weather! And perfect for ice cream too! 😉 Ooh, cool! Ah, I see. XD Good thing it’s hot where you live. 😉

  • K. R. Mattson

    I’m so excited to see everything posted during the Teen Writers Rally! And those Writers Block tips are fabulous! I usually take a break when I get writers block, but there’s a point when I must force myself to plug away at those words. *Totally haven’t been not plugging away for the past month😇*

    Would you rather be hot or cold? Me personally, cold, cause I can always put another coat on. Plus I’d rather freeze to death than bake in dehydration.

    • Katherine

      Eee, yay, I’m so excited to hear that!! I hope you enjoy and have fun reading the posts! Aw, thank you so much!!!! Yep, I’ve taken breaks before too. It’s really a nice refresher. Yep. It’s crazy how, as writers, we want to write but don’t at the same time, ya know? XD (Haha, yep, I’ve been there. XD I hope you’ll feel motivated to write soon.🙂)

      Ooh, that’s a good choice! Such a good point about putting a coat on. Wow, two extremes here. XD But I see how freezing to death might be more tolerable. XD

  • Gemma

    I’m so excited!!! Looking forward to it all! Thanks for the tips! I will certainly use them!
    Hands down cold. I can’t stand being hot.

    • Katherine

      Hi, Gemma! Yay, I’m so glad!!! 😀 I hope you enjoy it all!!! You’re very welcome!! Awesome! I hope they help!
      *high-fives* I’m with you, girl! I like hot weather, but only when I’m swimming. XD

  • Mary McMinn

    Those tips are great! I will work on it next time I get writer’s block. I usually get frustrated and skip till the next day. But with the suggestions, I should be able to push through! Thank Y’all!!! Just so you guys know, I would MUCH rather be Cold because then all you need to do is get a blanket. If you are hot you have to go to much more work to get cool again.

    • Katherine

      Thank you so much, Mary!!!! Cool!! I hope the tips help!! Oh yeah, I get that. Sometimes I’ve not even come back till months later. *hides from shame* XD Yay! *crosses fingers that it will work* Good luck!! You’ve got this, Mary!!! Aww, you are so welcome!!! I’m with you, girl! 😉 There are so many things you can do to warm up if you’re cold. Plus, fuzzy blankets are so cozy! I know, right? It’s so hard to cool off when you’re hot.

  • Joelle Stone

    This is hands down the awesomest giveaway on planet Earth. XD *rubs hands and eyes Ignite* I’d much rather be hot. I can function when it’s hot – and hot doesn’t hurt. Meanwhile, cold feels like you’re being burned by frozen fire and slows me down and is just plain miserable. XD What about you guys?

    • Katherine

      Haha, I’m happy to hear you think so!!! 😉 I love hosting giveaways!! They’re so much fun!!
      Nice choice! Oh yeah, I totally get that hot doesn’t hurt. If it’s too cold, you have to worry about frostbite.😬 Ooh, nice way of describing how the cold feels! Seriously, I love your description!!! Hmm, for me, I might have to choose cold. I get hot really easily, and I can tolerate cold temperatures fairly well. (Just so long as it isn’t SUPER cold. XD)

  • ✨Chloe✨

    EEEK! I’m so excited this rally has begun! I loved those tips from Katherine (spelled correctly XD), especially the one about perfectionism. That seems to be the biggest reason why I run into writers block when all I probably need to do is push through with whatever I do have figured out (maybe the question is answered that way!)

    Anywho, I cannot wait to see more of this rally!! (Also, I prefer hot 100%, especially after getting snow today where I live 😞. My car was frozen shut!)

    • Katherine

      EEEEEKKKK!!!!! YAYAYAY!!!!! Me too!!!!!! Aww, thank you!!!!<3 I'm glad you like them!!! (Hehe, thank you for spelling it correctly!😜) Yes, I like that one too because I can be such a perfectionist at times. 😉 Girl, I totally feel you! I hope my tip regarding perfectionism will help you!<33 (Yes, exactly!)

      Yes, that's what I love to hear, hehe!!! I hope you enjoy/enjoyed all the posts!!! (Ooh, that's a good choice!! *gasp* SNOW!!! *whispers to myself "I love snow"* XDD Aww, I'm so sorry your car was frozen shut! Sadly, that's the bad thing about snow and cold.)

  • Lillianna Joy

    Mmmmmm – great great post Katherine!! (And I spelled it right, you’re welcome XD)

    Especially love the part about pushing through – such a good reminder that writing isn’t always easy!!! And sometimes you have to buckle down and do the hard stuff!! So yeah, thank you for all the amazing reminders!!

    And I second Mary – I would DEFINITELY rather be cold because then you have an excuse to stay inside and READ ALL DAY LONGGGGGG!!!!!!!! XD And like the cozy socks and snow outside and just gah! everything about like winter and the holiday is amazing!!

    • Katherine

      Thank you so much, Lillianna!!! (I love your name, btw!!) (Hehe, thank you very much!! XD)

      Aw, thank you! I love that part too! 😉 It’s been so helpful for me. Yes, exactly. I couldn’t have said it better myself! 😉 And when you push through the hard stuff, that usually means it matters to you. Awww, you’re so welcome, girl!!!

      Hehe, yep, me too!! WHOA, YES YES YES, WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!?!?! XD The cold weather is the PERFECT excuse to read all day long!!!!!! XD Girl, you’re a genius! XD Ooh, yes, I love cozy socks and snow, and especially watching the snow fall!! You said it, girl!!

  • Penelope

    These tips are fantastic, Katherine!! I struggle a lot with the perfectionism part *Shoves stack of unfinished drafts out of sight* and I’m so glad you mentioned it cause I was starting to do it with my WIP without even realizing it and it was a great reminder for me. Also, I’m sure it’s been up for a while, but congratulations on finishing Behind the Blade, Without the Wings!!! And congrats on getting published in Tell Me You Love Me!!!! Both of those are super exciting and I’m soooooo happy for you!! *Celebratory hugs* <333

    As for the question… Normally, I think I would say cold, but I'm really cold right now so hot sounds way better. XD

    • Katherine

      Thank you so much, Penelope!!!!! Yeah, same here. Perfectionism really gets me. (I think that’s why I discovered these tips. XD) Aw, I’m so glad I mentioned it then! I hope it will help your WIP! Good luck writing!!!!! You can do it, Penelope!!!! *waves pom-poms* Aww, thank you so much!!!!😊 Awww, girl, you’re soo sweet!!<33 *smiles extra wide* Thank you!!! *hugs you back* <3333

      Haha, I'd normally answer cold as well. 😉 Oh, yeah, I can see how you would rather be hot. 😉 *sends blankets, fuzzy socks, and hot chocolate to warm Penelope up*

  • Corrie.S.P

    I am always using the perfectionism point. When I write it is line by line. I make sure my spelling is perfect and my sentences make sense. Then….. after I am done I go back and revise. It’s probably a habit I should shake😅
    I usually push through when I’m writing.
    Wow! 100 days of writing!!! That is dedication!!!!!
    *raises hands as well* Excitement!
    Hmm….. Hot or cold…… As in body temperature? Or actions/emotions?
    I would say cold for body temp, I can always wear extra clothing and blankets! And what is better than reading all cozy in your bed? The other way around is less fun🤣
    For the emotions/actions, hot is better. I would rather be warm and friendly, than cold and a shunner of people.

    • Katherine

      Oh, I know what you mean! I’m that way too.😉 I like everything like spelling and grammar to be perfect. Haha, I guess it’s a habit we need to shake together.😜
      That’s great that you push through!! *gives you a high-five*
      Thanks! Yeah, it was hard though, eh eh. XD Not sure if I’ll do it again . . . . XD
      Yayay!!!!! I’m glad you’re excited!!!!
      Hmm, well, I was thinking body temperature, but either works. 😉 That’s a good choice! Ooh, yes, good plan! I love warm blankets! XD Aahh, YES YES YES!!!!! Reading in bed is perfect!!! Lol, exactly.😆
      Nice way of putting it! I feel the same way. I want to have a warm heart rather than a cold one.

  • Lillian Keith

    Thanks for the awesome tips, Katherine!
    And to answer your question, I’d say cold because it’s easier to put on layers. Plus, if it’s cold, it’s easier to get in your exercise (or hiking, in my case), because you’ll be motivated to stay warm XD

    • Katherine

      Of course!!!! You’re so welcome, Lily!!!!!!
      Hehe, yep, I have to agree there! 😉 Haha, I didn’t think of it that way, but that’s a really good point!! Plus, I love hiking!!! (Now I need to do more exercise in the winter . . . . XD)

  • Kaley Kriesel

    Pushing through is hard but so worth it! I might do the 100-for-100 some time…. And also allowing yourself to write a mess is really useful. A truck I’ve heard to keep yourself from editing while writing is to turn the font the same color as the page. This forces you to just write and have zero idea what it looks like or how you ended up spelling things or where the coma ended up going.
    I’d definitely rather be hot, but I don’t have a really good reason lol.

    • Katherine

      Yes, you said it, Kaley!! Ooh, you should!! It’s fun and a great challenge!! Yes, I agree! Allowing myself to write messy is what keeps me writing because otherwise, I get discouraged when my writing isn’t “perfect.” Ooh, that sounds like a great trick!!! I’ll have to try it! I bet it will be very helpful. Thank you so much for telling me about it!! 😀
      Great choice! Lol, that’s alright. One thing is for sure, when you’re hot, you won’t freeze (or get frostbite . . .). 😉

    • Katherine

      Oooh, awesome!!!! That one always works well for me. 😉 I hope it works for you too!! Oh, yeah, me too! 😉 I don’t like it when it’s super hot, but I can handle the cold okay.

  • Liz

    Love these tips! That funny thing is, I rarely get writers block. If it does come up, you can be sure I’m coming here to use these tips!!

    I’d rather be cold. I could always throw on a hoodie and grab some blankets 🙂

    • Katherine

      Thank you so much, Liz!!! Ooh, really? That’s great you don’t get writer’s block often! (Tell me your secret!🧐😆) Sounds good!! This post will be here when you need it! 😉

      Aah, yes, me too. Yes, exactly. Hoodies and blankets are perfect!

  • Rose Q. Addams


    I don’t know, honestly. I don’t like being cold at all, but at least you can put on more clothes… if you’re hot, you can’t take off your skin. XD

    • Katherine

      It’s a hard choice for sure because they both are/can be two extremes. XD Haha, that’s a good way of putting it. XDD There’s only so much you can take off when you’re hot. XD

  • Emma

    Girl, those ways to beat writer’s block are SO helpful! I loved this, great job!!! I actually used the tips when I was doing the 100-for-100 but forgot all about them lol, so it was a great reminder for me to know that I should use them again if I get writer’s block in Nov! As for the hot/cold……hm I guess I would rather be cold. XD *scurries off to catch up on the rest of this week’s rally posts*

    • Katherine

      Aww, that’s nice of you to say!!!<33 I hope so! Aw, thank you!!! Lol, I'm glad I was able to remind you then! I hope you're able to "kick out" writer's block if you have any this month. 😉 Ooh, that's a good choice. Now if only we had some ice magic . . . (and Olaf to keep us company). XD *munches on chips while Emma catches up* XD

  • Katja Labonté

    So I’m not sure how I managed to not hear of this rally or of this website, but oh well… I am here now. And this is a GREAT collection of posts! I myself find my writer’s block often stems from me trying to write what I think ought to happen or what I think people want, and once I let myself write what I want to write or what the characters want to happen, things go smoothly… but I’ve definitely also had to wait, push through, or write knowing I’ll have to come back later and edit. ;P Which is humbling, which is good, I guess…

    Anyways, in response to your question, I’d rather be cold 1000% because it’s easy to get warmer but very hard to get colder. I am warm-blooded most of the time and overheat fast, so I basically melt in summer…

    • Katherine

      Hm, I’m not sure either, lol. But we’re glad you’re here!!! Welcome to the Nook!!! Ah, THANK YOU!!!!!
      That makes sense. I often feel the same way with my writing too. The story and writing process is always so much more enjoyable when it’s what we (or our characters) want rather than what we think it needs to be. Yes, exactly. The writing journey/process can be frustrating, but it’s all worth it in the end. 😉

      Nice choice! I’m with ya there, girl! 😉 I’d most definitely rather be cold. (Even if I like the summer slightly better than winter . . . XD) Yes, so true. SAME!! XD I get hot very quickly, so that’s why I tend to wear shorts, even if the weather is cooler.

  • Faith Quelle

    Ooh, these are really good! I haven’t tried skipping ahead in my novel yet, although I’ve heard of doing that… I dunno. I guess I’m not brave enough. But one of these days, I’ll try it.

    Girl. WHY must you ask SUCH IMPOSSIBLE QUESTIONS?????????? *sobs* I do not know. I guess… hot? maybe? but I can’t stand either… *is now wondering why she lives in MN, the land of impossible cold*

    • Katherine

      Thank you so much, Faith!!! It’s an interesting trick and can be hard if you like writing in order. Ah, maybe you don’t feel brave, but I believe in you. Gooo Faith, you can do it!!! *cheers* And when the day comes that you decide to try it, I’ll still be here cheering you on. *wink wink* When you do try it, however, you’ll have to let me know how it goes. 😉

      AAAHHH, I HAVE NO IDEA!!! I THINK IT WAS ISSABELLE’S IDEA, MAYBE???? IDK, I CAN’T REMEMBER, BUT I’M PUTTING THE BLAME ON HER ANYWAYS. XDD Ah, that’s okay. Poor Faith. *pats you on the back* We need to ask easier questions next time. XD Hot’s a good choice. Yeah, both are difficult . . . . *wonders that as well* XD

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