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#Writing Community Blog Award

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? It’s the FIRST TIME anyone has ever tagged me for something and I’m SOOOOO PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s bring on the CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well welcome back to another post from ME!!!!!! Today I’ve got this REALLY awesome writing tag created by Lauren from Pro Story Builders! Let me just add this brief note to say if any of you are wanting some more awesome writing tips, then this is an AWESOME blog to check out!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH TO RIBBON ASH @ VIRTUAL PAPER FOR TAGGING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the first time I’d been tagged by anyone plus I had been secretly hoping someone would tag me for it ever since I first saw it, SO THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEFINITELY go check out Ribbon Ash’s AmAzInG blog HEEEEERRRRREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooooh, I guess according to the lovely image that goes with the tag TWN is now officially one of the best writing blogs! Cool!!!!!!

THE RULES!!!!!!!!!

1. Display the award logo on your site. (Done and done!!!!)

2. Link back to the person who tagged you. (Here’s the link to Ribbon Ash’s post for all y’all who wanna read it!!! Which you guys REALLY should!!!!!!!!!!!!)

3. Answer 5 questions. (Oooh, only five??? This is gonna be a short post!)

4. Tag 3 blogs (must be blogs related to writing, not book review blogs) and ask them 5 new questions. (Um…y’all we ALL know my skills at coming up with questions are SERIOUSLY lacking. Can’t I just ask everyone what their favorite colors are and call it a post?? XD)

5. Follow as many blogs with this award as you can! (Awesome! Though, I think I’m already following a lot of people who have done it so far!!!)

This shouldn’t be too hard!!!! XDD

ONTO THE QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. What’s the best writing advice you have heard?

You can’t edit a blank page! I was reading a book about writing and at the moment I read those words it was like LIFE-CHANGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since then I’ve been able to complete my novels MUCH better!!!! ‘Cause what I write in my first drafts don’t have to sound good or even have coherent sentences. It just needs to be written and THEN I can go and edit whatever needs to be done in the later drafts. 

2. What’s the worst writing advice you have heard?
That all teen writers work stinks. I’m NOT kidding. I was reading a post that some author did with writing advice for teens and that was the first ones. To know your writing stinks. I’m sorry, y’all but I don’t believe nor listen to a word of it. I mean, he was trying to say it’s not good now but will get better in time, but either way, it’s NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care how old you are, YOU ARE AN AWESOME WRITER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Age doesn’t determine that! I’ve been reading a few teens writings and let me tell you, so far what I’ve read is a thousand times better than some published books out there BY ADULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Why did you make your blog a writing one?
Because I wanted to encourage and inspire teens to write. It was actually that dude’s post that totally helped set TWN in stone. If there was gonna be that kind of stuff out there about teen writers than we also needed a blog that told it how it is. Which is TEENS CAN BE AWESOME WRITERS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Are you a writer first or a reader first?

Probably a reader. Readers are what create the best writers! I’ve learned most about writing from reading and studying what other authors do. I became an avid reader before I became an avid writer. So, probably reader!

5. How many writing ideas do you have on hold for the future?

Oooooh, good question!!!!! I’ve got one idea that needs some serious work, I’ve got Robyn Hood’s story to work on, I’ve got an idea for a prequel to Into the Lamp, and I’ve got an idea for Into the Lamp‘s sequel, AND I’ve got my new current WIP idea. And today I shall FINALLY share the title and mock cover, though, personally, I didn’t think the mock cover turned out quite how I wanted it to, but oh well! The title ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Heir to His Crown!!!! And my one-sentence selling line is “A fight for the crown suddenly became a fight for his life.” 

Anyways, THANK YOU AGAIN SOOOO MUCH Ribbon Ash for tagging me for this!!!!!!!!!!! It was a blast!!! My taggees!! (Is that what people call it? I mean, I’m the tagger so wouldn’t everyone else be the taggees? Never mind. XD)

1. Joy Caroline!

2. Em Elizabeth

3. Jen @ Living Outside the Lines!!!

My questions!!!!

1. What made you start writing?

2. Do you ever have any days when you question why you’re a writer?

3. What’s a recent tip you’ve learned for writing?

4. What’s your favorite writerly quote?

5. Do you have someone you consider like your writing mentor? 

ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I’m not sure yet if I’m gonna get chapter 4 of Robyn Hood’s story up this week, I’m gonna give you a sneak peek of what’s coming up in the story!!! Something to get us all pumped and excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my apology for not working on it.

This is actually really fun making y’all scroll through all of this.

I see why other bloggers do this. XD

This could go on for HOURS!!!!!!!!

I have no idea why I’m doing all of this!

I think I’m just typing every random thing that comes to mind.

I have no life.

Help me!

Well, enough of that. Here it is!

Queen Idaline is an upcoming character I’m SUPER excited for all of you to meet!!!!!!!!!!! (Also, TWN is wanting to hear your thoughts on upcoming posts!! If you’d like to suggest some new posts please fill out our form here!

SOOOO QUESTION TIME!!!!!!!!!! Are y’all excited to meet Queen Idaline? Are you a writer or reader first? Also, here’s a question I’ve been dying to ask, how did you find TWN? I know some of y’all’s story but it’s always something I wonder for those I don’t. Also, why do you like TWN and stick around? I mean there’s THOUSANDS of other blogs out there, why is TWN a place you stick around at? What does it mean to you? Hard questions, I KNOW! You guys don’t have to answer I’ve just been wondering what y’all thought. 

Issabelle Perry is a proud Jesus follower, an extroverted writer, and a homeschool graduate. When she's not writing, you can find her reading, jamming to Skillet, studying history, hunting for Narnia in wardrobes, or envisioning herself wielding a magnificent sword (but due to her clumsiness, let’s hope that never happens). This self-proclaimed exclamation mark enthusiast can be found hanging out at Teen Writers’ Nook, a community of teen authors Issabelle co-founded in 2020. She is the author of Don't Let Me Go (Sky's the Limit Press 2024), May We Make Them Proud (2023), and a co-editor for two anthologies. What she’s probably doing right now is fangirling about her favorite books to random people or scanning the pantries for chocolate.


  • Jane

    YOUR FIRST BLOG TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so going to have a celebration!!!!!!! *throws confetti* *hangs party streamers* *hands you a piece of cake* while you eat your cake I’ll answer the questions you asked.

    Uh YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to meet queen Idaline!!!!!!!!!!! Cool name by the way. πŸ™‚

    I was a reader first and reluctant reader at that. I have a bit of dyslexia so reading was really hard for me at first and I didn’t really get into reading until I was ten-almost-eleven because before that reading was chore that made my head hurt. Then, when I read my first Stuart Gibbs book I started to think it would be fun to write.

    I think I’ve told you how I found TWN already but I’ll tell you again because why not. I was on Jenniffer Nielsen’s blog, you had put a link to TWN so I clicked on it and the rest is history. πŸ™‚

    I like TWN because It was one of the first writing blogs/blog I found. It seemed like a great community and I felt accepted here. it was a group of teens who were all interested in writing like me. You have all been so kind and sweet to me that leaving became an impossible thing to do.
    When ever I (or anyone else) submits questions for something you were doing, you made me (and probably everyone else) feel AMAZING!!! When I first submitted questions for Colin’s interview, you put in a huge part going on and on about how much you liked me and my questions, I almost cried with because of how happy I was that you had done that (This part might just be creepy, but I copied what you had said and sent myself it an a email because it made me feel so fantabulous!)

    Anyway, congrats on your first blog tag!!!!!!!!!!! You did a great job!!!!!!!!!!! Now, about the scrolling thing. . .

    Your right, this is fun!

    As you say, just keep scrolling,

    I think you need to put more, it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would to get to the end of your post. XDD Sorry for the really long comment, I just had to try this. πŸ™‚

    • Issabelle

      Well, it’s the first one I’ve been tagged for, it’s the second tag I’ve done. But YAY!!!!!!!! WE SHOULD STILL CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does a crazy dance around my room* *dances in confetti and admires the party streamers* Ooooh, *happily takes piece of cake and starts stuffy it in my mouth while continuing to read Jane’s comment* YAY!!!!!!

      YAY!!!!!! I can’t wait for you to meet her too!!!!! I hope you like her!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      SAME!!!!!!! Until like three yearsish ago I was a reluctant reader. I was a little bit older than that before I fell in love with reading, so you’re doing MUCH better than me! Well, personally, I’m SOOOOO GLAD you ended up wanting to write!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I think it’s AWESOME that even though you have dyslexia, you still love writing and reading. A book I REALLY love I, Coriander was actually written by a woman who had dyslexia.

      YESS!!!!! It was actually Katherine who put the link in and I’m SOOOOO GLAD she did!!!!!!!! TWN is a much more fun place with you along!!!!

      Aw, girl, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! I’m SOOOO HAPPY you felt accepted here!!!!!! And I wanna add that I’m SOOO GRATEFUL to have you along!!!!!!! I still remember when your first comment came in!!!!! I don’t know if I ever told you the story, but it was at a time when TWN only had like one follower and we basically never got comments. And then a comment came in from some random person named Jane and it was like ONE OF THE BEST DAYS EVER!!!!!!!!!! I jumped around and screamed and everyone around me looked at me like I was the craziest girl on earth!!!!!! XD And then for the next few weeks TWN officially had one dedicated follower!!!!!!!! And I don’t know if you’ll ever understand how thankful I’ve been to have you along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWN wouldn’t be the same without you, girl!!!!!!!!! Aw, girl, you’re TOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! (Also, that’s TOTALLY not weird!!!!! The comment you left on the portion of the opening chapter of Into the Lamp I actually emailed to me. So every time I have one of my down writer moods, I can read it to remind me one of the reasons I’m writing. I have to get Into the Lamp published ’cause I can’t leave Jane wondering what happened to Colin forever.)

      THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m HAPPY to hear you think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Okay, I’m done now. XD Oh, is that a challenge? XD The next time I’m TOTALLY putting in extra dashes!!!!!!!!!!! It’s gonna be fun!!!!!!!! XD The long comment is TOTALLY Okay!!!!!!!!!! The long scrolling is actually pretty fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ <33 <33 <33

      • Jane

        Oh, well that’s a little embarrassing. But yes!! Lets still celebrate!!!! *takes piece of cake for myself*

        I wouldn’t say I’m doing MUCH better than you, sometimes it just takes the right book to get someone interested in reading and Spy School was the right book for me.

        Aw, thank you!!!!! I’m glad I found TWN to!!!! I remember that day to!!!!! I was actually really worried about commenting because I had never commented on ANYTHING before, (seriously, I had NEVER commented on anything before) I think I clicked the “post” button with my eyes shut and then kept re-loading the website until you replied to it. Then when you finally did reply, I was over the moon because it had worked out and you seemed really nice. Posting that comment was one of the best things I did last year.

        Hahaha!!!!! Yeah the long scrolling is pretty fun!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and I like the book quote you have for this month!! I really should read “little house on the prairie” sometime, I’ve only seen the show.

        • Issabelle

          Hahaha, it’s okay!! I realize I wasn’t very clear!!!! YESSS!!!!!!!! Bring on the CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!!!! Hahah!!!!!!!! That cake was DELICIOUS, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

          Haha, well I say you’re doing MUCH better and truly what I say trumps all. XDD That’s VERY true!!!!!! Hey, random question, do you have a favorite quote from the Spy School series?

          You’re welcome!!!!! Yep SAME!!!!!!! Hahaha, really? That truly was an AWESOME day!!!!!!!! *gasp* TWN WAS THE FIRST SITE YOU COMMENTED ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! That’s AWESOME!!!!!! Well, I’m just SOOO VERY happy you did comment!!!!! You’ve just made TWN a much better place! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! XD Honestly, that sounds like something I’d do!! The first time I commented it was on Jennifer Nielsen’s site. I don’t remember how it all happened, I just remembered being super nervous. (Sadly, my comment didn’t get a reply. XD) Receiving that comment was one of the best things that happened to me last year!!!!!

          It really is!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! It was actually Alana who picked it! She loves the Little House series! Oooh, well if you’ve only seen the show then you are gonna HAVE TO READ THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!! I’ve been through the book series once and I remembered really liking them!

          • Jane

            I actually do have a favorite quote from Spy School. So, Erica seems to know a lot of stuff shes not supposed to know and every time someone asks her about it, she says “I’m training to be a spy, its my job to know things.” Its pretty much the classic line in the series for her.
            Then, there’s this line that isn’t really a quote (its more of a part) but I think its funny. Ben’s the first one to start talking.

            “Pinwheel? What’s Pinwheel?”
            “You know what it is. Don’t play stupid with me!”
            “I’m not playing! I really am stupid!” Admittedly, that wasn’t the best choice of words, but I was panicked.

            This is when an assassin breaks into the school and is asking Ben about pinwheel with a gun pointed in his face.
            Have you read Spy School before? I know you told me once that you had reads some of the books, but have you read the first one?

            • Issabelle

              Ooooh, that’s a SUPER AWESOME QUOTE!!!!!!!!!! That sounds like Erica!!!!!!!! YES!!! She does always know waaaaaay more than you’d think she should know!!!!!!! XD Oh, wow, LOL!!! That scene is SUPER hilarious and actually sounds like Ben in so many ways. XDD Yes!! I’ve read Spy School, Spy Camp, Evil Spy School, and Spy Ski School!!!!!!!!!!! But it’s been waaaaaaay too long! I really need to get back into the series! I remembered really liking them when I was younger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Issabelle

                  IKR!!!!!!!!!! Ever since you’ve been talking about it, it’s made me really wanna go back through them!!!!!!

                  Do you want my favorite quote from The False Prince or my favorite from the whole series?

                    • Issabelle

                      Okay for TFP fav quote: “A strong heart will always overcome a strong body.”
                      AAAANNNNNNNDDDDDD favorite quote out of the whole series issssssssssss

                      “I have been commanded by the king of Avenia to give you one last order and so I shall. Hear me now and always: Be loyal to the thing you know is right. Never bend to weakness, never yield to a false crown. Right will always triumph in the end and you will want to be on that side when it does.”

                    • Jane

                      Oooh, that’s a good one!!
                      That is something we should all remember. Some pretty wise words coming Sage. πŸ˜€
                      Those are two AWESOME quotes!!!!

                    • Issabelle

                      THANK YOU!!!!!!!! *dramatically bows*
                      I totally agree!!!! YESS!!!!! Some pretty wise words coming from Sage! πŸ˜„
                      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! <33 Do you have any favorites?

                    • Jane

                      Not really, but I really like the ones you chose. πŸ™‚
                      Oh, and I forgot to thank you about what you said about how you thought it was cool how I love writing and reading even though I have a little dyslexia. <33

    • Katherine

      I am so happy you clicked the link I had put on Jennifer Nielsen’s site. When I first did it nothing came from it and I thought it was the worst decision of my life. But then you came from it and now I believe it was the best decision of my life!!!!!!! I always love reading your comments!!!! You always bring a smile to my face!!!!! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for sticking around!πŸ˜‰

      • Jane

        So am I!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO! I’m very glad you put the link there!!!!! Aw, I love reading your comments to!!! I’m very glad my past-self stuck around to!!!!!!!! Writing just wouldn’t be as fun without this blog!!!!!! <33 πŸ™‚

        • Katherine

          πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Haha, it was true though. I was literally regretting I had put the link in. Then you came along and I started thanking God that something WONDERFUL came from it! Me too!!!!! Aw, you’re so sweet!!!!😊 THANK YOU!!!!!! Yes, we are very very glad!!!!!!!!πŸ˜€ Awwwwww!!!!! Thank you so very much! You are just so so sweet!!!!! I mean it! And writing wouldn’t be as much fun for me without everyone’s encouragement on this blog!!!!!<3<3

  • Ribbon Ash

    YOU’RE VERY WELCOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I knew I would enjoy your questions!!!!!! They were awesome!!
    I am a reader first too. I was reading way before I considered writing. I fell in love with the stories before writing the stories I love.
    A prequel and a sequel for Into the Lamp???? I am so excited about that!!!!!!! Doesn’t need to happen – just exciting to hear of the possibility! Also that new WIP idea is soooo cool!!!
    And that character looks so cool!! I love the collage!!!!
    In answer to question 1: I found this site through Christine’s Linkup!
    In answer to question 2: Honestly, I stuck around because of Maggie, now known as Issabelle. I adore talking to her so much that I decide to really check out the site properly and I found I really like it for the fun and writing posts it hosts. So I stayed so to be part of the comments, for enjoyment, fangirling, and learning new writing things. I think that covers it.

    • Issabelle

      YAY!!!!!!! I’m GLAD to hear you’ve enjoyed my answers!!!!!!!! This tag was TONS of fun!!!!! THANK YOU again for tagging me!!!!!!!!!
      YESS!!!! *high-fives* That’s AWESOME!!!!!! I think mine might’ve been a tad bit of a mix, but I wasn’t serious about writing until after I became serious with reading!!!
      YEP!!!!! The prequel will probably be about Colin’s dad if it ever happens and I REALLY hope one day to be able to write the sequel for Into the Lamp!!!!!!!!! *crossing fingers* But YAY!!!!!! I’m excited that you’re excited!!!!!!!!! (Actually because you love the idea, it has a waaaaaaaaaaaaay more likely chance of happening than before, so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!) THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! <33
      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I'm actually VERY happy with how that collage turned out!!!!!!! <33
      I thought so!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!! I actually found yours through Go Teen Writers! (If you might find that interesting...)
      Aw, girl, you're just TOO SWEET!!!!!! I'm glad you stuck around 'cause I REALLY enjoy talking with you too!!!!!!!!!!! And THANK YOU for being a part of the TWN community!!!!!!!!!!! It wouldn't be the same without you!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* Your comments ALWAYS make the posting that much MORE fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ribbon Ash

        Oh, cool. I was definitely a reader. I didn’t care for writing my own stories when I was a child.
        Well, THAT’S EVEN MORE EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad I helped you with deciding to write them someday!!!!
        I just LOVE the collage. I was definitely staring at it for a while. (*whispers* I made my first collage two days ago and it happens to be of Smoke. I am going to reveal it on my character page some time this month when I update my blog. So keep your eyes out for it.)
        GO Teen Writers? How? I barely comment on that blog (this is very interesting).
        Aww, you’re welcome! OH MY GOODNESS, I make posting more FUN? Wow, that’s so awesome. I’m really glad that I do.
        Also, I don’t why I talked about you as “her” in my comment. That was kinda of weird.
        (And I got more news for you. I ordered The Shadow Throne and The Captive Kingdom!!!!!!!!!)

        • Issabelle

          COOL!!!!!!!! All the stories I started (which was only two) never made it very far before I gave up. XD YAY!!!!!!!!!! Oh, YES!!!! I’m glad too, ’cause I REALLY wanna and now it’s like I HAVE TO FOR RIBBON ASH!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! <33 I need that kind of motivation!

          THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aw, really? That's just made me SUPER happy!!!!!! (*gasp* THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!! THE WAIT IS JUST TOO HARD, GIRL!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN WE'RE TALKING ABOUT SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

          Funny story. Okay, actually, it's not that funny. XD I was new to blogging and Go Teen Writers and on some post I saw you had commented and hadn't seen you around before. I literally clicked the link to just about everyone who commented on GTW and I clicked it. VERY happy I did!

          YESSSS!!!!!!!!! (I mean, c'mon, that whole conversation with Smoke and Colin was EPIC!!! And then we have that whole conversation about Genie and Smoke fighting and who would win.) I'm really glad you do that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Hahaha, that's perfectly okay!!!!!!!! Trust me, girl, in comparison to all the weird things I've done, it wasn't weird at all!!!!!!!!!!
          (*gasp* THAT'S JUST AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooooh, I can't wait for you to read them!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you'll LOVE THEM!!!!!!)

          • Ribbon Ash

            That’s cool that you started two stories! I started a story once before I started to seriously think about writing but I was definitely a reader before then too.
            Awww, yes, do it for me! XD What a honour of being the person who motivates another to do a story they are unsure about. Still no pressure though. You can tell me about another story idea to distract me and I’ll get excited for that too no questions!! XD
            πŸ˜€ <3 (Haha, maybe I should have kept it to myself…)
            Oh, wow, cool! I only remember commenting once so this makes a lot of sense! Me too!!
            Yes, true, those conversations were awesome!!!! (Smoke's miffed but who cares about his feelings? Just kidding, I care a little too much about his feelings. XD)
            Haha, I just wanted to comment about it. And, yeah, we are all weird here!
            (Yes, VERY EXCITING! They are on their way now too!!!!!!!)

            • Issabelle

              THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, that’s SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!!!!
              Okay, I will try my absolute hardest to write it for you!!!!!!!!! IKR!!!!! It’s pretty awesome to be an inspiration to someone else!!!!! Okay, I TOTALLY will!!!!!!!!!!! I’m still working some details out but be looking for a post on it sometime this month!!!!!! XD
              <3 Haha, no I'm glad you said it!!!! Now I've got something AWESOME to look forward to!!!!!
              COOL!!!!!!!! <33
              THEY WERE SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yea who cares? Haha, me too. I think I'm starting to care a little tooo much as well. XD)
              Hahaha, that's probably VERY true about us all having something weird here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 XD
              SUPER EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33

  • Em Elizabeth

    First: LOVE the tagline for Heir to his Throne. I am intrigued indeed!
    Second: Thank you very much for the tag! I’ll have my response up within the next day or so.
    Third: To answer your question-
    I found this blog through the comment section of Go Teen Writers. I think someone here checked out the link I had to my blog, so I decided to reciprocate. Writing is a fairly solitary activity, and I decided that it was high time that I started getting more active in the community and supporting other aspiring writers like myself. When I got here, I saw just how much positivity and quirky-fun energy everyone on this site exudes, and that’s why I’ve stuck around. This is a fun, wholesome place to get excited about writing, and it’s great to be able to watch others’ journeys unfold and trade encouragement along the way.

    • Issabelle

      THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33 <33 YESSSS!!!!!! I thought it turned out REALLY good! (Much better than the opening line....but we're not going THERE. XD)

      You're soooooooo very welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT to read it!!!!!!!!!! It's gonna be AWESOME I'm certain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      AWEEEEEESSSSOOOOOOMMMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guessed right all along!!!!!!!! Oh, yes, that'd be me and Katherine!!!! We've both been to your site, which is AWESOME BTW if I might add!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOOOOO glad you did!!!!!!! TWN wouldn't be the same without you tagging along!!!!!! (I mean who would I have tagged for the #Writing Community award. Seriously. WHO?????) Hahaha!!!!! I like that reasoning very much!!!!! And YES!! Writing used to sometimes get a little lonely for me until I found the blogosphere!!!!!!!! Aw, girl, I'm SOOOOO HAPPY to hear that!!!! (I believe I might account for more than my fair share of quirkyness. XDD) I'm SOOOO GLAD you did stick around. THANK YOU for supporting TWN!!!!!!! It means the world to me!!!!!!!!!! And I'm MORE THAN HAPPY to have you a part of the community!!!!!!!!! <33 YAY!!!! I'll agree that it is SUPER exciting to be able to watch other people in their writing journey and to be a part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Katherine

      Em Elizabeth, I remember when you had replied to have comment I did on Go Teen Writers. I remember being really excited when I saw your reply! You encouraged me so much that I went to check out your site. Thank you so much for coming to Teen Writers’ Nook!!!!!!!!!

  • Mahitha R.

    1) Yayyy!! Superrr excited to meet Queen Idaline!! πŸ˜€
    2) DEFINITELY a reader first! My inspiration for writing comes from reading itself!!
    3) I found out about TWN from Jennifer A. Nielsen’s blog and found out it’s sooo cool and fun! πŸ™‚
    4&5) I LOVE TWN because it’s has a bunch of really interesting posts that I love! You girls are my kind of people!! I stick around ONLY because of all that!
    6) TWN means that I’m not the only one trying to become a great author!! It means that I can keep trying and failing until I succeed!!


    • Issabelle

      YAY!!!!!!!!! Super excited FOR you to meet Queen Idaline!!!! I think (HOPE) you’ll love her!!!!!!!!!!
      SAME!!!!!!! I’m the EXACT SAME WAY, girl!!!!!! *high-fives*
      Aw, girl, I’m glad you think that!!!!!!! Hahaha, that’s AWESOME!!!! Well, I’m SUPER HAPPY you stick around. It’s just AMAZING to have you as a part of the TWN community!!!!!! <33 So, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for joining us!!!!!!!!
      Aw, I'm feel the same way with this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad to hear this site encourages you!!!! That's always been one of my biggest dreams for TWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joy Caroline

    Ooh, thank you so much for tagging me! Your questions sound like a lot of fun. I will definitely answer them!

    I would have to agree with you about the reader first thing. I believe if you don’t read, you can’t write. It’s just impossible. You have to learn from other writers. When I read, I find that I always read through the eyes of a writer. I’m not just experiencing a good story, I’m keeping an eye out for plot structure, character development, all that good stuff. That way I can make my own writing better.

    I also COMPLETELY agree with you that being a teen has nothing to do with good or bad writing! I’ve read books by adults that I didn’t enjoy.

    I am TOTALLY excited to meet Queen Idaline! (Her name sounds so cool and exotic.) And I love TWN because it’s so positive and so welcoming to everyone. I’ve made so many amazing friends here that ensure I am never lonely during quarantine or any other time! I wish I had discovered TWN sooner than I did, LOL.

    Also, thank you SO SO SO SO SO much for beta reading The Apostle’s Sister chapter one! I’m going to look at your suggestions right after this. I am so grateful, I can’t tell you how much! Just know you’ve done an incredible thing for me, and I am so so thankful. Both you and Katherine!!

    And by the way, all your talk about Into the Lamp has me listening to “A Whole New World” on repeat. Like, I’m literally listening to it as I type this. I like the version with ZAYN and Zhavia Ward. LOL!

    • Issabelle

      You’re soooo ABSOLUTELY WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! I hope they are!!!! I’m terrible at question coming!!! It was SUPER tempting to put what’s your favorite color down on the list of questions!!! XD YAY!!!!!! Can’t WAIT for the post!!!!!!!!

      YAY!!!!!! That’s SUPER TRUE!!!!!!!! Readers make writers! Soooo true!!!!!!! I’m THE EXACT SAME WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m like subconsciously critiquing ever story and movie I read/watch!!! It’s crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially when I’m watching a movie with my family and just start rambling on how this scene was too much info-dump of that dialogue is unrealistic. It’s crazy. XD I actually read a post Mary from Wild Writing Dreams did about reading like a writer!! I really kind of feel like a lot of writers (sometimes unknowingly) do that. For me it’s more like by accident. XD That’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!! I figure everyone here already believes that but it’s good to know I’m not the only one. SAME!!!!!!

      YAY!!!!!!! I hope you’ll like her a lot!!!!!!! (THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I literally found that name in some old baby name book my mom had. XD) Aw, girl, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! And THANK YOU for joining TWN!!! It truly wouldn’t be the same without you!!!!!!!! I ALWAYS enjoy your comments and when we get on writerly topics. It’s a TON of fun!!!!!!!! (And all the times you mention that you’d totally read Into the Lamp!!!!!!! That means more than you’d ever know!!!!!!) You’ve brought a lot of awesomeness to the blog!!!!!! Aw, girl, you’re soooo sweet!!!!!!! It’s the exact same way for me!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! Hey the wait for you to find TWN was totally worth it. (Wait, that might’ve sounded weird. XD)

      Girl, you’re TOTALLY WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! It was an absolute joy!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! You’re an awesome writer and I have honestly enjoyed being able to read your story and cannot wait for more!!!!!!!!!! GREAT!!!!!! Let me know how my critiquing is! I’m kind of thinking about maybe being a freelance editor if the whole writer thing doesn’t work out. So feedback is appreciated! Girl, truly, I’m the one who should be thanking you for giving me something amazing to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you’re ABSOLUTELY welcome!!!!!!!!!!

      Hahaha, really? I’m glad to hear I inspired the songs you listen to. XD Hahaha, okay now I wanna go listen to it. I really should’ve been listening to the whole soundtrack when I wrote Colin’s story. That would’ve been cool. I guess I’ll have to try it for the sequel!!!! LOL!!!! Cool!!!! (Also, I feel like I should say, ever since you made a comment on one of your posts about using LOL too much I’ve started noticing every time you do it to where now every time I use LOL I always think of you! I don’t know if you’d find that cool or just plain weird but there you go. XD) THANK YOU For everything, girl!!!!!!!!!!

      • Joy Caroline

        Hey! I actually just finished reading over your comments on chapter one of TAS, and let me just say I am VERY impressed by your editing skills! You caught stuff that I did not catch while I was writing, and now I’m wondering how did I not think of that? πŸ˜‚ That’s why having another pair of eyes on our work is so valuable, because lots of times we’re too close to the story to see things we could change.

        I especially liked your tip about Paul and Temira’s dying father. As soon as I read it, I thought how totally right you were! Since he was dying, he probably didn’t have the strength to talk so much. I’ll have to cut it down. Actually, I think I could probably sum up his point in like three sentences, which would be more realistic AND cut down on my word count. And that’s just one of the excellent tips you gave! Everything was so useful, and I’m just so grateful. After I put in your changes and Katherine’s changes, I’m sure chapter one will be made so much better.

        Aw, I’m just so glad to be welcomed into this amazing community! I would TOTALLY read Into the Lamp. I’ll be supporting you to publication and beyond. You’re the first writing friend I ever made, after all!

        LOL, I’m glad you LOL when you think of me. LOLOLOL… okay I’ll stop. πŸ˜†

        • Issabelle

          AWESOME!!!!!! Haha, girl, THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!!!!!! I could probably have done better but about five pages into it all I wanted to do was just keep reading and forget the critiquing. I’m serious, it was SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m the SAME WAY!!!!! Sooo TRUE!!!!!!! That’s exactly why beta readers can offer a lot of valuable advice!

          THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Hmm…I think you’re right, you probably could. AWESOME!!! It’s a win-win!!!!!!!!!!! I’m Sooooo happy I could offer some helpful tips!!!!!!!!!! I really never know if it’s ever very helpful or not! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! <33

          I'm sooooo glad you in this community AND that you think it's amazing. How much more could a girl ask for? I know you would!!!!!!!!! You're an awesome friend!!!!!!! I couldn't be more grateful for you!!!!!!!!! AND I also totally support you for TAS!!!!!!!!! To publication and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aw, girl, that's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


          • Joy Caroline

            Hey *grins*

            I just wanted to let you know I just finished editing chapters 2 and 3 of TAS. So if either of you want to take a look at them for critiquing. It’s totally cool if you don’t want to, but just thought I’d offer in case you do! XD

            • Issabelle


              AWESOME!!!!!!!! WHOOO!!!!!! Of course I wanna take a look at them! That last chapter just left me like I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!! Send them my way, and I’m sure Katherine’s the same way!!!!!! I probably won’t get to them this week ’cause I’m in a writing competition and don’t have much free time for even blogging but go ahead and send them and I hope to get to it by Tuesday (or sooner if I can’t wait that long)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Issabelle

                  YAY!!!! I just saw that the email come through! I can’t wait to read it! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! So far it’s going great! I’ve already written over 7,000 words in my new WIP in a little over TWO DAYS!!!!! It’s been fun!!!!!!! I hope writing’s going awesome for you as well!

                  • Joy Caroline

                    Sounds like you’re making amazing progress! *doing a cheerleading dance and waving pom poms* I’m actually pretty satisfied with the progress I’m making right now, too.

                    Oh and by the way, I just finished reading the sample chapters of Into the Lamp. They were awesome, but now I’m dying to know what happens next! So you can check out the Google Doc you sent me and take a look at the comments I made whenever you want. πŸ™‚

                    • Issabelle

                      Phew! I had a crazy writing day yesterday which is why it took me forever to get here but YESS!!!! I’ve never written something so fast!!!!!! (I don’t wanna be bragging or anything but I cannot believe I wrote 6000 words yesterday. And now I’m exhausted. XD) WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! *chants out cheer* GOOOOOO JC!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!!!

                      YESS!!!!!! I saw that!! Hahaha, really? That’s actually good news!! Yes, I’ve already looked through a few that you did near the beginning. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for doing this for me!!!!!!!!!!! It means a LOT πŸ™‚

                  • Joy Caroline

                    No problem! I enjoyed reading it.

                    And we dig crazy writing days. 6000 WORDS?!?! You should be very proud. That’s crazy. I wrote 1500 words yesterday and was exhausted at the end πŸ˜‚

                    • Issabelle


                      YES!!!! YESS, we do!!!!! XD Haha, I was VERY proud of myself but also exhausted. #AWritersLife πŸ˜‚ Hey, that’s still a lOT WHOOO!!!!! GOOO JC!!!!!! *pumps fist in the air* *passes motivational chocolate*

    • Katherine

      Aw! I am so happy to hear that you love TWN’s positivity!!!! Thank you so much for coming to this blog!!!!! I truly love hearing from you!!!!! You are so sweet!!!! I am so blessed to have met you!!!! Your comments ALWAYS brighten up my day!!!!!!!! Lol, I’m glad you found us anyways. You’re welcome! I am so happy to be able to read it!!!!!

      Oooh, I absolutely LOVE “A Whole New World”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smart decision listening to it on repeat. The live-action Aladdin is one of my favorite movies EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Joy Caroline

        I’m so grateful I met you, too! You guys are honestly the coolest friends. *grinning from ear to ear

        “A Whole New World” is such a bop! (still listening as I type this)

        Thank you SO much for your help with TAS! I actually have a plot problem I’ve been trying to brainstorm and was wondering if I could email you for your input. (It’s top secret stuff!!) I asked Issa for her opinion and it was so helpful, but two different opinions are always better than one! If you’ve got the time, of course. I’m so grateful for the tons of help you’ve already given, so only if you’ve got time!

        • Katherine

          Aww!😊 You are so sweet!!! Thank you so much!!! You (and the other commenters on TWN) are the coolest friends too!!!!!!!! *grinning from ear to ear with you*

          I know, right?!! Hehe, you are very smart. I should’ve been listening to it while I type this. Wait . . . I’m going to go pull up the song. Be right back. Okay, I’m back and listening to “A Whole New World”.😎 I should’ve done this a long time ago.

          You’re so very welcome. Of course you can email me! That makes me so happy that you want to ask for my opinion!!!! Ooh, top secret! *rubbing hands together* So true. Of course I’ve got the time! And even if I didn’t have the time I would make the time. Can’t wait to hear from you!

  • Shanessa

    Congratsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On your first blog tag!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been tagged for too many awards and tagsπŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I loved your answers!!!! I don’t know if I’m a writer or reader first. Can I be both? πŸ˜‚ and you found me! XD you starting liking all my posts so I came to visit so glad I did!! 😜 I love your posts so much!!!! And the writer ahh it’s awesome!!! What makes me want to stick around? Well all y’all of course!!!! XD

    • Issabelle

      THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha, well that’s probably because a lot of people really like you and wanna hear your opinions on the questions!!!!! In fact, I probably would’ve tagged you for this one, but the rules were pretty particular about only tagging writing blogs. (Though, when it comes to tags, I feel like those rules were meant to be broken. πŸ˜‚) THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, yeah, you can TOTALLY be both!!!!!!! What’s weird is that my brain wants to tell me that went around a different way. Crazy, right? I had actually thought you subscribed to TWN first and then I checked out your blog and started liking posts and then you commented on my blog and then I commented on yours. But maybe I had found your blog first and it was just pretty close together. *shrugs* XD You’re probably right. I’m pretty infamous for getting my facts wrong. XD I’m SOOOOOO GLAD you came to visit, too!!!!!! TWN really wouldn’t be the same without you, girl!!!!!!!! I mean we NEED your awesome craziness around here!!!!!!!!!!!! <33 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Aw, girl, you're just TOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!! <33

      • πŸ’•πŸŒΊShanessaπŸ’•πŸŒΊ

        Your welcomeoooooooooooo!!!!! Haha me? XD I don’t know why they would like me.πŸ˜‚ yeah, I’m pretty guilty on that one. I’ve broken a lot of the rules on awards and tags and stuff XD *hides in the refrigerator* πŸ˜‚ cool!! XD yeah haha you started going through all my friends blogs and then you found me XD and you put that post up on your blog. You know top ten blogs you need to check out XD I saw it and I commented and then you commented on my blog! But you still found me XD don’t know how! But I’m glad you did!! But that’s how we met XD aww thank you so much girl!! And crazies forever wouldn’t never come to b without you! Your the crazy in crazies XD love ya girl!!

        • Issabelle

          Girl, why WOULDN’T they like you!!!!!!!!! You’re AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I mean, it’s sometimes tempting to just bend the rules a little bit. XD *hides in my own refrigerator with a bucket of ice cream* XDD πŸ˜‚ Oh, okay!! It’s funny how I needed you to explain how we met to me. XD I found you because of Addie. TWN first got our email list and she had subscribed like a few days after that. I had absolutely no idea who she was. Then I was on someone else’s site and saw Addie had commented. I went to check out her site, ’cause I was still wondering who in the world she was. And then her site led me to you. So, us becoming awesome friends is all thanks to Addie. THANK YOU Addie!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SUPER GLAD I did!!!!!!! You’re welcome!!!!!!!!!!! Aw, girl, I’m sure that’s not true. I mean, it wouldn’t ever be named Crazies Forever because you were the genius who came up with that name!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha, THANK YOU!!!!!!! I guess that’s why it had to be a collab blog ’cause we needed each other to make it work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!! <33

          • πŸ’•πŸŒΊShanessaπŸ’•πŸŒΊ

            You know I don’t know!! I’m shy!! What I write is what’s in my mind. I’m kinda reserved you know? Well probably not for long🀣 I’m breaking that shell XD ooooooo yeah this time with a bucket of ice cream!πŸ˜‚ haha yeah. Addie really? I remember seeing your comment on her blog. I’m always over there just to make sure no one is messing with her. You know? Hehe she’s one of my besties! I was the very first follower on life in pajamas!! I’m glad she started her own blog tho! It’s cool!! Haha well it just came to my head. And I would have never had that idea if I never met you XD yup exactly! Love you too!!! πŸ’–πŸ˜˜

            • Issabelle

              *does double take* WAIT! You’re SHY???!!! Okay, I did not see that one coming. Wow, you learn something new every day I guess. XD Hey, I’m TOTALLY the same way!!!! That’s okay!!!! Hahaha, well, I have no doubt that if that’s what you set your mind on that you’ll be able to accomplish it! (Wow, that was a lot of thats. XD) YEP!!!!! ‘Cause if I’m gonna hide somewhere cold, why not bring some ice cream along?! XD Oh, yeah, it was Addie!!!!!!!! COOL!!!!! Yeah, TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! What’s funny is that sometimes I’m over on YOUR blog making sure no one’s messing with you. XD πŸ˜‚ I know, that’s really awesome!!!!! Addie’s a really sweet friend! It’s been awesome getting to know her too! Wow, that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Me too!!!! Shining Star is really cool and so is My Days In Montana! I’m SOOOO HAPPY that I found both of y’all’s blogs! I don’t plan on leaving any time soon, so don’t get your hopes up. XD πŸ˜‚ Haha, really? That’s AWESOME!!!! I guess I did some help in getting the title idea, then!!!!!! <33 LOVE YOU!!!!! <33 πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜˜

              • πŸ’•πŸŒΊShanessaπŸ’•πŸŒΊ

                Yup! #introvertoverhere! XD I’ve just always been shy. I’m the quiet one. I listen. But I am getting better! XD XD yup! Ice cream rocks!!! XD haha really?! We treat each other like were all sisters. Technically we are all related! XD well I’ll let you in on a little secret I do it to your blog too! πŸ˜‚ yeah she is! I’m older and sometimes I think she’s the older one then I have to remember I am. πŸ˜‚ but we get along pretty good! Sometimes we fight but that’s pretty normal. I love her tho! Always will! Aww well thanks I love TWN so much!! I’m soo happy too!!!! Haha my hopes up? Nah I ain’t letting you leaveπŸ˜‰ you helped a lot!! XD love ya too girl!! πŸ€©πŸ’–

                • Issabelle

                  Man, I wouldn’t have ever guessed it. XD Well, it’s okay to be shy. Katherine is the exact same way. And when I’m not around people I know or am online, it’s sometimes a fight for my extroverted side to show. ICE CREAM ALL THE WAY!!!!! What’s your favorite flavor? Yep!! Really!!! Aw, that’s SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEP!!! XDD πŸ˜€ Hahaha, I guess we’re just checking in on each other!!!!!!!! XD Hahaha, wow!!! I’ve had the same problem with some people I know. It’s more ’cause they’re WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more mature than me. XD Yeah, I will fight with Katherine and Alana sometimes too but we’re flawed humans and we make mistakes. I’m just glad it doesn’t effect your friendship!!!!!!!!!!!! Aww, THANK YOU!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!! Hahaha, I kind of didn’t think you would. Good thing, ’cause I ain’t planning on it!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!! <33 πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ’•

                  • πŸ’•πŸŒΊShanessaπŸ’•πŸŒΊ

                    That’s probably my biggest secret πŸ€«πŸ˜‚ oh good. #notalone XD haha yeah I can be extroverted with my friends like I talk way to much but when I’m with people I don’t know. Ehh that’s a different story πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ my favorite flavor is Strawberry!!!!! What’s yours?! Yup we are!! πŸ˜‰ haha yeah I’m 5 months older not much of a difference hahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ well it’s all part of life XD yeah we’ll be going on 6 years of knowing each other coming this July! Kind of? I definitely wouldn’t!! XD you can’t leave!! Love ya BACK!! πŸ’–

                    • Issabelle

                      Oh, really!!!!!! *mimic zipping lips* XD I’m a little bit the same way, so totally feel ya! OOooh, strawberry is one of my MANY favorite flavors! I also like vanilla and cotton candy. Man, now I wanna go get some ice cream. πŸ˜‚ TOTALLY!!!!!!! Hahha, that’s really cool! Yep, soooo right!!!!!! XD Wow, that’s SUPER AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I don’t really have a lot of friends I’ve known that long, so I really think that’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha, well, it’s good to know I’m wanted. Good for you that I don’t wanna leave!!!! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!! <33

  • Trixie

    Hi Issabelle!!!! That’s awesome that you were tagged!! I think this is a really cool idea!! Reader for sure!! I found twn from an authors blog, ( I don’t remember who’s) in the comments people were as the author questions about writing and this one girl comments saying β€œ hey there is this cool blog for teen writers” so I clicked on the link and wow!! I stick around because this is the first blog in this little blogging community I found and y’all are amazing and your posts never cease to put a smile on my face!!

    • Issabelle

      Hi, Trixie!!! What’s been up?! IKR!!!!!!! I was just bursting with excitement over here!!!!!!!!! SAME!!!!!!! *high-fives* *gasp* I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!! Okay, this is gonna sound weird, but if I’m not mistaken, you found the blog through Stuart Gibbs blog!!! How I know this is ’cause one of TWN’s readers, Jane actually, told me she put the link in on his blog. I went over there and I saw two people had responded to Jane (though, she was under a different name) and one of the girl’s name was Trixie. And then like a day later you commented on TWN and I was like it had to be that Trixie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy dance* Okay, now you are probably gonna think I’m weird. XD Anyway, I owe Jane a lot now because I have absolutely enjoyed reading your comments and getting to know you!!!!!!!!! You ALWAYS put a smile on my face and brighten my whole day!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for sticking around TWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been an honor to be your friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ROCK, girl!!!!!!! (Also, Jane, if you ever read this comment, you TOTALLY ROCK too!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for sending Trixie here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Aw, girl, I’m sooooo happy you enjoy reading our posts!!!! This comment has just made me soooo happy (as always!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33

    • Katherine

      I am so happy you clicked the link!!! And I am even more happy you stuck around!!!!!!!!!!! I ALWAYS love hearing from you!!!!!!!!! Awww, you are so sweet!!!!!!!! That makes me so so so happy that our posts make you smile!!!!!πŸ˜ƒ You are truly amazing too!!!!!!!!!!πŸ˜ƒ

      • Trixie

        I remember now!!! Haha!!I am forever indebted to Jane, because I would have not found this place without her!!
        Thank you so much!!! It means so much!! Just thank you!!! Thank you!! Eeeee!!!
        Not a lot really, reading, procrastinating writing, finally actually writing πŸ˜‰

        • Issabelle

          Haha!!!!! YES!!!!! I TOTALLY owe Jane SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m just SUPER HAPPY that you found TWN!!!!!! This site wouldn’t be the same without you, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Aw, you’re totally welcome, girl!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for all the support you’ve given to TWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha, THAT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!! I hope you get a lot of writing done today!!!!!!! I’m hoping to finally write the first chapter of my new WIP today!!! If I can stop procrastinating that is. XD

  • Kristianne

    What a fun tag!!
    I found TWN through the comments section on Go Teen Writers. I was scrolling through the comments (btw, this is an awesome way to find great blogs!), and I saw that your picture said Teen Writers’ Nook. I was like, well, I’m a teen writer, so this might be for me! And yeah, I clicked on the link and that’s how I found you! πŸ˜€
    Hmm, that second question is hard! Maybe I like it because it feels more like a fun community than just a blog. You guys do a great job making it feel homey!

    • Issabelle

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Also, it was REALLY hard only picking three people to tag for this one and I really wanted to tag you also, so *looking around to make sure no one is watching* *whispering* if you wanna do this tag, go ahead and consider yourself tagged by me. πŸ™‚ Only if you wanna, of course. But only if you wanna!!!!!!!!
      AWESOME!!!!!!! You’re ABSOLUTELY right about that being a great way to find blogs!!!!!!!! I’ve found a lot of great blogs through GTW!!!!!!! Ha!!!! Well, personally, I’m glad you clicked it!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re an AWESOME gal that I CAN’T WAIT to get to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for joining the TWN community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And THANK YOU for commenting!!!!!!!!!!! <3)
      Yeah, I, honestly, didn't think anyone would answer it but really like almost everyone has answered it. It's cool!!!!!! Aw, I was really hoping it would be a great community and not just a blog. I wanted everyone to feel like they belonged and were wanted!!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOOOOO HAPPY to hear you think that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aw, THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though, really, TWN owes it to all of our readers for making it such an awesome and homey community. You guys all make it AWESOME and worth-while!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Katherine

      Hello!!!!πŸ˜€ Thank you so much for commenting and coming to Teen Writers’ Nook!!!!!!!!! Yes, clicking on people names is a great way to find awesome blogs! That’s how I found the majority of the blogs I follow. I am so thankful you found TWN!!! Awww!!!!😊 Thank you!!!! That is so nice!! Truly it is our amazing readers and commenters we have to thank for making this community so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexa

    I love the name Queen Idaline! (*Has to scroll up to make sure I spelled it right*) Her name is so fancy!

    I am 100% reader first. I love reading!! Have you ever heard the quote: “If there’s a book you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” That’s how I got into writing. I wanted to create my own fictional worlds.

    I found TWN on Jennifer Nielson’s comments. I was sooo excited to find out that there are people in the world that are as passionate as me with writing and that are easy to connect to. I have always wanted to blog ( I have a few weird ones on Blogger that I attempted to publish when I was younger, but…..) and a writing blog was just the perfect thing I needed. I stay at TWN because the team is AMAZING and you are all my writing family!!

    • Issabelle

      THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! Hahaha, I have to do that ALL THE TIME when it comes to names I’ve never seen before. πŸ˜‚ THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I thought it sounded like a great name for a queen!

      SAME!!!! *high-fives* Ooooh, YESSS!!!!!! I believe it was that quote that also helped inspire Jennifer Nielsen to work on The False Prince. I don’t know if you know this, but when Nielsen first started writing TFP, she didn’t think anyone would wanna read it or really like it. In fact, I believe she first started writing it in secret!!!!! (I don’t know if you’d find that interesting!) That’s TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE being able to create my own fictional worlds!!!!!!!!!!

      That’s TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!! I was kind of wondering that when I found out you were a Jennifer Nielsen fan!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been the same way!!! When I meet another fellow writer it’s just AMAZING!!!!!!! That’s SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!! When I first found out about the blogosphere it was always something that I thought would be tons of fun!!!!!!!!!!! That’s just COMPLETELY INCREDIBLE, GIRL!!!!!!!!! I’m SOOOO HAPPY you came to TWN and stuck around!! It wouldn’t be the same without you!!!!!!! It’s been absolutely AMAZING getting to know you and share your love of writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re part of my writing family too, girl!!!!!!!!!! <33

    • Katherine

      I am so happy you found us, Alexa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so nice to meet other people who are passionate about writing!!!!! Aw! You are truly incredible and my writing family too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for coming to Teen Writers’ Nook!!!! We love having you here!!!!!!❀️

  • Victoria

    This tag!!!! Your answers!!!! It’s ALL AWESOME!!!!!!!! This was so much fun to read, Issabelle!!!

    Oh yeah, I TOTALLY agree with you on the whole ‘teen writing stinks’ thing. Like, that’s not even right. Every writer has to start somewhere and I think it’s great that there are so many teens who actually WANT to write!!!!

    YAAAAY!!!! I LOVE these questions!!!! First off, YESSSS, I am VERY excited to meet Idaline!!!!!! And, girl, I still LOOOVE that graphic so much!!!! *stares at it for eternity* πŸ˜‰ I think I already told you this, but I found TWN through Christine’s and I stick around because of YOU!!! That is, you, and Katherine and Alana, of course! All of ya’ll are just THE SWEETEST and your enthusiasm and encouragement and welcoming arms instantly made me feel at home!!! Honestly, it’s not so much as the posts you do that makes me enjoy TWN, but the AMAZING authors behind it!!!! I wouldn’t care if you posted a 20 page essay on how grass grows, I’d still read it just because you wanted to share it! And, let’s be real, if ANYONE could make an essay on how grass grows interesting, it’d TOTALLY, without a doubt, be you!!!!! XD Also, another reason I stick around is because of the way your blog looks! Really, the design of a blog either makes or breaks it, and TWN DEFINITELY makes it!!!! It’s just so pleasant to be around! Sooo, yep!!! Those are my answers! πŸ˜€

    Anyway, I’m SUPER happy you got tagged for this and thank you so much for sharing your answers!!!!!! <333

    • Issabelle


      YESS!!!! *high-fives* That is TOTALLY NOT right!!!!!!! I mean, who did that dude seriously think he is?? Clearly, he’d never read your WIP. That’s TOTALLY TRUE!!!!!!!!!!! I get some of the first things I’ve written were just cringey, but I’d NEVER say it sucks (’cause that was the actual word he used!). SAME HERE!!!!!!!!

      YAAAAY!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! *pumps fist in the air* I think you’ll REALLY like her!!!!! Aw, THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰ Yep, you did!! I’ve actually gotten a lot of reader’s through Christine’s site. Man, I owe her soooooo much! Though, I don’t think I’ve ever told you a really funny story about me and TWN and you. I remember the day I did the first post to Christine’s link-up, I had been scrolling through the comments section. It was at a time TWN didn’t have like any followers. And I was looking at all the people who had commented on the post where we put our link in for the first Know the Novel post. I was wondering if any of them would check out TWN. For some unknown reason, some girl named Victoria stuck out to me. I remembered thinking I wondered if she’d check out my post and comment. And then I was like yeah, that probably wouldn’t happen. Well, it didn’t. BUT!!!! On the second Know the Novel post that same girl named Victoria DID comment!!! And then she became one of my TOTALLY AMAZING friends. The end. XD

      Aw, girl, you’re TOO SWEET!!!!!! I’m SOOOO HAPPY you felt at home!!!!! I still remember when you first commented. That was one of the BEST DAYS EVER!!!!!!!!! Aw, girl, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! You’re just THE SWEETEST!!!!!!!! Hahaha, aw, girl, just A THOUSAND THANK YOUS!!!!!!!! <33 Hahaha, okay, now I'm getting an idea for a post on how grass grows. XD πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But seriously, THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH JUST A MILLION HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUCH LOVE to you!!!!!!!! <33 I will DEFINITELY be agreeing with you on that one! I've ALWAYS loved how TWN's site looked!!!!!! The theme we're using is just A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! =) I LOVED READING THIS COMMENT!!!!!!!! And it's been an ABSOLUTE pleasure getting to know you!!!!! TWN really wouldn't be the same without your AMAZING SWEET comments!!!!!!!!!

      THANK YOU!!!!!!! Me too!!!!! It was SUPER FUN!!!!! THANK YOU for reading!!!!!!!!!

    • Katherine

      Awww!😊 I am truly so happy you stick around, Victoria!!!!!!!!! I ALWAYS love reading your comments!!!!!!!! Awwwww!!!!! You are so so sweet!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy right now!!! πŸ™‚ TWN wouldn’t be the same without you. You are amazing!!!! You think I’m amazing? AW, I’m speechless! You are a blessing, girl!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your kindness!!!!<333

      Thank you!!!!! I thought our site looked good too! (I think it looks waayyyy better than our old one.)

  • Alexa

    Really? I mean I LOVE the False Prince and I LOVE the characters! (*Coughs* Sage *Coughs*) I still haven’t read The Captive Kingdom…….(I know, I really need to) Nielson’s books inspire so many and I still can’t believe she thought no one would want to read them. I mean, WHAT?

    I’m happy I stuck around at TWN too! It is an AMAZING blog!!

    (Also, I think I have a problem with sending duplicate comments πŸ˜‚)

    • Issabelle

      REALLY!!!!! SAME!!!!! TFP is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SERIES EVER!!!!!!!!!! *coughs, coughs* I might would seriously marry Sage if he just appeared one day XD *coughs, coughs* WHAT??!!! GIRL!!!!! You’ve GOTTA READ IT!!!!!! YOU NEED TO READ IT!!!!!!!!! IKR!!!!! I guess it shows that we don’t always know what people are gonna like and read!!

      YAY!!!!!! Aw, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hahaha, don’t worry, you’ve only done it once. I’ve done THE SAME THING BEFORE so truly it’s okay!!!

  • JadeSky

    Hey, Issabelle! This was such a fun post! I loved hearing all your answers. I pop in and out of Teen Writers’ Nook because 1) I “met” you, and 2) your blog posts are always so cheerful and inspiring, and I love your mission as teen writers to encourage and help other teen writers! I should definitely come around here more…I’ll try and break your record for how long I follow and comment on another person’s blog! XD Thanks again for checking out Stepping Stones Book Reviews, it means a ton to me.

    • Issabelle

      Hey, JadeSky!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I’m soooo glad! Aw, girl, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Aw, that means a LOT that you think so!!!!!! Oh, that’d be awesome to see you around here more, your comments are always just SOOO AWESOME to read!!!!!!!! TWN wouldn’t be the same without you!!!!!! (Though, don’t pressure yourself in coming here more! I know blogs can get time-consuming!!!!!) Hahaha, oooh, YESSS!!!! BREAK. THE. RECORD!!!!!! XD Of course, girl! I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!!!! I know I’ve missed Friday’s post, but I’m gonna get to it soon!!!!!!! See ya around!

    • Issabelle

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Wow, that’s SUPER COOL!!!!!!!! It seems we have a lot of them here!!! I REALLY need to go read those books. THANK YOU for reading and commenting!

  • Jen

    I loved reading your answers!!!!! And EEEEP! Your new story!!! Love the mock cover! ^_^ I am excited to learn more about it!!! And you tagged me? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You’re the first to “officially” tag me, lol. I’ve either “stolen” the tag or it was a general if-you-want-to-do-this tagging. Thank you!!! <3 (Sorry for it taking me so long to come see this post. :'( ) I look forward to doing it!!! ^_^ I am so excited to meet Queen Idaline!!!! As for the writer or reader first question, I think I'm both? I've been a storyteller since I was little, but the actual writing didn't come until later, and I've been an avid reader my whole life (I believe I learned to read when I was 4-ish?) I'm pretty sure you know this already, but I found TWN through Christine's linkup! I stick around because I like this blog and the amazing gals who run it. πŸ˜‰ <3

    • Issabelle

      Aww, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! Awesome, ’cause I’m planning out a post on it pretty soon!! I’m still trying to work all the details out in plot and all, but so far I’ve been REALLY enjoying writing in it! Of course it did!!!! You’re sooooo very welcome! *gasp* Really? THAT IS AMAZING!!!! This calls for a celebration! *tosses out party streamers and hands you piles of chocolate* Haha, yeah, I’ve “stolen” my fair share of tags. XD <33 (That's totally okay! I know we've all been REALLY busy!!!!) WHOOO!!!!!! I look forward to reading your awesome answers!!!!! ^_^ YESSSS!!!!!!!!! That's GREAT!!! I can't wait until she gets to show up in the story!!! Aah, yea, I see!!! That's AWESOME about you being an avid reader and a storyteller all your life!!! You probably are both!!!!!!!! Yep!! I totally did!! Man, am I sooooo glad I did that linkup!!!!!! You're an AWESOME reader and supporter to have!!!!!!!! Blogging wouldn't be the same without you, girl!!!!!!!! Much love to you. <33 <33 <33 Aww, you're too sweet!!!! I'm SOOO GLAD you stick around!! You're A W E S O M E!!!!!!!! <33

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